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Brand Manage Camp is my favorite conference. It's my third time to attend and I always go away with fresh new ideas. My very favorite thing about BMC is that it's single-track. I wouldn't want to miss any of the speakers and I don't have to. LOVED the speakers, the venue, the food and AV. Everything was first class. Len and Katie know how to do it right!

~ Vice President of Brand, David Weekley Homes

So worth it on both professional and personal levels.

~ President, Media-One Canada

There are seldom opportunities to see so many great marketing thought leaders all in a day and a half. Typically you attend conferences with lots of good to great speakers, but only one huge one. Plus, I always feel like everything surrounding the event (from the registration to the breaks) is always thoughtful. My only regret is skipping a couple of years.

~ President, J Carcamo & Associates

Just a great experience...start to finish. The content is so good. Food - impeccable. Set up and flow - flawless. It's a class act! Obviously content is the most important thing and it was excellent. So much useful information that I believe I can actually implement.

~ Sr. Mgr. Global Market Development, Thermo Fisher Scientific

It's the best two days of professional development I've had in quite some time, from the speakers and topics to my fellow attendees, it was totally worthwhile despite the challenges of getting out of the office. One track, so you see all the speakers is the best! 13 sessions in two days covering multiple angles of marketing is spot on.

~ Product Marketing Manager, HPE

I love that there is such a diverse spectrum of brand topics - unlike other brand conferences that narrow the focus to all digital, competitive edge, or analytics. It keeps me engaged throughout.

~ Corporate Marketing Director, Versiti

I loved that this was a one track conference with a 360 brand view! There are so many conferences that have multiple sessions going on at the same time, and I feel like the session times are "feast or famine" - I either want to attend multiple sessions that are scheduled at the same time, or there is nothing that I'm interested in. So I love that we all have the same experience at the conference and everything was relevant for me in some way. I also love that I wasn't hassled with tons of vendors pitching their products. The vendors that were available to us were very relevant so they made sense.

~ Sr. Brand Manager, CenturyLink

I haven't been to TOO many conferences, however, out of all of the ones I have been to, this one was by far the best! The 1.5 days were PACKED with great speakers covering a wide variety of topics. Everything was brand-focused, but it truly was a 360 view of marketing.

~ Associate Brand Manager, Maximum Games

This was probably the most well-organized conferences I've attended and definitely one of my favorites!

~ Communications Manager, Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism

I think when you have a whole group of people just standing around and talking about how great your conference is, instead of, when can we get out of here - you have done quite a job!

~ Marketing and Design Manager, ExerPlay, Inc.

Best conference! All details were thought through and it ran flawlessly. I will be back!

~ Marketing Manager, DXP

The speakers, food, location, AV, flow - it's all done so flawlessly. My favorite conference BY FAR.

~ Manager, Marketing, BECU

It was even better than I thought it would be.

~ Creative Director, PPK

BMC is a wonderful experience that you won't get anywhere else that will absolutely change how you approach your business. We truly learned so much from each of the rock stars you had on stage for us to learn from and took so much away that we'll have a hell of a time trying to implement a fraction of it, but want to (and probably NEED to) do it all! BMC was the best organized conference I have ever attended and am excited to find my way back there again someday. Thank you so much for bringing it all together.

~ Creative Director, G.L. Huyett

I loved the one track, keynote-based format. By far the best and most relevant conference I have attended.

~ Marketing & Development Manager, Shreve Memorial Library

I've been to a decent amount of conferences and I will say that this is one of the best ones I've been to. The speakers really did bring value to what I do and what I can provide to the companies I work for so I think that was invaluable! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the speakers, overall, and the quality of whole conference in itself. Len and his staff did a great job with accommodations: venue, food (so much and so good), location, atmosphere.

~ Marketing Director, Small Business Resource Group

The A/V was impeccable, the speakers were A+, the location was stellar (never mind the amazing room rates), the pre-event pass pick-up was excellent, and I really felt like the vibe of the entire organization was a positive one, which isn't easy to accomplish in such a high profile setting. I've been to many, and this one was top of the line, start to finish. Well done.

~ Manager, Marketing and Communications, HealthPRO

Very worth the time and investment.

~ VP Marketing, Wavetronix

Tremendous information provided by leading experts and opportunity to apply/execute upon the takeaways immediately - Great food - Excellent Venue.

~ Advertising Manager, G.L. Huyett

Your format. A wonderful change from other conference venues. Speakers were exceptional. Len came across as credible, trustworthy, passionate about delivering value to the to the attendees, and easy to talk to. Provides you with tons of takeaways that can be implemented in your own business.

~ CEO, Bray Real Estate

Always relevant. Always useful. Always inspiring. You can only be the best brander/marketer you can be if attending Brand ManageCamp is something you do. Don't put a lid on yourself by missing out.

~ Sherpa of Purpose, Tuthill Corporation

I have literally been telling everyone I know about how wonderful the conference was - how much I learned, how excited I am to implement everything, and how awesome the people I met were. I'd have to sit down and think about every conference I've ever attended to really make this statement... but this might be the best conference I've ever attended. Everything that Len wanted in a conference and wrote down his napkin are things I would want to, which is why I think I loved it so much. I'm so glad I found this conference when Googling marketing conferences to attend. Google to the rescue! :)

~ Account-Based Marketing Manager, Amadeus

I love coming back year after year. I always look forward to it.

~ Managing Partner, The Brand Establishment

Great conference put on by people who genuinely care about your experience. I liked all of it. The hotel and food was great, the Audio/Visual was seamless and the speakers were engaging and spoke about beneficial topics.

~ Advertising Coordinator, Sharp HealthCare

I've been to a number of marketing conferences and have to say, this is the first one I've come back to again because it was such a positive experience. The format is great (being able to see 2 days of keynote speakers), the speakers themselves are interesting and entertaining, and there are always good takeaways I can relate back to my organization.

~ Account Exec/Sr. Marketing Manager, Empower Retirement

It was super great to have everything as a keynote so that I didn’t have to pick and choose. I was blown away by how many people I met had come for multiple years. It makes me confident that future conferences would be just as great as this one.

~ Senior account manager, Kps3

The conference was FANTASTIC and I really feel that I have a lot of insight and action to take back to my company. THANK YOU! I found the sessions to be extremely relevant, informative and engaging. The speakers presented each topic with authority, and I am able to take away many actionable insights that will be of benefit to the brands that I help manage. Finally, the conference was executed flawlessly.

~ Account Supervisor, Marcus Thomas LLC

The format of the conference is exceptional. Very thoughtful in how it's put together. It's efficient. It just works so well. And the FOOD! Stellar!! Excellent variety of topics and perspectives. Love that it is not industry-specific. Awesome! It helps me stay relevant and up-to-date on significant issues. It recharges my batteries and motivates me to explore new directions.

~ Executive Director, Creative and Brand, AdventHealth

It's a real creativity and idea booster!!

~ Global Brand Manager, Edwards Lifesciences

If you are a marketer it will be a good use of your time to attend. Overall is always a great experience. There are always some very good takeaways and things that can be applied immediately.

~ Sr Dir Marketing & Creative Services, Ubisoft

Thank you! overall a wonderful learning and engaging opportunity. Great speakers and so much relevant content!

~ Marketing Manager, Trijicon

Overall great experience! It was my first time and I really enjoyed myself. This was my first marketing conference and it exceeded my expectations. I found it to be engaging and gave me lots to think about.

~ Assistant Director: Marketing Strategy, Radiological Society of North America

Overall it is fantastic. The speakers were great and educational. I like that everyone had the same experience (on the same learning track). I liked that everything was inclusive so I didn't need to worry about anything other than learning and absorbing.

~ Brand & Marketing Supervisor, Trijicon, Inc.

It really is a must for any marketer interested in maintaining a cohesive understanding of every aspect of your business. I was a first time attendee and this conference was so well run, so well thought out, and more than anything the 360 view of marketing provided so much value and context to help make all the different puzzle pieces click of what we do click!

~ Corporate Marketing Manager, Wiley Education Services

Brand ManageCamp gave me immediate ideas that I'm bringing back to my clients today, as well as a long-term plan to improve my services and continue my professional development with resources from the speakers I heard and met. The programming was excellent and it tackled high-level topics and accompanied them with recommendations for the execution that can make your strategy real. It's an incredibly unique perspective and it gave me a ton of ideas, not only on how to improve our strategic and marketing plans, but how to manage up and change the way our organization thinks and operates at our highest and lowest levels of staff.

~ Multimedia and Marketing Project Manager, Association Management Center

There are always take-aways that are actionable and it gets me excited to go back and share with my team.

~ Marketing Manager, Lumbermen's

Come with an open mind and you will walk away with several unique ideas to try out for yourself.

~ VP of Marketing, Verdesian

Can't miss it if you want to be relevant in your job.

~ Vice President, Silk Water Solutions (USA) Inc.

It is the best use of your professional development dollars! You can see all the speakers. It offers a 360 degree view of Brand. And it is different every year.

~ Brand Management Manager, Florida Blue

Well organized, food options were very good, speakers were good and I learned things I could take back to office and immediately start to implement.

~ Brand Manager, MTD Products

I loved it.

~ Sr. Creative Consultant, Compeer Financial

If you get stuck in the monotony of your role and start to lose some creative focus because you have a job to do everyday, this will re-energize those creative juices and pump life into your organization.

~ Sr. Vice President, Rayne Water

Very well executed.

~ Director of Marketing & Branding, EDGEhomes

It's really great!

~ Associate Brand + Content Manager, RetailMeNot

Overall, I thought it was great.

~ Marketing Specialist, Interstate Restoration

Attending 2 years in a row and the second time still felt very fresh, relevant, and engaging. Love the single track. 80% of topics felt very relevant. Lots of dynamic speakers. Ending day one with the creative process story from the musician was a great treat.

~ Brand Project Manager, Vanguard

It's a great way to focus solely on big picture marketing that you never have time for when you're in the trenches.

~ Manager, Marketing Communications, RTP Company

Highly Recommend. Nice ownership. Very sincere.

~ President, Technology Group, Ideal industries

It is worth the money and time out of the office. I got several actionable takeaways from the event that I will be implementing this year. I like the unified track with all attendees going through the same set of quality speakers. It also helps ensure that all of the speakers are high caliber. The length of the conference is a good one as well.

~ Director of Marketing & Digital Media, Sill Company

Overall I thought it was a great experience. I appreciate the hospitality and all the information that I walked away with. It was certainly an idea generator!

~ Executive Director of Marketing Communication & Design, Indiana Wesleyan University

Worthwhile to see how your company can expand their brand. Broaden your brand's horizons!

~ Manager Creative Services, Klein Tools

Worth it! Great speakers and new concepts shared. Challenged me and my team to think differently. Great chance to step back and evaluate ourselves vs. the freshest ideas in marketing.

~ Product Marketing Manager, Verdesian

Event well worth the time. Very well organized, great speakers and content, and efficient use of time.

~ Director of Marketing, MAPEI Corp.

It delivers.

~ Brand Development & Marketing Specialist, New Mexico Tourism Department

High value return for a limited investment of time and dollars.

~ Anonymous

I really appreciate the 360 degree approach

~ Anonymous

The Brand ManageCamp Conference has taught me different ways of thinking about branding strategies, messaging and delivery. I'm very happy to have attended!

~ Anonymous

It's a pain to get to Vegas from where we are (connecting flights, etc), but it's absolutely worth it. Better than other conferences.

~ Anonymous

High caliber speakers that appreciate the effort people take to learn more about brand management.

~ Anonymous

The conference really pays off on the tagline "Inspire. Educate. Energize. Repeat." I'm a multi-year attendee and always walk away with actionable ideas I can immediately implement. This might be the best one I've been to yet and I'm looking forward to next year.

~ Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Ecolab

Worth every penny of the cost and time investment.

~ President, Media-One Canada

Not only did being at Brand ManageCamp make me feel more excited about what I do everyday but it also provided me with key actionable takeaways and networking opportunities. Therefore, it made it worth the time out of the office.

~ Director of Community & Wellness, Cabot Creamery

Brand ManageCamp is hands down the BEST Marketing conference to attend. Don't waste resources on other conferences - this conference delivers the best speakers, content, timing on speakers, and hospitality out there. Len does an awesome job keeping everything on schedule and the food is outstanding.

~ Marketing Manager, Granco Clark

This is by far the best marketing conference I've attended. Best speakers, best food, best focus on customer satisfaction. (Even the post-conference survey questions are right on the money.) It just has a good personality -- generous, funny, human. If it was a guy, I'd totally date it.

~ Integrated Marketing Manager, Grinnell Mutual

Go! It is well worth it. You will be exposed to high quality thinking and surrounded by very smart people, and you'll be able to focus on the content because everything else will be taken care of for you.

~ VP Marketing, Smith & Noble

All of the content was extremely high quality. Like reading all of the books you have on your list in the span of two days and hearing directly from the source. So many takeaways and no BS. No navigating breakout sessions. I didn't want to skip anything! It's easy to tell you are spending your resources on the content and not the "stuff."

~ Marketing Director, Oliver Winery

I get so much from it.....something from each speaker. The day flies by and keeps my attention. And I don't know how you do it but you keep everything exactly on time, which is much appreciated!

~ VP of Marketing, David Weekley Homes

Obviously very well thought through. I travel ALL the time and this is one of my favorite events.

~ Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, OrthoBanc

A must-have annual experience!

~ Vice President Sales and Marketing, SilkBalance Water Care Solutions Inc

This is one of my favorite conferences. I always leave feeling energized rather than the exhaustion I tend to feel from other events. Love the single track speaker set up and the quality of speakers.

~ Marketing Manager, Niagara Bottling

Arguably, the best marketing conference in existence.

~ Anonymous

It's different in that it's so simple - great speakers, great content. None of the extraneous stuff that doesn't add value.

~ Foodservice Marketing, PepsiCo

A chance to step away from the din of Shoulds and high cost Marketing Coulds. And learn freely first hand from true achievers with remarkable insights. Like earning a master guru. Very grateful.

~ Chief Gratitude Officer, Cabot Creamery Cooperative

Thanks for a great experience! This was my second Brand ManageCamp, and I look forward to more. I’ve already told one of my clients that we should go together next year.

~ Principal, The Zoelby Group

Attend - you won't be disappointed!

~ Director of Brand Experience, McWhinney

The speakers were, overall, excellent!

~ VP Marketing, Rockingham Insurance

Go to this conference! The 360 degree view of marketing gives you great ideas, makes you rethink how you are doing things, and insists that you are staying relevant in this crazy world of marketing. It's not just great for your current position, but helps give you insight on what you should do to be a better marketer and go further in your career.

~ Marketing Coordinator, EDUCAUSE

It felt more personable and relatable than other conferences that I've been to. Len + the speakers were more relaxed and conversational, talking about real issues and current events.

~ Associate Strategy Director, 22squared

It’s a flawlessly run conference. Katie does an amazing job! And Len is always so responsive.

~ Managing Partner, The Brand Establishment

If you are in the marketing field and you do not attend the Brand Management Camp Conference, then you lose the ability to be relevant and on the cutting edge.

~ Marketing Account Representative, City of Dayton

I was truly surprised how much I enjoyed this conference. Other conferences I have attended seemed grueling, and I had FOMO when choosing which sessions to attend. You nailed it with this conference.

~ Senior Copywriter, Amrock

It exceeded my expectations.

~ Marketing & Design Director, ExerPlay

Brand ManageCamp will definitely have you thinking outside the box on how you can improve your brand. I was provided with tons of helpful tips and strategies that I can immediately apply.

~ Associate Manager, FINRA

Go! And take others (not just in marketing), as the topics apply to all areas of your business.

~ Sr. Manager Insurance Communications, Hagerty

Thank you for your effort and preparation. It was evident this conference, the topics and presentations took time to come together.

~ BD and Marketing Manager, HeiTech Services

Perfect for any marketer, any role, any industry. Everyone can gain insights or actionable steps to take back to their work and clients.

