The Official Sonic Branding partner of Brand ManageCamp, Audiobrain is a creative partnership that pushes the boundaries of interactive sound in its ability to touch and shape experiences. We strive for astonishing audio. Our passion is our compass, and our commitment is our credo.

Audiobrain is a full service music and sound production company. With in-house studios and a full production staff, we provide a broad scope of music and sound services. We have created music and sound for some of the biggest projects, products and clients in the world. We will share our music and sound expertise with you to provide the best music and sound solutions for your project.


Gapingvoid’s Culture Design Group was started because they realized that work is broken and that while there are many tools that measure how broken it is, solutions are very hard to find. What many organizations are lacking is an emotional connection to work, being inspired to do awesome work.

Their outputs look informal, and are creative but align directly to the data and insights they collect. The work product changes environments, meetings and helps people connect about what needs to be fixed and also what is awesome about the organization. Their tools integrate into communications, on-boarding, and training and spark new conversations and connections. It works organically and in a fluid, contemporary way.

Gapingvoid Culture Design Group’s mission is to make work more meaningful; helping people love what they do. They will help you shape the culture your organization needs to grow and thrive.