7 Reasons to Attend Brand ManageCamp 2020

Listen, we get it. This year sucks. Times are stressful. Budgets are tight. And, now that anyone can put on an ‘event’ on the world wide web, it’s like shopping for toothpaste – too many options and none that are exciting.

So, we are going to make it easy for you. Here are some very specific reasons why you should join us at Brand ManageCamp 2020:

1. Proven Track Record. Even though this is our 1st virtual Brand ManageCamp, we’ve been doing this event for 18 years. Over that time, we’ve wowed thousands of attendees. And we’ve got the reviews to prove it.

2. The BEST Speakers. Just because we are going virtual doesn’t change anything about our standards for speakers. Our agenda is tight and jam-packed with actionable insights from the best and brightest minds in branding, including best-selling authors, industry gurus, and thought leaders like Jay Baer, Michael Brenner, Carla Johnson, Shep Hyken, Brant Pinvidic, Joe Pulizzi, Jessica Best, David Meerman Scott, Mitch Joel, Todd Henry, and Audrey Arbeeny.

3. No Selling From Stage. We don’t sell speaking slots to sponsors. In fact, we barely have any sponsors. This is an attendee-focused conference, designed to deliver actionable insights, tools, and techniques you can use right away to build more profitable brands, better connect with consumers/customers, and become stronger leaders. It’s not a trade show. It never has been.

4. Completely Redesigned To Optimize For Virtual. Attending a conference from home presents unique challenges. We get that. See how we are addressing it here.

5. 3 Pass Options. We’ve got a pass for nearly every budget. No, not free, but the most economical Brand ManageCamp has ever been. See pricing here.

6. 12 Months of Post-Conference Content. For PLUS and PREMIUM pass holders, the Brand ManageCamp experience will go on for an entire year post-conference. Additional keynotes, interviews, articles, and more. Live-streamed and available on-demand. PREMIUM passes also get access to post-conference Speaker Deep Dives.

7. NEW! BONUS Exclusive Pre-Conference Content. From now thru the start of the conference, we’ll be delivering a ton of ADDITIONAL content exclusively available to Brand ManageCamp attendees. It will include BONUS keynotes, 1:1 interviews, articles, and more. Check out the entire calendar of BONUS pre-conference content here. It’s like getting a whole extra conference for free!


Speaking of BONUS pre-conference content, a new BONUS KEYNOTE will go live SEPTEMBER 2nd. It will be delivered by our spotlight this week, Todd Henry, and will cover his BRAND NEW BOOKThe Motivation Code. BMC registrants can watch it here

During this bonus keynote, you will learn how to decode the motivation triggers for you and your teams and how to use those learnings to drive more focus and productivity.

It’s brand new content – different than what Todd will present to us in October – and Brand ManageCamp registrants are the very first folks to get it!

So, there you have it. 7 reasons we think you should join us at Brand ManageCamp.

I’m not going to lie – we need you this year more than ever. If you have ever considered attending a Brand ManageCamp conference, or if you are just looking for the very best brand marketing conference you can attend during these wacky times, I truly hope you will consider ours!

All the best,


Len Herstein
CEO & President
ManageCamp Inc.

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