~ Client Service Director, Filament

It's a worthwhile conference with jam packed days of valuable, thought provoking information. You will walk away with great ideas and a fresh look on how you do things. They feed you tons, too!

~ Anonymous

Loved it all. Seriously, it was such a great experience.

~ Anonymous

Really different from any other conference I've attended - so much attention to detail and excellent speakers. Love that Len used his own experiences at bad conferences to make this one the best.

~ Anonymous

It is well worth your time!

~ Supervising Multimedia Producer, GuideStone Financial Resources

It was a great conference! Very well executed. I especially liked the Storytelling aspect.

~ Sr. Brand Manager, Merz North America

The speakers and topics were great. Everything ran very smoothly and on a tight schedule. Just about every aspect was fantastic.

~ Associate Brand Manager, Faber-Castell

Most valuable marketing conference I've ever been to.

~ Marketing Manager, SDI Innovations

It was a great experience, I learned a lot as a new marketer and I can't wait to go back.

~ Marketing Communications Manager II, Nu Skin International

Schedule - compact. Location - easy to get to. Speakers - Interesting. Topics - Diverse and pertinent. Food - Best ever. Organizers - Really involved, passionate and accessible. Sponsors - Few and easy to talk to, not overwhelming like some conferences!

~ Marketing Manager, St. Luke's Health System

The speakers were great! I got so much from them! Food was good. Hotel was lovely.

~ Client Services Manager, Glatfelter Insurance Group

It's different than other conferences, in all the right ways.

~ Anonymous

Conference was well organized, food was great and was nice to have everything in one central location. Speakers were very interesting and knowledgeable in their fields.

~ Anonymous

Great work! Hoping to have budget to attend next year and bring colleagues!

~ Senior Marketing Design & Production Coordinator, Timbers Resorts

The content was relevant to my job/brand and I'm ready to use it right away in planning for 2019.

~ Brand Manager, Federal-Mogul Motorparts

If possible, attend with colleagues at all levels of Brand and Marketing roles.

~ Brand Project Leader, Vanguard

Very unique conference experience! Thank you for finding good content, and speakers - and ensuring each had to have a strong takeaway.

~ Anonymous

Great place to go if you need to rejuvenate your brand activities.

~ Marketing Communications Manager, Cepheid

It was a genuinely useful, thoughtful, professional conference. I hope to attend for many years to come... and bring other members of my marketing team!

~ Senior Marketing Writer, Nu Skin International

Excellent overall experience and setup. Flow was great.

~ Marketing Director, Cawley Chicago

Excellent quality speakers.

~ Manager, Marketing + Comms, World Fuel Services

I enjoyed it and am glad I went!

~ Marketing Communication Account Manager, Aetna

Thank you for producing such a great event. It was worth the time away from home and work and I came out of it fired up and ready to rock 2019.

~ Marketing Specialist, Superfeet

There was such a great amount of information on all aspects of branding - not just marketing communications. All of the speakers were engaging and extremely professional, which was important to capture the audience's attention for 13 hours!

~ Director of Member Success, IPI - Member Network

Really great learning and relationship-building experience that was meaningful and impactful.

~ Senior Copywriter, Amrock

3rd time at Brand ManageCamp and I always come away with things I can use.

~ Professor, University of Central Florida

360 degree of branding and usually introduces new thought-leading points of view, strategies & tools.

~ Brand Manager, SMUD

It was organized really well and the speakers were great. I also appreciated how diligently it stuck to the schedule.

~ Community Manager, Leo Burnett

Keep doing what you're doing. Our company sends different people - I think this is the 3rd or 4th year we've had someone attend. So I probably won't be back, but someone from ERIE will be. Great conference!

~ Sr. Marketing Communications Consultant, Erie Insurance

Great content and nuggets to take home!

~ Creative Services Manager, Nexstar Network

I liked having one track and that the speakers all had a unique perspective so there wasn't a lot of the overlap you find at other conferences with more speakers/tracks.

~ Anonymous

Many thanks! You provided an excellent customer experience!

~ Marketing Coordinator, EDUCAUSE

It was evident a lot of heartfelt thought went into the experience. A very personable and relatable experience. I would attend again!

~ Development & Communications Coordinator, Home of Guiding Hands

Brand ManageCamp gives you 2 days to sit back, hear about trends, think about your own business in a new, fresh context, and leave with actionable to-dos, and manageable strategies you can actually implement - regardless of your level in your organization.

~ Product Manager, AMAG Pharmaceuticals

The whole experience is positive. We joke about the cool temp of the room, but it helps us stay focused and gives us something to share! Overall great prep and implementation from venue, food, content, etc.

~ LDS Church

Loved the one track aspect of the conference. Food was AMAZING! Hotel and stay was nice. All speakers provided valuable content.

~ Owner, R&A Marketing

Great way for exposure to current topics and trends impacting Brand Management today.

~ Brand Manager, WD-40 Company

Topics were great and relevant, food was wonderful and very much appreciated, location was good and overall very impressed!

~ Anonymous

Format worked well. A+ on food. Appreciated balance for B2B, B2C and employee focused topics with a variety of speakers.

~ Manager, Employee Communications, John Deere

I liked having all sessions, hotel rooms, etc within one location. Loved the fact there were no real sales pitches and all session info/strategies have the ability to be implemented without additional technology purchases, etc..

~ Brand Manager, JobsOhio

I think the quality of speakers is high. it is healthy to get time away from the office. As well, it is clear that the conference hosts really care :)

~ Director of Marketing, Dynacare

All of it! The content was amazing!

~ Lead Manager, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants

Content, most speakers, food, A/V, and hotel were all very good.

~ Director, Brand & Marketing Communications, Marlin Business Services

Thank you for a great week!

~ Strategic Marketing Manager, Vertiv

Important topic for Marketing professionals - keep it up about all the ways we can stay in step with trends and challenges.

~ Director - Marketing & Creative Services, Space Foundation

There's a wealth of valuable info shared with the audience in terms of how to approach their content. My background is in Technical User content and we often lose sight of the bigger picture. The discussions in this forum help me broaden my perspective.

~ Sr. Manager, User Content, Cisco

This was my first conference without tracks and I found it refreshing. The continuity among the keynotes was nice and I walked away with many more insights than I anticipated.

~ Anonymous

Interesting speakers/sessions on a variety of topics applicable to marketing.

~ Associate Director of Marketing, Melinta Therapeutics

Speakers were great. Food was great - it's usually hard to eat at these conferences when you have allergies, but you accommodated very well.

~ Director, Content & Brand Strategy, Shaftesbury

Good to take time away from the office to discover new ideas or in my case, validate current thinking. Quality of speakers is very high.

~ Sr. Dir. Marcom and Brand, Cadent

I believe that the overall level of information, along with delivery, was very appropriate and very well done.

~ Anonymous

Very informative and a good refresher.

~ Corporate Director of Marketing, Monarch Casino & Resort

I loved the talk about storytelling. I have already implemented the ABT strategy!

~ Field Marketing Manager, David Weekley Homes

Some of the speakers were excellent. A/V was great - nice work with the slides and the presentation styles. All the speakers were engaging.

~ Anonymous

I found 2/3 of the presentations both relevant and very interesting. In over 1/2, I found tidbits I could apply to what I do. That is well above average for conferences.

~ Crop Marketing Manager, Valent USA

Very valuable, actionable information.

~ Anonymous

I thought it was all good.

~ Anonymous

Len and his family are amazing hosts and I always feel so welcomed. I even got a call from Len a week before the event to ensure that I had a room to stay in because the Mirage didn't show a reservation for me. That was such a personal touch and was very appreciated.

~ Marketing Strategy and Dealer Support Manager, Volvo Construction Equipment

Consistent and phenomenal customer service. Always reaching out to their customers for speaker feedback and they pay attention to the customer experience at the conference itself.  Always a joy to attend.

~ Director of Marketing, MarketingPro

Prepare to get blown away from start to end. From the moment I walked over to registration I was greeted like a family member and felt super welcome. Every presentation was relevant to everything about marketing and developing a brand.

~ Marketing Specialist, Fit Foods

I love the personal touch you and your family give to this conference.

~ CMO, Cambridge Savings Bank

By far the best conference experience I have had this year and I've attended 9.  You can really tell that Len practices what is being preached at the conference about customer experience.

~ Director of Business Development & Marketing, Gateway Companies

The one "must attend" marketing conference... stays on my agenda even in a cost-cutting year.

~ Director of US Marketing Communications, Bayer

Being able to hear from 13 KEYNOTE level speakers in 2 days is an exceptional experience and unlike any other conference I've been to. Well worth the money.

~ VP Marketing, Cambridge Savings Bank

This was a great conference - well worth the time away from the office and a great opportunity to bring new thinking back home.

~ Director PR and Community Relations, Primrose Schools

Thank you - I feel refreshed with new ideas and energized to go apply some of the learnings!

~ Director, Brand Management, AT&T

It was well worth the investment, not only for my business, but for me personally.  This conference never disappoints.

~ President, Media One Canada

Well done. I’ll be back. Keep up the great work!

~ Owner, Kelsey Advertising & Design

It was my first, so I was most impressed to hear from others who have attended multiple times as well as having attended other conferences that Brand ManageCamp was the best. I loved the balance of marketing, design, creative thinking, implementation and motivation. It has it all.

~ Creative Manager, UV Skinz

The speakers were INCREDIBLE. I felt like I was at a TED talk. It was inspiring, educational, informative.... Just an incredible range of topics and valuable content. I LOVED IT!!!

~ Copy Director, Brand & Advertising, Columbia Threadneedle Investments

This is the only conference I make sure not to miss. Great speakers, great attendees, and so well-organized. Wonderful.

~ Corporate Communications Manager, Foremost Insurance Company

It was excellent. And the warmth and authenticity of Len and the whole group was amazing. There were 4 of us from our company and we all said it was one of the best conferences we’d been to.

~ Client Services Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Fantastic speakers talking about very relevant topics in relation to brand made the conference one of the best I've attended.

~ Sr. Lead, Marketing, Ontario Medical Association

Very insightful and beneficial ideas/concepts for all industries; very inspirational/aspirational in nature -- makes you remember why you wanted to get into Marketing.

~ Product Manager, Olympus

Lots of great takeaways!

~ Marketing Communications, Timberlake Cabinetry

I love the speakers and the food! I feel like what we learn at Brand ManageCamp is always super relevant and easily applicable. I love that you aren’t constantly pitching products that cost thousands of dollars. The changes the speakers suggest are things we can all start on today! Well done.

~ Senior Marketing Strategist, GuideStone

It was a wonderful experience with all the top rated speakers in one location. Great insights for marketers. If you are in marketing/branding, you need to attend this event at least once.

~ Marketing Manager, Atlantic International Bank

The experience is well worth the cost of the conference. You will leave feeling refreshed and enlightened.

~ Marketing Graphic Designer, Verbatim Americas

There is no other conference like Brand ManageCamp. It’s incredible the variety of speakers and how they build off one another while connecting with the audience. It doesn’t matter if you are B2B or B2C, Brand ManageCamp is a fantastic conference. I look forward to it every year.

~ Marketing Specialist, Zeochem

Extraordinary, diverse, awesome!

~ Product Manager, Marketing, Goya Foods

It was inspiring, refreshing, and affirming. Thank you. I’ll see you again.

~ CMO, Avantage USA

No matter what amount or type of branding/marketing experience you have, you will take away something new from this conference.

~ Marketing Manager, Maui Jim

This was a great conference to get inspired and walk away with tangible action items, both professionally and personally.

~ Marketing Manager, Niagara Bottling

The caliber of the speakers and the meeting structure (as well as the food!) were excellent.  It was well worth the time away from the office.  I hope to come back and have already told one of my marketing managers that I want her to attend next year.  I learned so much and hope to be able to implement several of the nuggets.  Some of it was great reinforcement to what I've been doing.

~ Vice President of Marketing, David Weekley Homes

Great content and a wide variety of speakers.  Also, speakers were VERY engaging and kept attention.  Enjoyed that the Powerpoints were non-traditional and forced the audience to focus on what the speaker was saying vs. copying notes from a presentation.

~ Creative Marketing Director, HMSHost

If you are not attending, you are falling behind.

~ Vice President Sales & Marketing, SilkBalance Water Care Solutions

Great for inspiration. Lifts me out of the weeds and towards blue-sky approach. Rejuvenating.

~ Director, Marketing & Communications, Simon Fraser University, Beedle School of Business

After coming a few times over the years, there are consistently great speakers. Typically 9 out of 10 are very relevant to me.

~ Marketing Director, Stanley (PMI)

I took a chance on attending the conference and the conference was well worth the cost and my time. I believe that the team did an excellent job setting up the event and communicating with attendees. You were thoughtful and listened to comments in real time. I am definitely sending some of my staff next year to the event.

~ VP Marketing & Bus Dev, American Mining Insurance Group

The quality of the speakers and the themes that were woven into this year's event were on point -- customer service/experience as the new marketing being a main takeaway. I got many stories, sound bites and strategic takeaways to apply at the office.

~ VP, Marketing, American Public University System

The quality of speakers and the event in general were fantastic.  From registration to the cocktail hour, everything was well done.

~ Brand Manager, Stanley Black & Decker

Always great speakers and content. You leave feeling inspired with lots of takeaways for any business.

~ Sr. Manager Insurance Process & Communication, Hagerty Insurance

This was my 7th time attending and each year it just gets better and better. It really delivers on the promise of “fresh thinking” and I appreciate that.

~ Anonymous

Go.  Get inspired and reignite that flame that made you pick marketing in the first place.

~ Director of Marketing, Olympus

Found all the speakers’ speaking points hugely relevant and valuable to us and the direction we are going in terms of brand.

~ Senior Brand Strategist, Stanley Black & Decker

Excellent speakers, covering a range of topics with very little overlap. Generated a lot of new ideas!

~ Director of Marketing, WVC

Get out of your office and go be inspired by leaders in the industry.  It is well worth it!

~ VP of Sales, Jon Renau

Great content.

~ Exec. Director Marketing Operations, Primrose Schools

My colleague and I had an amazing first experience attending and enjoyed our dialogue with both the speakers and attendees alike. Thank you for all your hard work in keeping this unique platform alive and well.

~ Front End Design Supervisor, AmTrust Financial

Having attended the last two Brand ManageCamp conferences, I think the program is very well run and organized.

~ Professor, University of Central Florida

Very well planned and executed. The food was delicious, the room was perfect, snacks and drinks were great. The majority of the speakers did a really great job engaging the audience.

~ Marketing Manager, Lombardo Homes

Whether you are a novice or experienced marketer, you can gain a lot from Brand ManageCamp. The conference is more about jumpstarting your thoughts and ideas so that you can be more effective and less about gimmicky “how to” sessions that make you feel like you’re back in college.

~ Marketing Manager, PPG

I was most impressed by the range of speakers and the relevance of their content, not to mention how engaging they were. It was also evident the amount of care and attention to detail that went into making this conference worthwhile for the participants. Thank you!

~ Market Manager, VSP

It was professional, authentic, and presented more from a subject matter expert position and less from a merchandising or money grab slant. Great visuals too. (Oh, and you fed us well).

~ Director of Promotions and Key Accounts, SilkBalance

This year I brought my manager’s manager and his manager (VP) based on last year’s conference. It didn’t disappoint any of us this year.

~ Brand Manager, Association of Certified Professional Accountants

Such good insights and takeaways to apply when I get back to the office.

~ Brand Manager, Ultradent

Thanks for organizing an excellent conference.

~ Managing Director, ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership & Workplace Performance

The presenters and range of topics were well rounded. It is also a very well run event.  Every consideration was made to ensure we had a quality event.  Thank you!

~ Marketing Director, John Paul Mitchell Systems

Essential for serious marketers!

~ Director of Marketing, Geist

Quality of speakers, content, and overall well run.

~ EVP NA Brands, PMI

Very good experience overall. Well run and organized. Communications before during and after were very good.

~ Campaign Manager, Bayer

Top notch all the way around.

~ Director, Marketing, Health Alliance Plan

Always excellent!

~ Brand Director, Hearth and Home Technologies

It was a great experience overall and I would recommend it for Brand Managers and ABMs to push their thinking.

~ Brand Manager, Gorilla Glue Company

Simple format and great speakers.

~ Director, Marketing & Communications, Personiv

Relevant, actionable, and inspiring information that I can take back to my team.

~ Sr. Manager Member Engagement, Hagerty Insurance

Succinct, impactful sessions bring inspiration and knowledge in a consolidated format.

~ Brand Manager, Sashco Sealants

Great service, speakers, content.

~ Senior Digital Project Manager, Blue Sky Marketing

Thank you for all your hard work to put together this outstanding event.

~ Awareness Activator, Tuthill Corporation

Full of ideas, energy, and information!


Great place to hear cutting-edge speakers on the topic of branding.

~ Faculty, FIU

Great opportunity to interact with marketers from different industries and backgrounds and hear from speakers with fresh and interesting perspective.

~ Brand Manager, Pacific Foods

I enjoyed the experience and would like to return sometime in the near future.

~ Manager of Brand Development & Marketing Services, WoodmenLife

Revs your engines and gets lots of thoughts/ideas flowing.

~ Marketing Creative Manager, Union Bank & Trust

This was my first year and, although I have to work very hard to translate some of the information into actionable items for my industry, it was very motivating and inspiring. It has given me new ways to look at some things.

~ Marketing Manager, Wilson Fuel Co.

Great Speakers

~ Senior Vice President, Doyon

The Mecca of Inspiration

~ Content Manager, Intetics

All of the speakers are high caliber, engaging, and relevant. The conference is focused, no-fuss, well-planned, and on-time. I love the handbook and PPT for note taking.

~ Brand Manager, SMUD

It was a great conference. Relevant, timely, and engaging. I was worried that 13 main stage speakers would be too much but I enjoyed it.

~ Sr. Manager Marketing, Bard Access Systems

Love how the speakers build on one another, and stick around to listen to and support each other, how you reach out to past attendees to provide input on speakers and topics for the coming year’s conference, and that this is a conference of keynote speakers. There is always something applicable from each, even those who aren’t my favorites.

~ Bayer

I can tell you are passionate and really care about this.

~ Brand Manager, Timberlake Cabinetry

I am extremely inspired by everything I heard and motivated to apply it to my business. The speakers were phenomenal and the organization and hosting of the event were outstanding. Awesome event!

~ Senior Marketing Manager, REHAU Construction LLC

It was relevant!

~ Creative, Navy Federal

I didn’t believe it until I experienced it, but this has been hands down the best conference I’ve ever attended. Definitely feel delighted and spoiled.

~ Brand Manager, ConstructConnect

Fresh thinking says it all.

~ Grower Relations, Alberta Canola

Appreciated the mix of both directly applicable and general knowledge topics.

~ Walden University

Very inspiring and not just about marketing but more about brand and how to remain successful in the market.

~ Anonymous

Awesome speakers and the format was perfect. I like that there were no break-out sessions. Each speaker was excellent and shared relevant material.

~ Anonymous

It was very inspirational and as someone who is new to brand marketing, it was very educational and easy to learn. I think it is great for all levels of expertise. The speakers really knew how to keep you engaged.

~ Anonymous

Thank you for all your hard work! It was a great opportunity to get out of the weeds of our day-to-day and be re-inspired!

~ Anonymous

Top notch conference, thanks!

~ Anonymous

It's amazing. Recharges my batteries in a big way. Extremely engaging presentations and content.

~ Anonymous

Be prepared to be inspired and to be challenged to think creatively.

~ Anonymous

This is my fourth Brand ManageCamp and I have to say while I have always enjoyed and been revitalized each year this year was tops!  All of the  speakers lined up exactly with our current challenges related to engagement and humanizing our brands to our associates.  Excellent line up!

~ Director, Marketing and Business Development, HBS

Brand ManageCamp is one of the strongest and highest-quality marketing conferences in the country. The content of the presentations, and the attention to detail from the staff, make it a must-attend.

~ Manager of Content Marketing, GuideStone

Brand ManageCamp is a conference that sparks my strategic soul.  It is full of inspiring thought leaders who challenge me to think differently.  It was also a validation that I'm on the right path with what we're doing to tell the story of our brand.

~ Director, Branding, Tuthill Corporation

I liked the format of the conference a lot. Loved the no q&a portion, loved that it was all keynote speakers. The level of content was very, very high. I felt like I was at a Ted conference for Marketing professionals. Also, I loved how strong all the speakers were in their presentation style, but also how they made the conference seem very casual, like it was a great conversation, not a formal presentation.

~ Associate Brand Manager, Ruiz Foods

I love that every session features a keynote speaker who is an expert in what they are presenting. I enjoy this much more than the typical conference format where there are breakout rooms with sessions led by peers -- those peer-led sessions can be hit or miss.

~ Production Manager, MultiCare Health System

Yes, I would recommend it.  I enjoyed that we were able to just listen instead of getting into groups and breakout sessions.  I also really appreciated that we could see all the speakers rather than "pick a track" as you have to for a lot of conferences.

~ Director Global Brand Marketing, Johnson Controls

For the quality and value of event, absolutely.    I would actually like to bring the entire team for the event...

~ Director, Customer Communications, Hyundai Motor

Good information shared every year. I always find at least some of the program useful for my business.

~ Marketing Communications Director, Bayer

Topics were valuable and the speakers were excellent.

~ Sr. Brand Manager, Kent Pet Group

The quality of the speakers is the best I've experienced. Also, the conference operation was flawless.

~ Anonymous

Great content that is relevant and makes you think about things differently.

~ Sr. Manager Brand Design, AT&T

Good speakers, thoughtful discussion, and great facility.

~ Co-Founder / Managing Partner, The Anderson Group

Great content, great venue.

~ Director of Marketing and Communications, Sandoval Economic Alliance

Thought the quality of speakers was impressive -- and also felt the conference was run extremely well.  It was concise, stayed on schedule, had a nice size of attendees -- but still felt intimate.

~ Director, Business Development, General Growth Properties

Great speakers, relevant content, engaging conversations.

~ Vice President, Azusa Pacific University

Great line up of speakers and held within a nice time frame; not too long.

~ Marketing Specialist, Van Meter, Inc.

This is a great conference to get inspired and provides great fodder for ideas to pursue over the next twelve months.

~ Director Marketing, Landis+Gyr

There was a nice variety of topics and expertise on brand strategy and marketing. Even with the variety, there were certain points reinforced/connected by multiple speakers. Content marketing/social media trends were good to hear as there is more my organization can do. The predictive analytics conversation was very interesting too. It's good to get reinforcement from an outside source and a different perspective.

~ Manager, Brand Strategy, NRG Energy

Crowd-sourced agenda – feedback is hugely considered when developing the speaker list. Fast moving. Stays on schedule. Relevant topics.

~ Anonymous

It’s good to get insights on how to guide your business better and I feel like a lot of them were actionable insights instead of feel good stories that didn't exactly relate.

~ Brand Manager, Ultradent

Awesome set of speakers. Would definitely come back or suggest someone new from my company from elsewhere in the marketing org attend next year.

~ Brand and Content Manager, TXU Energy

The whole conference was short and sweet, just long enough to keep everyone engaged. I love the "Ted Talks" format. All of the speakers were top-notch and were entertaining yet informative.

~ Creative Director, The Maids, International

Strong presenters overall and great content for moving marketing forward.

~ Integrated Marketing Manager, HP

Very high quality speakers -- all were interesting and engaging. Good variety of topics related to branding and I gained knowledge at every session.

~ Senior Director, Communications, ICMA-RC

Overall, good content and strong networking opportunities.

~ VP Marketing, Decopac

Great line up of speakers. The fact that you kept on time is awesome.  Loved the food!  Having only 3 vendors is great, no pressure of having brands selling to us.

~ Anonymous

Already thinking about who else on my team would benefit from attending.

~ Dir., Corporate Communications, Foremost Insurance Group

Extremely relevant content to our business today. Top-Rated expert speakers.

~ Lead Development Manager, Optum, Inc.

Great material that marketers need to make the time to hear.

~ Director, Brand Marketing, Tyler Technologies

There is a feeling of energy and some really good, thoughtful content.

~ Enterprise Marketing Initiatives Manager, Farmers Insurance

Great speakers, very professional and focused conference. Wonderful facility . . . plus Las Vegas.

~ Anonymous

Love the small time commitment.  Felt like I got a lot of bang for my buck.  Great food and great management of the conference overall.

~ Product Marketing Specialist, EDUCAUSE

This is one of the best marketing conference available.

~ Marketing Director, Imprint Plus

I really enjoyed:  the conference flow - everyone in one room, no break out sessions to you were sure to get everything the conference offered. I loved the speakers! Great combination of speakers, great content, and I liked being able to talk to them after/before sessions. Food/location - all amazing.

~ Sr. Marketing Manager, AAD

Very energizing speakers and a great opportunity to learn from other peers in different industries and roles. I am excited to take this information back to my company.

~ Marketing & Programs Specialist, Volvo Construction Equipment

It is time well spent.  We are given great ideas and takeaways to implement.  It also helps to reinforce things that we may already thinking of undertaking.

~ Director of Retail Operations, Big Island Candies

I felt that the quality of the speakers and content that was covered was extremely relevant and they found a new way to present the material.

~ Marketing Specialist, Geist

I felt that this was the right information at the right time for what we are striving to achieve at Symetra. Well done!

~ Director of Creative Services & Engagement Strategy, Symetra Financial

It does a great job of lighting a fire and inspiring you to make some big changes at your own company. All of the speakers are great and have lasting impact.

~ Director of Marketing, Pizza Schmizza

Loved the variety of speakers, giving different glimpses into the subject.  Especially like that there are no "tracks" to choose from, so everyone hears all of the conference.

~ Brand Manager, King + Cross Companies

Relevant speakers and a great way to get recharged. Marketing seems to get beat up a lot lately, so it's fun to get together and get excited once a year.

~ Executive Director Marketing, Azusa Pacific University

It really helps to see and hear about what other folks in the industry are doing, what's trending, and what NOT to do. More than that, it really reignites my creativity and gives me a lot of inspiration for the work of my organization.

~ Director of Communications, Methodist Healthcare Ministries

Quality and expertise of speakers, relevancy, delivered on providing information that sparked "fresh thinking."

~ Senior Marketing Specialist, Azusa Pacific University

Overall the conference was run very well, very on time, well executed and organized which always helps. The speakers were articulate & engaging.

~ Anonymous

Very well organized, good content/speakers.

~ Marketing Coordinator, Made in Montana

Informative. Great speakers. Good content. Details well thought out. Water bottles for example. Well fed.

~ Manager, AICPA

The conference is run well overall - love the fast pace, diversity of speakers, level of expertise that's offered, opportunity for networking.

~ Communications Director, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

I like the format -- no workshops or breakouts - just a series of speaker sessions, some with better takeaways then others, but overall 2 days packed with data, insights, analysis and actionable material.

~ Anonymous

Unique experience with some great insights.

~ Director of Strategic Marketing, Wavetronix

Great content.  Great networking.

~ Marketing Director, CSI Daxko

Like the variety and quality of speakers.

~ Anonymous

Great speakers with actionable take-aways.

~ Senior Writer and Social Media Manager, Phoenix Group Advertising

Interesting, relevant and engaging topics and well put on by the management team.

~ Anonymous

The content was relevant and applicable.

~ Niagara Bottling

Excellent quality speakers.

~ Anonymous

Good length, good location, variety of topics, good if looking for a higher-level strategy-focused conference.

~ Sr. Marketing Programs Manager, Heraeus Kulzer

Good content!  I felt that the information was helpful regardless of experience level.

~ Anonymous

There are always interesting insights and things you can apply to your job immediately.

~ Anonymous

By far, the best conference I've attended. Super relevant, universally applicable, all-keynote topics that are guaranteed to inspire you to think differently.

~ Strategy Director, S2 Design Group

Best money spent on any conference I've attended in my professional career. I walked away with 2-3 new campaign ideas for my company.

~ Director, Corporate Brand, WellMed

This is the only conference I go to EVERY year. It's a one stop shop for marketing thought leaders and it is an excellently run event. The content is always top notch and Len is an amazing Sherpa. Can't wait until next year! Go. Skip anything else you have planned and just get yourself to Brand ManageCamp. It's perfection for driven marketers who want to learn from the best.

~ Director of Marketing, Vocalink

This is THE conference for brand marketers. It brings you up to speed with what's happening and, more importantly, what's working in our space. So often in marketing we drink our own kool-aid. The speakers here will call you out on that, and leave you re-thinking all those stale, archaic strategies. If you want to be inspired, come to this event.

~ Manager, Brand Strategy, Tremor Video

Go - don't think about it - just go! The experience is rich and rewarding, the ideas just come flooding and the topics/speakers are first class.

~ VP Product Development/Branding, Jon Renau

Every speaker was great and the order in which you placed them complemented the others. They all provided relevant information and forward thinking. This was my 2nd year and I brought two co-workers with me and they love it too! They said they understood me (branding/marketing) better and were excited to try some new ideas and make Return on Relationship more of a priority. PS - food, music, and drinks were so great and fun! It keeps you entertained from beginning to end! Non-stop fun! Interactive and informative.

~ AVP – Marketing, Educators Credit Union

Best conference EVER. And I used to program conferences for the ANA.

~ Exec. Dir., Branding & Communications, Colorado State University

It might be the best conference I have ever been to.

~ VP Strategic Development, Phoenix Group

It was the most intensive two days of anything I've ever attended! I loved hearing from people outside my industry...That's where you need to go for ideas. Amazing experience!

~ Brand Marketing Director, Ash Brokerage

It completely changed my perspective on why we exist. We get caught up in metrics and operations and usually forget about the consumer and the relationship we need to create.

~ Marketing Director, Griffith Laboratories

If you only have one opportunity in the year to attend an event to better yourself as a marketer, a strategist and/or a manager, Brand ManageCamp is the one to choose.

~ Director of Marketing & Sales, Signature Breads

It's an excellent chance to open your mind to some of the brightest ideas in the industry.

~ Director of Marketing, Wavetronix

Brand ManageCamp was super packed with inspiring speakers sharing very informed perspectives.

~ Director, Seismic Branding, Tuthill Corporation

One of the most organized conferences I attend. Speakers were fantastic and relevant.

~ Creative Director, Audio-Technica

I love that so much top content is covered in a short period of time. There is enough content to keep me going for the entire next year. Worth your time!

~ Director, Marketing, Landis+Gyr

High quality of speakers, relevant information for my company and job, many ideas / thought starters I can apply today and new perspectives to consider. Great flow from one speaker to the next (I really enjoyed how they were able to build on each other and reference each others' presentations - showed their participation in joining us vs. simply flying in to speak). Extremely well run.

~ Customer Experience Manager, Bayer CropScience

It was one of the most relevant conferences I have been to about the changing and evolving marketing trends. You don't have to be in marketing to benefit from Brand ManageCamp.

~ Channel Manager, Packaging, CGS Publishing Technologies

It was one of the best conferences I've attended. Very polished and professional. I know what it takes to put something like that on. And everything was on time and on point, right down to the food. Great job!

~ Brand Manager, Florida Blue

This is one of the best conferences I've been to. It's organized well, the speakers are extremely relevant and they keep you well fed! This is my 2nd time and I definitely want to come back.

~ Senior Marketing Strategist, GuideStone Financial Resources

It is one of the best conferences I've ever attended!

~ Brand Manager, Florida International University

As a first time attendee, the experience was awesome! I enjoyed meeting awesome marketing professionals from various industries.

~ Marketing Manager, American Chemical Society

Brand ManageCamp is the real deal...no fluff or placeholders on the agenda - content rich with actionable take-aways. Great investment for brand professionals.

~ Partner, KRT Marketing

I am a repeat attendee because each year is different and I always get a great motivational experience.

~ VP Marketing Communications, University of Hawaii Foundation

This conference is well worth the time and investment if marketing and brand development is part of your responsibility. I will definitely be back next year and have passed the word on to my clients as well.

~ Founder/President, Alpha Dog Advertising

Thank you! I am bringing other colleagues and some clients next year.

~ Vice President of Strategic Development, Phoenix Group

Very well run experience.

~ Director, Marketing and Business Development, Healthcare Business Solutions, LLC

Great speakers, topics were right-on with relevant and new information as well as more forward thinking than most other seminars I have attended. Speakers were inspiring and motivating as well for going back to the office to incorporate what was heard.

~ Associate Brand Manager, Vi-Jon, Inc.

GREAT conference! Very relevant speakers that really make you think about the future and help get you out of the day to day rut that is so easy to get stuck in. As promised, awesome food and on time!! First-class conference!

~ Anonymous

Brand ManageCamp is a great learning experience. I love listening to other people's stories and what they have learned on their way to success. What truly brings me back every year is the energy - it is always very positive with inspiring moments. It almost makes me feel like an energy vampire :). It does feel great to suck up all the enthusiasm that Len and the keynote speakers bring to this wonderful event. I'll be back! And...I'm not even a marketer... It is a much needed ingredient if you want to grow personally. It helps me to get a different perspective on everyday things and events, which enables me to steer our business in the right direction.

~ Anonymous

Quality experience with high value speakers, personal touch by organizers in a fun environment where you could let loose when the work is done.

~ VP Brand Strategy & Innovation, 20nine brand design agency

After years of attending, the topics are still fresh and I still walk away with many ideas I can put into action. Consider bringing your team because everyone can benefit from being there.

~ President, J Carcamo & Associates

The speakers were entertaining and did such a seamless job supporting each other. But, above all, they were provocative - in a good way. Each brought applicable insights meant for someone interested in forward-leading their marketing organization. I took 10 pages of notes - mostly nuggets like stats or quotes, but also had a list of 7 specific action items I want to take when I get back to the office. Thank you for putting this on! My second in 5 years, and I will be back!

~ VP, Marketing, APUS

I learn something every time, no time wasted, and no sales pitches. Best marketing conference out there.

~ Partner, iModerate

Good content, quality speakers (I felt like the speakers were engaging and not just talking heads from a podium - which was nice), kept on-time, networking opportunities (but not over-kill) and the conference is packed full of content but doesn't take you away from the office for an entire week.

~ Assistant Vice President, Marketing, Columbus Life Insurance Company

I would absolutely recommend this conference. I really enjoyed the non break-out format and the quality of the industry presenters. This was my first Brand ManageCamp conference and it will certainly not be my last!

~ Assistant Director of Marketing, Old Dominion University

You will leave energized and excited to get back to the office and make things happen. It's refreshing to be surrounded by others in your field who understand the highs and lows or brand management and marketing.

~ Director of Communications, The Wright Center

Brand ManageCamp inspires me and helps me remember why I picked Marketing as a career in the first place.

~ Director of Marketing, Olympus

Brand ManageCamp is great and refreshing. If you are not attending, you are missing out.

~ Marketing Director, Imprint Plus

The conference leads took great care to ensure that everyone was comfortable, entertained, and well fed. Most of the speakers were strong and I had take-aways from each one of the presentations. I've been working in brand marketing for 11 years, mostly at very large companies, and there were definitely some new ideas that I was able to glean that I'll want to apply to my marketing strategy/campaign efforts going forward. If you're interested in thought-provoking conversations about strategies that you can leverage to build your brands with limited resources, it's definitely worth checking out!

~ Marketing Director, Educational Insights

Well worth attending. I get at least one good idea that helps from each Brand ManageCamp that I attend.

~ Marketing Communications Director, Bayer

I liked that the agenda was crisp and to the point, not a lot of down time and not a drawn out agenda. 1 1/2 days is the perfect conference length - do not extend.

~ Communications and Marketing Director, McKinney, Texas

So much great information and networking. And I love the fact that you fed us well (not carb loaded) and stuck to your schedule. I think everyone in marketing should attend. The variety of information was great. And the presenters did a fabulous job of explaining how their topics applied to everyone.

~ Director of Marketing, ONICON Incorporated

Great content. Liked having only 1 track so you don't 'miss' anything. Gives you some great food for thought!

~ Director, Torani

I received some incredible content that I can take back to educate our leadership and marketing team. Brand ManageCamp is a great way for our marketers to stay fresh and on the cutting edge of consumer marketing.

~ MarCom, Bayer

If you are a seasoned professional or just entering a marketing / communications position, this conference gives you perspective and insights that will absolutely change how you approach brand and customer communications.

~ Communications Manager, BASF

This was not your typical conference - it was entertaining, fun, the food was great, and I got a lot out of the speakers. It was an awesome experience. It was my first time going and I enjoyed everything about it. Every speaker was unique and I like how they all presented their topics differently...ie, dancing, jazz, etc...

~ Assistant Brand Manager, Florida International University

It's a great conference to learn or think about the latest trends in brand management from leaders in the field.

~ Marketing Specialist, Boy Scouts of America

The format is so unique with all of the keynotes and I always come back to work with fresh ideas and a new energy to tackle big problems. It is the most energizing conference I attend all year so no matter how tight my budget is, I prioritize this event.

~ Marketing Manager, Signature Breads

The conference was fun, the speakers were engaging, and the information was incredibly useful...overall an invigorating conference! It's an experience not to be missed!

~ Brand Manager, Festiva Development Group

Really great experience. Very informative.

~ Brand Manager, Rust-Oleum

I loved going to a conference that was outside of my industry specifically, yet was directly related to my job. I had take-aways from each speaker, whether it was validating what I am doing already, or new ideas and ways to think. If you have an opportunity to attend - do it!

~ Marketing Manager, Numerica Credit Union

Superb conference. Vibrant, energetic, and thoroughly enjoyable. The best conference I've been to, period.

~ Global Market Development Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Great conference!

~ Sr. Acct. Executive, Zion & Zion

Creative. Dynamic. Energizing. The perfect boost to my creative and strategic job!

~ Marketing Manager, ASHA

The speakers were exciting, engaging, and inspiring. Reminded me why I love my career and inspired me to do more. Brand ManageCamp gave me a much needed break from the everyday workload. It reenergized me in a very exhausting time.

~ Marketing Specialist, SMUD

You won't leave disappointed! It's a fantastic conference and I walked away feeling like I had much to bring back to my team.

~ Brand Marketing Coordinator, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Love the 'all keynote' structure of the event and content was on-point and relevant. Lots of inspirational ideas, quotes, and real-life examples to draw from. It's an inspirational and unique event cultivated with high-quality sessions that will be beneficial to anyone involved with marketing and communications across the board.

~ Global Marketing Manager, Interface, Inc.

The speakers are very engaging and the topics are highly relevant to anyone working in marketing/brand/communications and Client Engagement. This conference offers the best insight and ideas for making your brand the best it can be.

~ Senior Manager Client Communications, Hagerty

TED talk style is appealing. Next practices - not best practices. Good food. Vegas.

~ Associate Brand Manager, Traditional Medicinals

This was my first time at Brand ManageCamp. I hope to come back with more colleagues. Great content, and very professionally-run. Everything was great - the content was engaging and relevant. I liked the structure; everyone can concentrate for 50 minutes at a time. All the 'extras' were icing on the cake. The room was comfortable, the presentation booklet is a great way of taking notes, the food was great...and I appreciate Len's commitment to sticking to a schedule! Thank you for treating our time like it's important! It's really energizing and enlightening to spend time with people who are as passionate about branding and marketing as I am. This is great stuff.

~ Anonymous

It is amazing, even if you're not technically in the Marketing Industry.

~ Anonymous

Good conference about branding.

~ Head of Marketing Communication, Bayer

Great, up-to-date content, great speakers and a very thought provoking conference.

~ CEO, GCL Direct Ltd.

Really a very good overall conference.

~ Director, Marketing Communications, Olympus America Inc.

For those int he marketing field looking for the opportunity to continue their education, attending Brand ManageCamp would be a wise investment.

~ Director of Marketing, PACE Supply Corporation

It is a whirlwind of speakers, but well worth the time. I always come home with tips that I can apply right away.

~ Marketing & Communications Lead, University of Michigan Learning & Professional Development

It was an incredibly valuable show that left me energized and inspired. Thank you!

~ Marketing & Consumer Insights Manager, David Michael & Co.

It was so much great information and I really did leave with a ton of ideas to implement right away! It's worth every penny.

~ Marketing Manager, CGS Publishing Technologies

Great, actionable content.

~ Global MarComm, BASF

Intriguing look into the modern branding ideas.

~ Product Manager, Olympus America Inc.

Great ways to look differently on how to tell your story.

~ Partner Marketing Manager, Oracle

Fresh thinking is really what you're going to get when you come to Brand ManageCamp. The sessions and the people you meet all inspire new ideas and approaches.

~ Marketing Manager, NCCO

I found that the subject matter covered in the wide array of speakers kept all the content relatable, yet unique and diverse enough to feel like you could leave and examine every individual aspect of your organization's brand.

~ Brand Strategist, SIGNAL.csk Brand Partners

I highly recommend this conference to anyone who deals with the marketing side of things. You will not be disappointed and will leave with many more ideas and excitement to better brand your company!

~ Graphic/Media Designer, Tokyo Electron


~ Associate Global Brand Manager, ArenaNet

It's a nice overview of fresh marketing ideas and case studies. The speakers have quality presentations and are very entertaining.

~ Senior Manager, Brand Marketing, Turn Inc.

Great speakers, very well run conference, good food, good beverages, on time, ample breaks. Overall, an extremely well run conference.

~ Digital Marketing Communications Manager, Bayer CropScience

Great job!

~ Marketing Development Manager, MAPEI Corporation

Well worth the trip.

~ Global MarCom Mgr, Bayer CropScience

Brand ManageCamp is more than a learning experience. It provides the attendee with information that is immediately actionable to improve business practices.

~ Anonymous

Great work!

~ Anonymous

First time attending. Felt overall topics were great. Had some great speakers. I felt engaged and energized throughout the conference. Would definitely recommend it.

~ Anonymous

Brand ManageCamp felt like two days of Ted Talks for marketers. Inspirational.

~ Anonymous

Keep up the good work.

~ Anonymous

Great, well informed speakers. Overall great experience.

~ Director, Design & Brand, Dominion Dental Services

It's an eye opening experience. You better not sit on your laurels - the future is here.

~ Director of Marketing, Silver Star Communications

Well done!

~ Marketing, El Gaucho Hospitality

Overall, it is a great seminar to attend for fresh ideas.

~ Anonymous

A great range of speakers with topics and themes that build off each other well. Good food. Great location.

~ Anonymous

It's like back to back keynotes - very valuable.

~ Anonymous

If you are looking for inspiration, BMC is oozing inspiration and delivers on its promise of "fresh thinking." As an executive from a fast growing internet marketing company, I was not sure what to expect from BMC. I found the content to be highly relevant to someone at my level and provided me with a ton of 'fresh ideas', as promised.

~ EVP, Jumbleberry

It's worth you time and money to attend. The speakers are insightful and real. They bring the "big pictures" to the front stage and give resources and suggestions on how to beat your challenges and help you company

~ AVP – Marketing, Educators Credit Union

Great line up. You're right, there were no bad speakers. Wonderful conference. Well put together.

~ Vice President, Phoenix Group

"Fresh Thinking" is a pertinent theme. I would encourage others in the C Suite to attend; particularly those in small to mid sized companies. Nice work!

~ VP Sales and Marketing, Dutch Valley Food Distributors

Five-star experience, from beginning to end.

~ Sr. Brand & Marketing Communications Manager, Janus

If you have not attended, this is one conference that you must attend! Outstanding speakers, well done and the information provided was amazing!

~ Director of Sales and Marketing, Skipstone

Very relevant and on target! Speakers were great and thought generating. Topics were perfect. Food was delicious, great location. Best marketing conference I've attended in years!

~ Marketing Director, OSP Group

A must-do conference for any marketing professional serious about learning about branding!

~ Marketing Director, Hawaii State FCU

13 top notch keynote speakers in two days that covered a wide spectrum of subject matter. It’s informative, exhilarating, refreshing, and rewarding.

~ President, Media One Canada

In every-way, Brand ManageCamp is GREAT! The learning's are relevant and a great way to generate fresh thinking - just like the logo implies.

~ Research Director, Morpace

Well worth the commitment. I learn something every year that I can put into play when I return to work.

~ Director of Marketing Communications, Bayer CropScience

Truly energized me to get back to the brand basics so that we can re-invent something old and make it new at my law firm!

~ Director of Marketing, Lewis Roca Rothgerber

My favourite conference. Great line-up of speakers. Relevant and diversified topics. Well (very well) organized.

~ Director, Division Marketing Services, University of Victoria, Division of Continuing Studies

Loved it! Best conference I've ever been to. Extremely thought provoking.

~ Director of Mar Com, Rust-Oleum

Amazing speakers with real tangible takeaways. Awesome food. Terrific venue. Great people in attendance.

~ Marketing Traffic Manager, Janus Capital Group

I enjoyed the conference and learned so much from the speakers. Each one provided such important insights about the marketplace today, which helped me come up with ideas on how to improve my company's marketing strategies and efforts. I'm so excited to share what I've learned with my team. Thank you so much for organizing this. This was my first time attending, but I talked to other attendees who had been to other Brand ManageCamps and they raved about them. Next time I'd like to bring a couple of my co-workers with me. Thanks!

~ Sr. Marcom Manager, Nu Skin

It really reminds you of the real reasons that we work in marketing. It helps you pop your head out of the trenches of the day-to-day emails and to-do lists and remember what the real goals of marketing are and what you can go to bring that home to your business. I would recommend it to all of my marketing colleagues.

~ Product Manager, Olympus America, Inc.

Great conference – I feel energized!

~ Account Supervisor, Leo Burnett Detroit

After five years, you've never repeated something so that I feel like I'm getting something new each and every minute of the day.

~ President & Chief Brand Strategist, J Carcamo & Associates

Very well organized. Good topics. Thank you – great job!

~ Executive Officer Marketing, Commerce, The Chickasaw Nation

It is the best and most well-organized conference. Presenters were outstanding and had a grasp of the subject matter. Everything was fantastic from food to presenters and my stay at the hotel was fantastic.

~ Executive Director, Vaal University of Technology

The information provided at your conference is important to anyone running a business today. It was relevant no matter what type of business you are in or in what role you function. I think this is one of the best conferences I have attended in years. A must attend for anyone doing business today!

~ Director of Marketing, Kaweah Delta Health Care District

It was a whirlwind of engaging thought leaders, one after the other. They each had insightful perspectives on topics relevant to today's marketing environment and shared what we have to do to continue to make our brands relevant and great and how to market differently to connect with our customers.

~ Director of Marketing, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Well worth the trip and money! It will change how you view your brand and really enable you to take a deep look at it.

~ Art Director, Medela

Brand ManageCamp is a must-do experience!

~ Marketing Project Manager, J&B Group

It was an outstanding conference! Highly recommend going. You'll walk away with numerous ideas / strategies to bring back to your business.

~ Associate Marketing Specialist, Alaska Communications

Great overall experience!

~ Field Marketing Manager, Olympus

Speakers, for the most part, were excellent. I love the fact that I don't have to listen to people ask questions just to hear themselves talk. Hotel was great. I'll see you there next year.

~ Manager of Communications Services, University of Saskatchewan

Great job hosting! I have been to a lot of conferences and this one was incredibly well managed and the communication was excellent.

~ Senior Marketing and Communications Director, YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties

The conference was fantastic and very helpful!

~ Senior Marketing Associate, Enova Financial

Go and attend - it will change how you view yourself and your company.

~ Creative Services Manager, American National

Highly recommended! Hope to return.

~ Senior Director, Marketing and Creative Services, Lutheran World Relief

Overall one of the best executed conferences I've ever been to - all the good stuff delivered as promised!

~ Anonymous

Speaker quality was excellent, good energy and creative approaches to sessions instead of dry slide presentation only. Good use of breaks/decent time for lunch to encourage networking and also keep audience fresh. Outstanding job team!

~ Director, Americas Marketing, Precor

Great content, energy, pacing--I came home with many ideas and am sure more are germinating. While there were vendors present, I didn't feel like the purpose of the event was to sell things. Overall, a very enjoyable time.

~ Director of Marketing, Lozier

It is the best conference that I have ever attended for sharpening and refining my skills as a marketer. I have always left with several actionable insights that drive meaningful positive change. Most conferences give you one truly useful nugget (if you are lucky) - BMC gives me over a dozen that are generally of a much higher quality and relevancy.

~ Director of Marketing and Strategy, Signature Breads

So many opportunities for learning. Access to the speakers is really excellent.

~ Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Michigan State University

You come away with a lot of food for thought. If funds are limited (as ours are), and there isn't always the opportunity to travel to conferences, this should definitely be on the list as an event to attend as often as possible.

~ Vice Director, Brand Management and Visitor Services, Brooklyn Museum

Overall, good conference for mid to upper management Marketing professionals.

~ Vice President of Marketing, DecoPac

Consistently great presentations and well managed conference. Thank you for all of the effort you put into making it great year after year.

~ VP/CMO, Herff Jones, Inc.

Worth the time and effort.

~ VP Exec Affairs/Professor Mktg, SMU

Very focused conference. Concise, good speakers, good networking. Keep up the good work!

~ Director of Marketing, Meyer Natural Foods

I thought it was a great experience and a good opportunity to hear what some of the leading brand strategists are seeing in the market today.

~ Brand Director, Basic Research

Recharge of the battery, allows you a few days away to just think about the potential of all your branding efforts! Thanks for another wonderful conference! You guys are wonderful hosts and really treat your attendees like extended family! Great job!

~ Director, Marketing and Business Development, Healthcare Business Solutions, LLC

Nice mix of topics and research from the presenters.

~ Director of Brand Management, University of Oregon

Timely and relevant information.

~ Director of Marketing, Traffix Devices

In two days you get a complete overview of what is new and working well in the world of brand management

~ Director - Brand Strategy, NRG

Great experience and it really does help to energize your thoughts in a new way!

~ Research Director, Morpace

Excellent speakers, the right content, fun location and great food for lunch and snacks.

~ Brand Manager, Freescale Semiconductor

Content was engaging and very relevant to my position. Speaker sessions were wonderful and I really enjoyed chatting with fellow attendees during breaks.

~ Brand Manager, EVCO Plastics

Was interesting and relevant for my company and what we are discussing today. It was energizing and helpful to know everyone is struggling with the same things as my company.

~ Marketing Manager, Grifols

Really great, relevant speakers and an overall inspiring and upbeat event.

~ Brand Manager, Cornell-Cookson

Food was fantastic. Loved the juice and all the fruit! The take home deck to share with my team was a big hit!

~ Senior Brand Manager, Wiley

Brand ManageCamp is a great place to generate new ideas, meet interesting people and hear speakers discuss topics that are actionable and interesting.

~ Marketing Manager, National Checking Company

Speakers were overall very engaging. Great stories!

~ Senior Manager of Strategic Initiatives, Dickstein Shapiro LLP

Very inspiring.

~ Administrator/Customer Engagement, Southwest Gas

ALL GOOD! Number of speakers and pace of program was perfect. Food was terrific. A/V was great. Keep up the good work!

~ Brand Strategy & Advertising, Pacific Gas & Electric

I thought everything was great and very nicely put together. We stayed on time, which is extremely important to me and the hotel was great. Food was, by far, some of the best I’ve had at a conference. It was a great experience and provided me with an opportunity to gain more ideas on what else we can incorporate into our company to further push our overall brand.

~ Brand Manager, Polyconcept North America

Information is cutting edge and presented in a way that can be understood immediately and effectively. Also, topics are not repeated which makes each speaker relevant.

~ Recreation Services Manager, City of Manhattan Beach

Good and practical overview of key branding/marketing concepts and updates in the field. Speakers were (1) relevant and (2) interesting.

~ Sr. Product Manager, Olympus

Lots of good content from the speakers.

~ Marketing Manager, Clark County School District

High-quality event.

~ Communications, University of Oklahoma

Well-planned event.

~ Account Supervisor, Hanson Dodge Creative

This event was very well done, and I was very pleased as a first time attendee. A/V was nice, most of the speakers were interesting and it had good topics.

~ Brand Marketing Manager, Markavage

I enjoyed the speakers and the content – and I did walk away with some ideas for things to start doing in work this week already. I enjoyed it greatly – especially as it was the first conference like this I have ever attended. Would like to see it continue to grow!

~ Marketing Manager, A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co.

It is a great way to get fresh new ideas of what we can/should be doing with our brand and other materials. All of the topics that were presented were awesome.

~ Associate Mgr Marketing Communications, TDS

I got a lot out of it. Great job!

~ Marketing Development Manager, MAPEI Corporation

Good conference specific for brand leaders.

~ Senior Manager - Global Brand & Communications, Edwards

It was highly relevant to my business and I took away a lot of great insights that I know will be useful in my business.

~ Client Communications & Touchpoint Manager, Hagerty

Great way to get inspired and think differently about your brand! It's too bad my entire company couldn't attend!

~ Brand & Advertising Specialist, LG&E and KU


~ Anonymous

It really is an awesome experience!

~ Anonymous

It recharges your energy around your own brand!

~ Anonymous

Interesting, fun, inspiring, and enjoyable. Some great takeaways and reminded me why I love marketing.

~ Anonymous

You do a wonderful job. I came last year and brought two colleagues with me this year. It's well done, professional, and inspiring. Thank you for a great experience.

~ Anonymous

Very good speakers and relevant topics to think differently about your business.

~ Anonymous

Great speakers. Good takeaways.

~ Anonymous

Great line-up of top notch speakers speaking on highly current, hot topics.

~ Anonymous

Inspirational and energizing, just the way a conference should be. Excellent variety in the lineup of speakers.

~ Anonymous

Topics were relevant and I took away learning points that I have already shared with my team.

~ Anonymous

A very valuable, well-integrated, high-level experience.

~ Anonymous

I was a first-time attendee this year and was very impressed with the content of the conference. Definitely the best marketing conference I've ever attended!

~ Anonymous

Solid content. Great networking. Innovative speakers. Inspiration and content. Good mix.

~ Anonymous

Great speakers and warm personal attention to detail.

~ Anonymous

I think you offered a little bit of something for everyone. And I like that you jammed it all in a day and a half. Felt like a good use of my time. I think anyone in a marketing department would find something of use here, something that could immediately be put into action. That's pretty cool.

~ Anonymous

Focused agenda. Good caliber of speakers.

~ Anonymous

The care put into thinking about the attendee. Good speakers, yes, but the little things - good food, plenty of breaks and time during them, taxis, resort discounts, great rooms/hotel. Attendee was well taken care of.

~ Anonymous

Great content, good speakers, great food, flowed well. I liked how condensed it was so you didn't have to miss too much time out of daily life.

~ Anonymous

If you can only pick one conference to attend, it should be Brand ManageCamp

~ CMO, LibertyTaxService

You do a fantastic job with every aspect and I look forward to coming back. Thank you!

~ VP Marketing and Communications, Moody

This was my first camp but not my last. You can tell how invested you are in this conference. It is your passion. I am now part of your 1%.

~ Director, Marketing and Business Development, Healthcare Business Solutions, LLC

I have left this conference two years in a row feeling invigorated, inspired and hopeful. This is one conference that I am not tempted to cut out of early. I want to hear every word. Looking forward to 2014!

~ Marketing Director, XL Construction


~ AVP-Marketing Director, HawaiiUSA FCU

Send colleagues as a reward!

~ VP, Siegel+Gale

High quality, engaging speakers. I took a ton of notes.

~ Marketing Director, Delta Dental of Colorado

A highly energetic, enriching experience.

~ President, Media-One Canada

Overall, it's really an excellent conference. After attending another conference later in the week that didn't manage the schedule effectively, I appreciated all the more the importance of punctuality and good breaks. Well done. Also, as a gluten-free eater, the allergen labeling was much appreciated...Thanks for that touch.

~ VP Sales and Marketing, Forte Research Systems

Your speakers make the conference! Always maintain that high standard.

~ Global Branding and Channels, Abbott Vascular

Our group was inspired after it was all over. We've already put ideas we got from the conference into the mix of preparing for the coming year.

~ Director of Communications, Liberty Tax

So many great insights, I had a hard time keeping up with them in my notes.

~ VP, Marketing and Communication, Northbridge Financial Corporation

Very motivating and inspirational. First time attending. My goal for attending was to have my creative batteries recharged. Accomplished. I'll be back.

~ Vice President, Marketing and Brand Strategy, Adventist Health System

Quick conference, very thorough, excellent food/topics/speakers/books/goodies. Loved it!

~ Marketing Manager, GuideStone

Well executed / Great topics

~ Digital & Segmentation Mrktg Comm Mngr, Bayer CropScience

It is a great conference to attend to learn more about trends and to renew your own passion for promoting your brand.

~ Worldwide Marketing Manager, Texas Instruments

Our team feels recharged.

~ Director of Marketing, Sienna Plantation

You get to see and learn first hand why and how some companies/businesses do better than others.

~ Managing Director, Sweet River Abattoir & Supplies Company Limited

It's worth it.

~ 2nd VP, Corporate Marketing, National Life Group

BMC is a fall tune-up for fresh thinking.

~ VP, Corporate Communications & Strategic Planning, The Davey Tree Expert Co.

This is my own money and I choose to spend it on this conference. Enough said!

~ Owner, PathWay Communications

I was dubious about coming but inspired upon leaving. While I enjoyed some of the speakers more than others, each left me with something to think about.

~ AVP, Brand Planning, Fahlgren Mortine

Top Notch!

~ VP, Sales and Marketing, Lawhead

Well rounded perspectives on brand.

~ Marketing Manager, MedSolutions

Great experience, motivational, well-organized.

~ Director, Division Marketing Services, University of Victoria, Division of Continuing Studies

Motivating, energizing, inspiring.

~ VP Marketing, Spectrum Retirement

It was a great overall experience!

~ VP Product Development/Branding, Jon Renau

My first Brand Camp - This particular program provided me an understanding of the challenges to creating brand identity and the many ways that can influence that identity.

~ Brand Manager, Bayer CropScience

Thank you! Fantastic job for both content and event logistics!

~ Global Branding and Channel Manager, Abbott Vascular

If you have not experienced it, you must give it a try.

~ Marketing Manager, Ally Financial

Go! You won't regret it.

~ Marketing Manager, Firmenich

Such an uplifting and motivating marketing conference! It really hit hard on the power of purpose for Brands.

~ Social Media Strategist, Capital One

Thank you!!

~ Director of Sales and Marketing, OrthoBanc

See you next year if I can make it on those dates!

~ Principal & Strategist, Zync

I now know what all the hype is about and I think it's totally worth it!

~ Brand MKTG Specialist, American Home Shield

Come with an open mind to all new ideas - even though some speakers didn't pertain to my area, I was able to get something from each presentation. thanks for the great experience, I hope my company will let me attend again next year!

~ Marketing Director, ASA Electronics


~ Marketing Strategist, GuideStone Financial Resources

While the theme is brands, the experience is pure customer service.

~ Web Content Developer/Designer, Northwestern Mutual

It was inspiring and got the creative juices flowing

~ Sr. Director, McKesson


~ Marketing Dir, J&B Group

Great learning experience.

~ Marketing Director, Imprint Plus

I was so impressed with everything. Having Len personally find me a seat on the first day really set a good tone for the entire camp.

~ Director of Retail Operations, Big Island Candies

When the going gets tough, Brand ManageCamp will remind you why you love being a marketer. It's good to be revived by people who 'get it.'

~ Product Manager, Golden 1 Credit Union

You'll walk out of there energized to get back to the office and start working on all the ideas you'll think of as a result of listening to the speakers and talking with other attendees.

~ Marketing Manager, National Checking Company

I thought that Brand ManageCamp was a very valuable experience. It was a great opportunity to network and learn. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be inspired and have actionable take aways.

~ Senior Manager, Global ZMET Partner Liaison, Olson Zaltman Associates

Great information and very motivational.

~ Communications Leader, McKesson

Wonderful conference for all different types of businesses and levels of professionals!

~ Manager - Partner Marketing, EMC


~ Senior Director, McKesson

Great experience for rejuvenating your brand!

~ Brand and Advertising Specialist, LG&E and KU

Well worth the cost. I feel energized and excited to share notes with my colleagues.

~ Associate Director of Marketing, Alzheimer's association

So worth it!

~ Advisor, Public Affairs, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Definitely exceeded my expectations. I'm sharing some of the "lessons learned" with my fellow co-workers, and applying several new ideas in my daily work. It was a great way to recharge my own batteries!

~ Media Relations Manager, CNH

Very inspiring and a reminder that what we do as branding experts is so relevant.

~ Brand Manager, Michigan State University

Very insightful and high quality. Very useful and practical content with alot to take home. Thought provoking. It shifted some paradigms.

~ GM Sales and Marketing, National Flour Mills Limited

It was a really great event and I'm so glad I attended.

~ Brand Strategist, Phelps

It's a great experience to gather with others who are like minded and have the same experiences with regards to brand (ie frustrations, challenges, wins).

~ Communication Specialist, Agrium Inc.

It was a great experience, lots of information, good speakers, good location. Highly recommended.

~ Marketing Manager, Homes by Avi

Awesome, wide variety of speakers. I was very engaged and walked away with learnings to apply to my business, and my clients.

~ Sr. Brand Consultant, Bluedog Design

Loved it. We appreciate all you do to make BMC happen. Keep up the good work!

~ Audience Development Manager, Moody Publishers


~ Sales & Marketing Officer, Telem Group

Great overall experience. Informative and interesting speakers and topics inspired me to come back with a fresh view on marketing and a holistic approach to strategic thinking. Would definitely recommend attendance to all experience levels of an organization.

~ Marketing Project Manager, Dal-Tile

Energetic and refreshing.

~ ICR officer / special projects, telem group


~ Marketing Coordinator, Queen's University

I thought this was a very professionally run conference. I was impressed.

~ Creative Content Copywriter, Medical Solutions

I really enjoyed my time at Brand ManageCamp. The speakers were top-notch and the networking was great!

~ Brand Manager, Valley Irrigation

Overall, I was really impressed and thought things were well organized.

~ Marketing specialist, University of Saskatchewan

It was really inspiring and 'recharged' my Marketing batteries just when I was feeling a little burnt out.

~ Manager, Marketing & Communications, Island

It was a wonderful event that had my head spinning, but in a good way! Lots of great ideas and new perspectives on how to think about marketing strategy, as well as the day-to-day operations we face back in the office. Thank you for a wonderful couple of days!

~ Marketing Manager, Lil' Drug Store Products

A lot of information packed in to 1.5 days. You'll come back with a few good takeaways for sure.

~ Ass't Markeitng Manager, GNP Company

My final thoughts concerning the Brand ManageCamp experience is how rewarding it was for me as a first time participant. Most conferences fail to start and stop at suitable times and offer food and selection of speakers that are ideal for the subject matter. I truly valued listening to seasoned professionals in the field of my interest and I will highly recommend this amazing experience to other collegues. Thank you and your team for all the hardwork and great thought in delivering such an amazing event!

~ Chief Deputy Clerk of Public Relations, Fulton County Clerk of Superior Court

Great job. One of the best conferences I have been to.

~ Marketing Manager, University Federal Credit Union

As a first timer to Brand ManageCamp, I found it to be the best conference I've ever attended. It was so valuable and inspiring. Can't wait to see next years line-up.

~ Associate Brand Manager, Cambia Health Solutions

Finally, a conference for us!

~ Senior Marketing Writer, Ellie Mae, Inc.

If you only have two days to spend next year for professional growth - go to Brand ManageCamp.

~ Art Buyer, Esri

Quality speakers with inspiring, engaging presentations and real-world examples.

~ Marketing Communications Manager, Ceridian

I was truly inspired and motivated to take a hard look at our perceived brand vs our logo to our customers.

~ Brand & Creative Advisor, MacDonald Island Park

I'd like to thank you all for putting on the event. This was the first marketing conference I've ever attended - and I had a hard time finding anything else that looked even comparable. It's important for the industry to have quality events like this.

~ Corporate Marketing Manager, National Instruments

I'm going to tell everyone on my Brand Marketing team its a terrific, worthwhile conference that provides great information on today's marketplace.

~ Associate Brand Marketing Manager, Daltile

It's a creative, inspirational opportunity to see marketing in a different perspective. It calls out some of the realities we are facing today in this technology driven world and tells you what you should be doing, no sugar coating. I appreciated how direct and realistic the speakers were and it definitely put me in the right position to prepare for our oncoming 2014 campaign.

~ Graphic Designer, Apex Capital Corp

Very useful. You can also meet other people with different experiences.

~ Owner, Inning4 srl

I can't thank this conference enough for how much time and dedication they clearly put into this conference. It shows in the quality of speaker they attract. This was my first time, but I can tell, the best thing to do is to come in with an open mind and a clear understanding of the challenges your company faces so you're ready to find solutions.

~ Marketing Analyst, Apex Capital

Keep it up ... you do a great job.

~ President, Yastrow and Company

Great overall experience. Level of speakers was excellent. Food provided was excellent with healthy options.

~ VP Marketing and Communications, University of Hawaii Foundation

Standard-setting presentations, exposure to new/hot ideas/topics, large number and diversity of attendees.


Loved the speakers and the food. I have a food allergy and have never been properly accommodated at a conference (always left to fend for myself or relegated to endless fruit cups...). Thank you for your attention and consideration!

~ Marketing Coordinator, Queen's University

Single track meant I didn't have to choose between topics and speakers - compact and prompt schedule meant every moment spent away form the office was well used.

~ Senior Brand and Marcom Strategist, Thomson Reuters

I liked everything about the conference -- really.

~ Brand Manager, Red Hat

Enjoyed the speakers, topics, food. I went not for tactics and specific things that could be operationalized immediately, but rather to expand my brain as my organization is entering a period of expansion in some arenas and there is a resulting need to consider institutional identity/brand from fresh perspectives. I got that.

~ VP Public Relations, Mary Baldwin College

Really liked the diversity of speakers.

~ Marketing Director, American General AIG

Variety of speakers...all top notch.

~ Director Marketing, Landis+Gyr

I love the healthy, tasty food options and the selection and variety of speakers.

~ Manager of Sales, Marketing and Distribution, GuideStone

Great organization. Very personalized. Keep up the good work!

~ Lead CSR, Telem Group

Brand ManageCamp is an example of how to market to your customers - make sure you give them what more than what they expect!

~ SVP, Oregon Freeze Dry

Brand ManageCamp is the most productive conference you will ever attend!

~ VP Marketing, Delta Dental of Tennessee

I hope you know the hard work and great communication you put in to this are appreciated by all of us who attend.

~ VP of Marketing, United Capital Financial Advisers

It is a terrific way to be exposed to a variety of marketing industry leaders in a day and a half.

~ President, Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply

I learned so much -- I'm going to be digesting this information for weeks to come -- but I really felt like the material covered the whole of marketing and even the company that marketing serves.

~ VP of Marketing, Jacquette Consulting, Inc.

It is an invaluable experience that really opens both your eyes and your mind to a variety of new and innovative approaches to the entire marketing arena. If you not attending, you're missing a great experience!

~ VP Marketing, David Michael & Co

One of the best conferences I've ever attended. Looking forward to 2013!

~ President, Media One Consulting

Told my CEO this morning - it validates what we are thinking and accelerates the timeline for implementation.

~ VP, Worldwide Marketing and Communications, Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

It's like reading all of the latest best business books in a day and a half....and learning from them.

~ Vice President of Brand Marketing, Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc.

Nice balance of topics and presenters. I was able to take something away from each presenter.

~ VP Markeing & Biz, Dev EDI/ECI

I left energized and more excited than ever to drive our company and our brand forward and I was given a number of different actionable ideas with which I can get to work immediately. Keep up the great work. This is an exceptional and truly unique opportunity for marketers of all stages.

~ Vice President of Marketing, Kettle Cuisine

One of the most well-thought-out marketing/branding conferences out there. Never been disappointed.

~ AVP, Creative Bridgepoint Education

Out of all of the speakers, find one or two whose ideas you want to apply right away when you get back to the office. Be intentional about it.

~ President, Core Creative

You will learn something you can take back and apply on day one -- guaranteed.

~ Principal & Strategist, Zync

Great place to get relevant information from dynamic speakers in a compact time frame.

~ Vice President for Communications and Brand Strategy, Michigan State University

This conference has a corporate focus that is applicable to higher education (my area of brand/marketing).

~ Vice President, Baylor University

One of the best, if not the best, conferences on branding. Great content and speakers and an overall great experience.

~ Director of Research, Planning, and Analysis, Michigan State University

It's well worth your time and your investment! This was my first time, but I met tons of folks who have been attending for years. Now I know why!

~ Director of Marketing, Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply

This was an amazing conference! I enjoyed all of the speakers and walked away with several practices I hope to implement. If you have the opportunity, you need to go!

~ Senior Director of Marketing, Isle of Capri Casino Hotel Boonville

Overall, a very well organized conference with all ‘key note’ quality speakers. While I thought of many ideas I'd like to implement- I've already developed a plan to implement 3 action items.

~ Marketing Director, MetLife

The speakers were amazing. Intelligent, covered all facets of marketing, and there were a variety of experiences and personalities. It was great!

~ Marketing Manager, Apex Capital

A must attend!

~ Director, Market Research, Amerinet

I valued these last 2 days as a wonderful professional reboot and gained as much information about leadership as I did branding. Thank you!

~ Director of Communications and Brand Strategy, United Methodist Communications

Just ‘thank you.’ Great event.

~ Vice-President, Marketing Des-Case

I came back with several new ideas that I can put into practice immediately. Thank you!

~ Director of Marketing, HUSA Management, Inc.

Best conference I have attended. High level strategic is what I was seeking and that is what I got.

~ Director, Marketing and Communications, Westwood

I came, I saw, You conquered! The bar is set SO high for next year... :)

~ Director of Horizontal Marketing & Creative Services, One Call Now

One of the best conferences I've attended; great ideas; excellent energy If you get the chance to attend, don't pass it up.

~ Director of Portfolio Management Marketing, Amerinet

Best conference I have been to!

~ Executive Director, Marketing, Queen’s University

By far, this is the single best professional development experience for any marketing professional. You'll receive insightful, actionable ideas you can integrate into your strategy immediately.

~ Director, Marketing Communications, TeleVox

(Loved) the subject matter, speakers, and how it's presented (in one room, no breakout sessions, no deciding which path to take for certain speakers), only 1 1/2 days (so not out of the office for too long) but full of useable and relevant information.

~ Director Marketing and Creative Services, American General Life Companies

You WILL come out of this conference challenged, changed and frustrated at the same time. There is so much here to absorb, I try just to have one thing to concentrate on and put into practice. While I hate analogies, it is generally drinking from a firehose. Great conference.

~ Sr Director, Brand Marketing, PSS World Medical

The single best conference I have been to.

~ Director, University Communications, University of Saskatchewan

This is my second time attending and I thought it was a good use of my time. The topics were relevant and the speakers well spoken and interesting.

~ Account Director, Pro Motion, Inc.

High caliber speakers and accessibility to them throughout the event for offline conversations and questions; the knowledge and ready to implement tactics shared both in sessions and outside of the sessions; the quality of relationships that are created over the course of two days. Some of my closest professional and personal relationships were developed through my participation at Brand ManageCamp.

~ Director-Marketing & Client Relations, MRA Services

Really great ways to jump start your brand.

~ Director of Marketing, Vemma Nutrition Company

Really great speakers with a variety of topics relating to branding.

~ Director of Brand Strategy, Trimble Navigation

Loved the event overall.

~ Director, Brand Strategy, CSK Group

Dynamic speakers who are knowledgeable and well organized.

~ Executive Director of University Communications, Weber State University

Fabulous speakers and many tips you can take back home to implement.

~ Dir of Marketing, Geiger

It was a great thought provoking experience. Lots to learn and take back and apply.

~ Director of Marketing, Stubb's Legendary Bar-B-Q

It was a well organized event with terrific speakers and attendees! I would recommend BMC to colleagues and anyone who is interested in thinking outside the box.

~ Director of Brand Marketing & Community Relations, Visit Newport Beach Inc.

Thanks Len and family. Clearly a lot of work goes into this and a fine job is done trying to find something for everyone.

~ Director, Brand Management, University of Oregon

(Loved) that it was very ‘unlike’ my expectations of the typical marketing/sales experience and much more inspirational and smart.

~ Director Creative Communications, MD Anderson Cancer Center

I had an amazing experience. The takeaways are useful and can be immediately implemented. I'm excited to share my experience with my team.

~ Interactive Marketing Director, bluemedia

Great speakers, great content. There was enough to think about that I could probably spend all of this coming year implementing the ideas that came out of this.

~ Director of Allegro Product Management, Forte Research Systems

Brand ManageCamp is a provides a fabulous 360 degree view of branding. It's a great resource to someone new to brand management, but also a great refresher and energy boost to veterans. The speakers were engaging and the staff was awesome.

~ Art Director, Weber State University

Good topics and networking in a concentrated timeframe.

~ Director, US Brand, PwC

It was an inspiring and energizing event. I'm looking forward to sharing my experience with my team.

~ Associate Manager, Marketing Strategy, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

I already have been telling several people about this camp. Why...because it was so well done from top to bottom. Not once did I feel like it was a waste of time or money. Not once was I bored by the speakers. I was very impressed with the little things that make a big deal such as the food, location, times, after party, etc... Thank you very much and I plan on attending the next Brand ManageCamp for sure! Its a ‘must go’

~ Harley-Davidson Brand Manager, Benchmade Knife Company

A conference definitely worth visiting!

~ Marketing Team Lead, Telerik

A superb event to help raise awareness as to how important it is for your brand to be well rounded and well respected.

~ Brand Manager, Hearth and Home Technologies

A truly insightful experience, led by engaging speakers who brought to light the challenges we all face in branding and how to overcome those in an ever evolving consumer space.

~ Marketing Coordinator, NFIB


~ Brand Manager, Isle of Capri Casinos

Brand Manage Camp is an excellent opportunity for marketing professionals and upper management to experience what other companies and industries are doing to improve ROI and market share.

~ Brand Marketing Manager, LexisNexis

Brand ManageCamp is worth the time and money. It is definitely more content-rich than other marketing conferences I've attended.

~ Manager of Sales, Marketing and Distribution, GuideStone Financial Resources

Commend you all on how the speaker content really complemented and built throughout the conference. I know from experience how hard that can be... great job!

~ Marketing Communication Manager, Bayer CropScience

Brand ManageCamp was rich with experts from the industry sharing valuable knowledge and experiences along with tips and suggestions and forecasts regarding many aspects of marketing and branding. It was great to meet people that work in the environment that I am currently and to share best practices. I will be back next year and looking forward to it. I would absolutely recommend it to my colleges at the local AMA in Houston. Do not miss the next one; you won't be sorry!

~ Marketing Manager, LENSEC

Don't miss it!

~ Marcom Mgr, ESRI

Exceeded all my expectations. Great job!

~ Brand Designer, International Coach Federation

Excellent conference... it is obvious that there is a strategy set for the program and Brand ManageCamp delivers every year. I like that the speakers are engaged and involved in the full program, not just in and out. Overall, the best marketing conference spend - both time and funding.

~ Marketing Communications, Bayer CropScience

Excellent speakers. Easy to absorb. Source of inspiration.

~ Executive Manager, Marketing, Farm Credit Canada

You get your money's worth.

~ Product Communication Manager, BAYER SAS

Fabulous use of time!

~ Communications Manager, Standard Process


~ Marketing Manager, Tacoma Public Utilities

This was hands-down one of the best conferences I've ever attended. Every speaker was engaging, and the takeaways for me were too numerous to list. Attendees could definitely see the strategy you guys used in assembling the lineup. Terrific job. Go. Just go. The learning opportunities are well worth the investment you make.

~ Interactive Content Manager, AMA

Great conference for those involved with branding. Covered wide range of topics in 1.5 days. Great value.

~ Marketing Coordinator, Cheyenne International

Great Job - certainly the best run conference I've ever attended.

~ Senior Account Executive, BBDO

Great Job!

~ Brand Communications Leader, PSS World Medical

Great overall conference.

~ Sr. Brand Manager, Melaleuca

I could tell a lot of thought and love went into this! Everyone was very friendly and the operations were very well thought out. Great job!

~ Marketing Graphic Designer, MDwise

I have been to many conferences, including my own company's annual conference, and it is hard to match or compete with the Brand ManageCamp experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire event!

~ Marketing Specialist, Amerinet

I would recommend this conference to any Marketing professional. It was an excellent learning experience. I'm still going through my notes! I have suggested to others who work for me that they consider attending next year.

~ Marketing Manager, FedChoice Federal Credit Union

If I can only pick one conference to attend per year, this would be it for me.

~ Ass't Brand Marketing Manager, GNP Company

If you can only go to one conference, make it this one.

~ Marketing Manager, National Checking Company

If you want to get insights into branding, this is the place to go to learn.

~ Account Supervisor, Magnani

It exceeded my expectations!

~ Marketing Manager, Winegard Company

It is a very well-rounded conference covering lots of relevant topics.

~ Sr. Brand Manager, Tervis

It is inspiring, educating and energizing -- just like they promised!

~ Marketing Communications, 3M

This is the best conference I have ever attended. It is worth the time and money to go to this conference.

~ Brand Coordinator, MD Anderson

It was a great experience for me and I definitely walked away with a lot of great information.

~ Brand Manager, Duke Realty

It was great, nice to get away and share ideas and thoughts with other marketing people.

~ Marketing Manager, ASA Electronics

It was one of the best conferences I had been to in a long time - great venue, great food, great speakers...definitely a great experience.

~ Specialist, Agrium Inc.

It was well worth my time and investment. I will be back.

~ Brand Manager, Dave Ramsey Organization / The Lampo Group

The speakers were top notch and the subject matter was spot on. It's worth it.

~ Brand Manager, Benchmade Knife Company

Len, I'd like to congratulate you for the conference. Everything was perfect and you were an excellent chairman. We were very satisfied and we learned a lot with you and the speakers. Many thanks.

~ Marketing Analyst, Embraer S.A.

Other conferences have speakers that focus on selling you their service. This one has speakers that focus on teaching and inspiring you. That's the difference.

~ Sr Manager, GuideStone

Really nicely put together. Len does a nice job of keeping everyone in mind and where they need to be.

~ Sr. Marketing Associate - Communications & Brand Management, UDT

Relevant, interesting speakers. The whole conference has a very personal touch.

~ Marketing Manager, New Products, Hyland's

So much pertinent information. The question is where to begin to initiate change.

~ Sr. Brand Manager Benchmade, Knife Company

Speakers seemed all ‘keynote worthy’ vs other conferences I've been to when most sessions are hit or miss.

~ Account Executive, Go East

Thank you for an outstanding conference!

~ Senior Manager, Marketing Communications, Scotiabank

The best marketing conference I have attended to date.

~ Sr. Manager, Broker Marketing, Northbridge Insurance

The entire experience was very inspiring, educational and energizing. It held through to its promise of ‘fresh thinking’ and delivered a 360 view of marketing. Expectations Exceeded! Excellent job Len and team :-)

~ Team Lead - Client Services, Pepper Advertising

The overall experience was thorough, and smooth. The content was great and the speakers were dynamic and engaging.

~ Creative Consultant, Northwestern Mutual

Loved the quality of the speakers, the quality of the food and beverage offerings and the Fresh Thinking environment.

~ SeedGrowth Equipment Product Mgr, Bayer CropScience

This is a current & future, personal & professional experience and investment. You and your colleagues will leave with a fire they've possibly never had for marketing before.

~ Marketing Coordinator, Apex Capital

This Brand Camp is worth your time and money as the knowledge you gain is very relevant and useful in any application. It is a must attend conference.

~ Brand Manager, Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers

This conference will really get you thinking and give you the insights and tools to go back to your company and make positive changes happen.

~ Brand Marketing Specialist, Kettle Cuisine

This is one of the best conferences I've been to. A must attend for brand marketers!

~ Market Manager, Global Marketing, VSP

This is really a worthwhile conference and I would encourage you to attend!

~ Account Supervisor, Leo Burnett

This was one of the highest quality conferences I've been to.

~ Regional Sales Manager, PTI Marketing Technologies

Two days where you will gain lot of learning experience, fresh ideas and new ways of looking at your brand.

~ Marketing & Public Relations Manager, Aruba Bank

Very well rounded image of branding. Not just one topic.

~ Branding and Strategic Alliances Manager, CareerBuilder

Very worth your time and money--you'll walk away inspired, rejuvenated, and with strategic and practical ideas.

~ Senior manager/Department head, Vanguard

Well planned, well executed.

~ Manager, Marketing Communications, Sartomer USA, LLC

Well rounded and balanced.

~ Brand Manager, Decision Strategies

Well-worth the money! One of the best conferences I've attended in years.

~ Sr Manager, Brand, Blue Shield of CA

What a great overall experience it was from the educational and inspirational aspects to the social networking opportunities.

~ Mktg. Comm. Mgr, The Doctors Company

Worth every penny.

~ Marketing Coordinator, University of Wisconsin

Amazing speakers – amazing energy – actionable learnings.

~ Marketing Manager, CT1 Media

One of the best conferences I've attended with relevant and actionable information. Great speakers, excellent organization.

~ Marketing Manager, Arvig

It offers great content, networking, and food -- in a great location!

~ Brand Advocacy & Marketing Manager, GNP Company

Highly engaging and relevant speakers with insights that will apply to all industries and companies both big and small.

~ Associate Brand Manager, Disney

It is a great opportunity to get out of the day-to-day grind, open your mind to new ideas and start thinking about how to bring about change in your organization.

~ VP - Brand Strategy, The Weather Channel

Excellent program and one in which I hope my team and I can participate each year. One ex-employee of mine who attended last year is already bringing folks from his new workplace. Keep up the good work in bringing us quality, challenging speakers.

~ Head of Marketing Communications, Bayer CropScience

Love your conference!

~ Executive Consultant, Estee Lauder Companies

Real chance to listen and translate to my own needs, issues, and business situations. Helps you get up to 30,000 feet again.

~ President, Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy

Totally worth the time and financial commitment!

~ Senior Vice President Mission, Marketing Communication, and Education, Benedictine Health System

A great deal of knowledge gets shared in a really compressed time. It's a valuable experience.

~ Vice President of Brand Marketing, Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc.

Thank you very much for your hard work to create a unique, inspirational, memorable, and useful experience.

~ Chief Branding & Development Officer, AFS Intercultural Programs, Inc.

This is the most inspiring, professional, and relevant conference I've ever been to. Great value, inspiring experience.

~ Assistant Director, Marketing, Northern Arizona University

Inspirational, energizing, and plenty of take-aways for immediate use. Excellent investment in time and money

~ Director, Business Development, Baldgya Group

Loved it! Made you think - some new great ideas and some that were a refresher. Very needed in our hectic work/life worlds

~ Sr. Vice President, Mana

This is a conference that everyone in an organization should attend. Their understanding of topics and issues would make marketers’ lives easier.

~ Director, Division Marketing Services, University of Victoria, Continuing Studies

Outstanding content, impeccably organized, great attendee experience. Brand ManageCamp is the best event I've attended this year, with many tangible ideas I can take back to the office and use right away.

~ SVP, Consulting, GfK

I have attended this a few times over the years and have never been disappointed in the content. I learn more at Brand ManageCamp than at any of the conferences that I have attended over my 30 year career.

~ VP Marketing, D&K Engineering

Overall, the speakers are simply outstanding. It made the time and money well worth the return. I highly recommend the Brand ManageCamp experience for both those new to the profession and the more experienced as well. The content serves both interests very well.

~ Vice President for Enrollment, Rice University

I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to broaden their overall marketing focus.

~ Vice President Marketing, David Michael & Co.

Nice job! This was my first time at Brand ManageCamp and I hope to attend again.

~ Marketing Director, NC Biotech Center

Just go.

~ Vice President, Steelhead Productions

It is without a doubt fresh thinking for me. When I come to Brand ManageCamp, I step outside of my category of higher education. I rarely attend conferences in higher education anymore. I save the money for Brand ManageCamp. Looking forward to next year. I talk about the camp to my colleagues and will continue to recommend it. Inspiring - it reinforces some things you are doing right despite roadblocks of culture. It teaches you the things you might be doing wrong and gets you on a different track for success.

~ Executive Director, Indiana University

If you are a marketer who cares about keeping up with and anticipating the changes facing your customers and your business, this is a don't miss event. Your personal ROI is maxed by this event.

~ Sr Director, Brand Management, PSS World Medical

Well run, well organized, excellent communications. Wish I had remembered you offer an incentive for most Tweets. I'll remember next year!

~ Director of Marketing, Leviton

A fantastic, highly interesting, well organized event! Definitely great value for money. I left this event feeling refreshed, inspired, enchanted and motivated!

~ Anonymous

All topics were relevant to brand marketers!

~ Director of Marketing and Brand Management, AgStar Financial Services

I loved it! Thank you for ALL of your effort in making this available to us. Great job!!!

~ Marketing Manager, Freedom Innovations

You did a fabulous job and I couldn't be happier that I went! Thank you!

~ Vice President of Marketing, Westerly Community Credit Union

Fabulous and so educational. It will change your way of thinking about many different aspects of your work and life.

~ Marketing Director, Standard Process

Always come away excited and smarter than I was before the event. Thanks Len and team!!

~ Principal, Zync

You guys did a good job. One of the better events I've attended lately.

~ SVP of Marketing, MasterControl

Good balance of external branding and building an internal brand culture.

~ Sr. Director, Global Web Strategy & Marketing Communications, CooperVision

It's invigorating. I'd like to bring my team.

~ VP Marketing, American Public University System

Excellent Conference Overall - great breadth of speakers that were engaging covering a wealth of topics!

~ Director of Sales & Marketing, DIRECPATH

I attended in '08 then our training budget was cut. As soon as I had funds again, I chose Brand ManageCamp.

~ Manager of Sales, Marketing & Distribution, GuideStone Financial Resources

The connections I made this year, my first year at Brand ManageCamp, are friends I'll have for a lifetime.

~ Account Manager, MRA Services

’Fresh Thinking Starts Here’ is a perfect description of what I experienced in this jam packed conference. It was refreshing to ‘get out of the box’ and talk to like-minded marketing constituents from across the world.

~ Marketing & Communications, Danos & Curole

One of the better conferences I have attended with good topics and speakers.

~ Assistant Brand Marketing Manager, GNP Company

Great work by Len and team. World-class event experience, hospitality, and session agenda. Something for everyone on my team.

~ Associate Brand Strategist, The CSK Group

I came back very motivated with a ‘full’ energy tank! I think all new hires at CPG companies (or anyone touching the marketing field) should attend Brand ManageCamp- it was extremely informative.

~ Assistant Brand Manager, Perfetti Van Melle

If you want to hear from the leaders in the marketing and branding world, attend Brand ManageCamp.

~ Global Mktg Comm Mgr, Celanese

I got something out of every session, not something you can say about many conferences. The planning and execution was top notch. I came away inspired, rejuvenated, and ready to take my brand to the next level!

~ Senior Manager, Vanguard

It was a great experience and I look forward to seeing what is being planned for next year.

~ Creative Manager, Health Alliance Plan

Excellent, well-thought-out course content. A journey through today's brand challenges and opportunities.

~ Brand Manager, MWV

This conference was truly enlightening and very enjoyable. I came away with some great follow ups and am looking forward to implementing them at OU.

~ Marketing PR Specialist, University of Oklahoma

It is a true break from work where you get recharged with new ideas, learn from other colleagues that speak your same language and come back with tons of ideas to use in your day to day work

~ Manager, Brand, Fedex Express

The variety of speakers and the content that was shared was unmatched in previous conferences I've attended. The speakers were knowledgeable and kept the audience engaged during each session. Overall was a great experience! I left the conference feeling good about some of the things my company already does, and looking forward to implement a few things that were suggested at the conference as well. The conference isn't about telling you what you're doing wrong, it's about showing you how you can make your company better. I loved it!

~ Brand Craftsman, Medical Solutions

It was fantastic! The quality of the speakers coupled with the format was a win-win!

~ Sr Graphic Design Specialist, Great American Insurance Group

My coworker raved about it and she was right! I'm glad I went. It was the shot of inspiration in the arm I needed.

~ Marketing Online Services Manager, Amerinet

Great event! This was my first time and I based my decision to come on the mailer I rec'd. I liked the content. The location and dates sealed it for me.

~ Strategic Marketing Manager, Esri

Great speakers, great experience. I have already recommended that at least 2 members of our marketing team attend every year. Brand ManageCamp was a fantastic, engaging, and educational experience that is not only beneficial for marketers, but their cross functional partners in finance, HR, and operations.

~ Marketing Manager, Luxottica

If you need a fresh look at current brand marketing topics, Brand Manage Camp is a must attend event.

~ Marketing Manager, Halliburton

Brand ManageCamp reminds me why I got into brand management. Very inspiring and though provoking.

~ Senior Brand Manager, Newell-Rubbermaid

Brand ManageCamp is the most relevant conference I've ever attended, and I don't work in an agency or a corporate marketing position. I work in Information Technology at the University of Oklahoma, and what I learned is going to be pivotal in helping shape the future of technology services and products at the University of Oklahoma.

~ Administrator, The University of Oklahoma

Brand ManageCamp is a great way to give you the strategic insights you need to stretch and grow. Most of the speakers have great information AND presentation skills.

~ Communications Manager, Standard Process Inc.

It was a great learning experience and I'll attend as many times as my schedule allows.

~ Marketing Manager, National Checking Company

I came away with a ton of new insights. It really helped me to revive my creativity that sometimes gets away from me when I get down in the weeds with daily tasks. It's a great place to get away to and revive your ‘Fresh Thinking’!

~ Senior Marketing Manager, Drillinginfo

This event drives you to think about brand management in new, actionable ways that will challenge the established practices of almost any business.

~ Executive Director, Foremost Insurance Company

Brand ManageCamp helped reinvigorate my thinking and gave me the intellectual and energy boost to help make a difference for my company.

~ Manager, Sabre Holdings

It's a way to gain exposure to amazing speakers with relevant topics in just a few short days. Doesn't take a lot of time / commitment to attend and you get a lot of information in a very short time.

~ Marketing Manager, P.F. Chang's

Great speakers!

~ Research Manager, Principal Financial Group


~ Global Marketing Manager, IDEX Health & Science

Profitable, Powerful, Provocative, Personable, Friendly, Professional, Family and Fun.

~ Anonymous

Attend it - you won't be disappointed!

~ Anonymous

A complete marketing experience.

~ Anonymous

Fresh thinking DOES start at Brand ManageCamp!

~ Director, Marketing Amerinet

It was great - I wish my whole team could come!

~ Vice President, Sr. Brand Specialist Bank of America

It is an information-packed conference with tangible take-aways. Each speaker was current, relevant, and very approachable after each of their sessions.

~ Vice President, Global Marketing Christie Digital Systems

I've attended a lot of seminars...this breaks the mold in terms of the quality of the presentations and the people. If you came away from this conference without being challenged, stimulated, educated and changed, then you may want to consider trying to pass a mirror test. Great combination of information you can use right away and tuck away for your future.

~ Sr Director, Brand Marketing, PSS World Medical

Brand ManageCamp is...an experience, and one you should not miss. If you don't come away with a notebook full of ideas, then you weren't paying attention!

~ Vice President, Marketing, David Michael & Co

You will leave wondering and questioning, but you won't leave disappointed; you'll leave ideating. Great source of inspiration for the imagination.

~ Project Manager, Franke+Fiorella

The content was so relevant to my job that I've already been able to apply some of what I've learned (and I've only been back a couple of days).

~ Employee Services Manager, General Mills

Organized, thought-provoking, brand relevant -- multiple take-aways from each presenter.

~ VP Marketing, Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union

Outstanding experience. My first year and I want to go again next year. Learned a lot, got to meet great people in the industry and I feel energized and motivated to do more great things!

~ Managing Director, Product Marketing, IHS

It was fantastic and a must-attend for anyone in marketing!

~ Brand Manager, Isle of Capri Casinos Inc.

Be there next time!

~ Vice President of Brand Marketing, Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc.

It's an inspiring two days that gives you exposure to some wonderful names in marketing.

~ Director of Marketing, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Come prepared to leave with 25 new ideas to explore.

~ VP, Corporate Marketing and Communications, Kleinfelder

High quality conference with excellent speakers.

~ VP of Mktg & Comm, Loyola University Chicago

I learned the highlights from many exciting marketing experts in a short 2 days that would have taken me months to learn by reading all of their books. Great speakers, great networking, great opportunity to get away from the "daily grind" and think about what I can do differently to impact my organization and our brand!

~ Brand Marketing Manager, netTrekker

The experience was amazing - I learned so much and walked away with my "fresh thinking cap on." The experience motivated me to work with my team to freshen up and excel our organization! Thank you to Brand ManageCamp!

~ Marketing Communications Manager, Make-A-Wish Foundation International

Brand ManageCamp is an awesome opportunity to break out of the daily routine and get a dose of ‘fresh thinking’ that will re-energize your marketing career.

~ Senior Brand Manager, Newell-Rubbermaid

You did a great job of fulfilling the promise of the conference and your organization - I left the Brand ManageCamp conference inspired, educated, and energized!

~ Director, Customer Mktg Group, Pfizer

GREAT JOB!! Really glad I came to the conference.

~ Director, US Marketing Council, Prudential

Don't miss it!

~ ATL & Online Communications Manager, QTEL (Qatar Telecom)


~ Brand Strategy Manger, The Standard

Rely on Brand ManageCamp to give you a fresh perspective, then send you home ready to apply your new knowledge.

~ Principal & Strategist, Zync

Great Learning

~ Sr. Researcher, American Honda Motor

It really is ‘fresh thinking.’ Got to get inspired and meet your fellow marketers.

~ Marketing Communications Manager, Avery Dennison

Excellent place to network.

~ Global Mktg Comm Mgr, Celanese Emulsions

Check it out - you won't be disappointed.

~ Manager, Corporate Marketing, Christie

You will walk away with many new ideas and concepts.

~ Marketing Communications Director, DKI

Brand ManageCamp is relevant and engaging.

~ Senior Manager Brand Strategy, Dolby

Very professional and great speakers.

~ Director, Marketing Excellence, General Mills

Good networking opportunity; great mix of topics and presenters.

~ Marketing Manager, GraceKennedy Ltd

Two days well spent.

~ CEO, GutCheck

If you want to hear from a slate of speakers who are absolutely passionate about branding and generously sharing what they know with you, this is the event to attend.

~ Advertising Creative Director, Halliburton

If you're a person who has a vision of bringing a brand to life (new or existing), this event will get your excitement levels up.

~ Marketing Coordinator, IEWC

Well-managed, quality content - a focused event and good resource for brand marketers.

~ Brand Manager, Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

The time goes by very quickly because the speakers are so dynamic.

~ Manager, MSA Creativity Center, MSA - The Safety Company

I wish everyone in our marketing department could go at the same time so we could all be on the same page with the newest thinking.

~ Associate Brand Manager, Perfetti Van Melle

Make time to attend!

~ Manager, Sabre Holdings

It really was one of the best marketing conferences!

~ Advertising/CRM Senior Specialist, Sharp HealthCare

Loved your event and hope to return again.

~ Senior Marketing Specialist, SHAZAM

Loved it - many idea's are crystalizing.

~ Corporate Director of Marketing, Sonesta

Very thought provoking. Stimulated many new ideas and possible approaches.

~ Senior Manager of Marketing, The Jackson Laboratory

It was very intriguing and intellectually satisfying.

~ Marketing Associate, UDT

As a first time attendee, I thought the event was valuable and very well organized. Great job!

~ Marketing Manager, Vancouver Convention Centre


~ Director of Marketing, Vaska LLC

I think this conference is great for a seasoned marketer looking for something fresh and thought provoking. Great care was taken to bring in the top speakers. Plus, the speakers were very accessible.

~ Pier Alsup, SVP Marketing, Anheuser-Busch Credit Union

It's an experience that will definitely open your eyes to many new possibilies in how to creatively and effectively market/brand/promote your products.

~ Steve Wilbur, Vice President Marketing, David Michael & Co.

Great conference for marketing, inncvation, and personal growth.

~ Tracy McClimans, Executive Consultant, Estee Lauder Companies

The place to go to challenge your pre-existing concepts of the road ahead

~ Jim Reynolds, VP Marketing & Merchandising, Food Services of America

Brand ManageCamp is a great place to meet other marketing professionals and learn how to improve your brands

~ Jennifer Bellomo, Associate Product Director, McNeil Nutritionals

Good dose of annual inspiration to affirm what you're doing well, help you course correct what you're not and inspire you to dream bigger.

~ Nancy Walker, President, Walker Brands

It's an excellent opportunity to network with fellow brand managers and strategists, listen and learn from industry experts, and bring home "fresh ideas" for your own marketing program.

~ Brooke Henninger, Event Coordinator, American Student Assistance

Every year, I leave the conference feeling better informed, energized and confident in the direction our business is going.

~ David Ratfelders, Co-Creative Director, Culver Brand Design

If you want to learn what is going on in the market today and take home actual ideas that you can implement immediately, attend Brand ManageCamp.

~ Diane Law, CMO, CUSTOMatrix. Inc.

The ultimate conference for all things Brand! A must-attend!

~ Emily Detwiler, Marketing Manager, Daymon Worldwide

Great exposure to latest thinking on range of important brand topics

~ Denise Lee Yohn, Denise Lee Yohn, Inc.

It was a great refresher that allowed me to step out of the office and gain a greater focus on what I am trying to accomplish. I came back ready to work.

~ John Cockrell, President, enovation group

Awesome experience.  Great opportunity to hear new ideas and/or validate what you are currently doing.

~ Thomas R. Nemcek, Brand Manager, Fulton Innovation LLC

Keep your view of brand development fresh by attending Brand ManageCamp.

~ Lawrence McGlown, Vice President, Grapevine

Big brains. Good focus. A lot of meat on the bone.

~ Sean Dunn, Partner, Groove 11

Fantastic experience.  Really worthwhile and inspiring.

~ Maggie Schmittling, Marketing Accounts Manager, Hagerty

Thanks for hosting the conference. It was well run and a learning experience.

~ Jenelle Kelsch, Market Development Lead, Herman Miller

Well-rounded overall experience for marketing professionals at any level of an organization.

~ Brenda Valenz, Sr. Marketing Specialist, Hess Corporation

A great way to stimulate thought, action, and progress on brands and branding!

~ Edward Zuber, Founder, Human Brandsources LLC

If you decide to attend one conference next year, make it Brand ManageCamp. Not only will you participate in poignant discussions about our industry, you'll be surrounded by truly experienced marketing professionals. After you leave BMC, work will never be the same.

~ Lane Andrews, Global Creative Director, Immucor, Inc.

I liked that these speakers were thought leaders and not your usual CMOs.

~ Trish Sarno, Director Brand Standards, ING

Every year I leave with insights I can apply to our business.

~ Josh Henderson, Marketing Director, J&B Group

I walked away feeling energized, educated and provoked.

~ Elizabeth Fryman, Branding Professional, KEMA Inc.

It is one of the few conferences where senior-level marketing execs can go and not only learn something but apply it to their business when they return home. I do not attend other marketing conferences primarily due to their outdated topics. BrandManageCamp has proven itself to me once again.

~ Kathi Jones, Director of Marketing, Koch Equipment LLC

Refreshes, reinspires and remotivates one to go back to the office with new ideas and higher energy.

~ Heather Martinez, Associate, Northwater Capital Management Inc

Refreshing and invigorating.

~ Ben Moore, Marketing Coordinator, Norton Healthcare

It was inspirational hand helped me remember why I like working in Marketing.

~ Nadine Clark, Product Manager, Olympus

IF you attend just one conference - this is the one to put on your calendar!

~ Rebecca Lazor, MarCom Specialist, Point Eight Power

I would recommend everyone in marketing to go at least once or maybe every few years as a nice refresher.

~ Winnie Bekmanis, Sr. Marketing Manager, Qualcomm

Well worth the cost of admission!

~ Doug Moxon, Director, Marketing & Production, Ryerson University

A great conference to go to if you'd like to meet talent professionals across a number of industries and be inspired by fantastic speakers.

~ Melissa McGhie, Brand Manager, Turner Broadcasting

Well-organised and highly relevant interms of content with plenty of take home information to be used in branding activities

~ Colin Diggines, Senior Lecturer, University of South Africa

I encourage both experts and novices alike to attend Brand ManageCamp because their are golden nuggets of information for all experience levels.

~ Zack Scafuri, Senior Graphic Designer, V&V Supremo Foods

It was a packed day of good speakers that was worth the investment of time and money.  Can't wait to try some of the ideas in the office!

~ Martha L. Solorio, Global Brand Manager, VeriSign

The only conference chock full of take-aways.  Unlike (and better) than anything else.  Each year I don’t know how you will top it next year!!

~ Thyra Moore, President, White Tiger

It’s not the standard powerpoint & parade...Brand ManageCamp was a well planned series of engaging speakers targeting the big ticket issues for today’s marketers.

~ Alana Wright, Global Manager Marketing & Sales Training, SC Johnson

Outstanding experience.  I did not come here thinking that I would leave feeling like everything I’ve learned about branding in the last 15 years has been turned upside down.  I am going home to revise & retool...and will literally throw some things out, and start looking at things differently - all due to Brand ManageCamp!

~ Wendy Hiatt, Vice President, The Meyocks Group

It is better than you imagine.  My brain is full!

~ Jim Reynolds, Director of Marketing, Food Services of America

Most thought provoking and energizing way to restart, revamp, or beef up your brand.

~ Martha O’Gorman, Chief Marketing Officer, Liberty Tax Service

Brand ManageCamp is the only conference I attend as it encapsulates the best minds in our field in a 2 day investment

~ Sam Hoffman, Corporate Director of Marketing, Outrigger Enterprises Group

This is a no-brainer conference.  Just come - it’s well worth the time & money!

~ Tamara Dull, Vice President of Marketing, Baseline Consulting

Brilliant job!  Perfect organization.  WOW experience.

~ Cathy Ann Molnar, Director of Brand Management, Farm Credit Canada

Loved it!  My brain and heart is on fire with hope.  Loved the courteousness of the staff beginning to end.  Kudos!

~ Saschane Stephenson, Director of Marketing & Communications, Columbia Union College

Thanks for the high caliber speakers.  I learned a lot.  I am refreshed and energized.  Looking forward to next year.  Outstanding conference in every way.

~ Lisa Koenig, Director of Product Mktg and Client Relations, Amerinet

You’ll get a huge return on the investment and it will grow you professionally.  It is a ‘must’ for any branding professional.

~ Tracy Cook, Director Brand Strategy, The Mohawk Group

Best conference I have ever attended!

~ Thomas Boyt, Dean VU CBA, Valparaiso University

Excellent experience for any marketer!

~ Steve Wilbur, Vice President Marketing, David Michael & Co.

Good variety of topics and a well organized conference.  Loved that speakers challenged each other.

~ Robyn Gamboa, Vice President of Marketing, Tucson Old Pueblo Credit Union

Truly inspiring and re-energizing.  I can’t wait to apply some of the branding nuggets I’ve gleaned at this conference.

~ Vanessa Valdez, Marketing Director, Astro Pak

First time attendee; lots of value and takeaways; enjoyed the scope of the topics

~ Steve Randazzo, President, Pro Motion Inc.

This is my second year attending.  Best brand management education event that I have seen/participated.  Thanks!

~ Sandra Reid, Director Corp Comm & Mktg, Davey Tree Expert Co.

Top notch speakers and content!

~ Darcy Neighbors, Founder & CEO, Consultants in Marketing, Inc.

Great experience.  My congratulations in organizing an awesome conference!

~ Nicole Popovich, Vice President Shared Services, AGF Funds

Provided inspiration that allowed me to translate their topics and presentations into ideas I can implement at work.

~ Denise Scarpelli, Marketing Manager, Cables To Go

I am excited to go back and share this information with my team.

~ Brandi Jo Huyser, Senior Brand Manager Skin Care & Cosmetics, Amway Corporation

It was great - very well done!

~ Nikola Cline, Director of Marketing, Paul Mitchell

You will come away energized, with NEW concepts and ideas to take home and apply to YOUR organization.

~ Chris Moquist, Director of Marketing & Communications, CaringBridge

Delivers on promise of best conference for marketers.  NO chance of changing flight and leaving early.  The best part of the conference was the fact that these great speakers know how to make powerpoint/keynote presentations...not one single bulleted, hard to read slide.  Good stuff!!!!

~ Rick Heron, Director Community Relations, Western Health Advantage

Very well done.  One of the best I’ve attended (or produced myself!).  Sends me back energized in my marketing role.

~ Connie Walters, Senior Director Corporate Marketing, Arris

Our team has been re-booted! Can’t wait to implement some new approaches with our clients.

~ Don Pursell, Principal, Consultants In Marketing

I am leaving with a letter sized sheet of ‘new ideas’ and what to do tomorrow when I return to the office.  Also, as an international participant I really appreciate the effort made to make this as global as possible with the inclusion of presenters that have international (truly) experiences and draw on/use international examples

~ Dawn Marie DeFour-Gill, University & Campus Director, The University of the West Indies

Great experience and overall content.  I would recommend this to everyone in marketing!

~ Scott Hamerink, Marketing & Product Manager, Blue Cross Blue Shield

The caliber of presenters was amazing.  Where else can you meet with so many branding experts in one location?

~ Emily Detwiler, Marketing Manager, Daymon Worldwide

A much higher ‘applicable learning’ rate than other conferences.

~ Josh Henderson, Brand Manager, J&B Group/No Name Brand

Leading thinkers about branding/marketing in a setting that’s aligned with the content.

~ Janis Gleason, Executive Director, Emory University

This event is so jam packed with great content!  Thank you so much for collaborating and gathering great speakers to help educate and stimulate the marketing branding industry.

~ Angela Lee, Manager of Marketing & Sales, Smart City

I went away inspired & with tools to help me do my job better.  Thank you.

~ Jennifer Craig, Manager, Marketing, CFA Institute

You are guaranteed to leave with a number of fresh lenses through which to view your brand.  The information is top notch and the takeaways abundant.

~ Kathryn Hilker, Asst. Brand Manager, Melaleuca Inc.

Amazing speakers, well worth the time and money.

~ Carrie Roseman, Account Executive, Malenke|Barnhart

An eye-opening experience!

~ Jessica Tomlinson, Marketing Manager, Greenspun Media

Will change your views, strategies and ideas.

~ Lewis Perkins, Director of Sustainabe Strategies, The Mohawk Group

It’s a great, inspirational experience!

~ Paola Carranza, Corporate Director, Yanbal International

Informative, relaxing, friendly people, environment.

~ Alan Sporn, President, Spornett International

It gives you a lot to think about and provides both the 30,000 ft view and key points to use immediately.

~ Theresa Moretti, Director Marketing & PR, Ontario Convention Center

Seems somewhat of a ‘best kept secret’ of conferences.

~ Cheryl Forschler, Director of Marketing Promotions & Partnerships, Audobon Nature Institute


~ Andreas Koch, Marketing Director, Barleans Foundation

Best conference of the year.  I’m completely rethinking our go to market strategies.  Awesome!  Four of us came and it was well spent.

~ Sonia Williams, Marketing Director, Cables To Go

Leave feeling re-energized and inspired.

~ Heather Martinez, Associate, Northwater Capital Management

Really provided tools to manage your brand.

~ Leilani Kohlruss, Associate Marketing Manager, Alacer Corporation

Innovative engaging experience.

~ Maggie Kalahar, Brand Manager, Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage

“Excellent!  Enjoyed it very much.  Gave me lots of information and ideas in margins that I can take back and use.

~ Lorelie Brown, Communications Officer, The NECPA Commission

I value the experience both for the opportunity to meet marketers of a variety of services and products, as well as because the presenters don’t just speak to us, they speak with us during the breaks and social events.

~ Sari Signorelli, Associate Director, Syracuse University Project Advance

Great way to ensure your organization is staying on top of the ever-changing landscape of marketing.

~ Susan Matthews, Senior Brand Manager, McCain Foods USA

A great place to learn how to launch your creativity.  New ideas abound.

~ Anna Morshedi, Brand Communications Specialist, SelectHealth

I’m walking away with many ideas to implement.

~ Autumn Quayle, Communications Manager, Vision Service Plan

I look forward to implementing at least 3 new ideas.

~ Neena Rahemtulla, Field Marketing Manager, ACL Services

Thought provoking.

~ Glenn Cotton, President, Bath Fitter

You will learn something.  You won’t be disappointed.

~ Michele Pringle, Graphic Designer, Cables To Go

The format of the conference was top notch.  Just the right amount of time for each speaker!

~ Chad Senecal, Designer, CVS/pharmacy

Best conference I've ever attended - ManageCamp gets it! Will recommend to all who desire a rich and "Fresh Thinking" experience!

~ Lisa Koenig, Director of Communications and Policy, World Vision

I felt reinvigorated!

~ Claudia Peters, VP Comm & Marketing, Food Marketing Institute

The topics and speakers were so relevant that I have a list of concrete actions to take back to the office.

~ Randy Krum, VP Marketing & New Product Development, Retail Products Group

Brand ManageCamp is a 'Must Attend' conference that delivers on it's brand promise - "Fresh Thinking Starts Here

~ Andrew Gordon, President, Direct Impact Group

High quality speakers, relevant content, well run!

~ Nicole Lipson, Senior Marketing Manager, Georgia Pacific

Incredible line-up of expert speakers and interesting attendees.

~ Sam Hoffman, Corporate Director of Marketing, Outrigger Enterprises Group

Great conference - time well spent!

~ Rebecca Gonzalez, Brand Marketing, H-E-B

Riveting! Held my attention 100%!

~ Patricia Hoopes, VP Marketing, Wisconsin Heart & Vascular Institute

Professionals running a "professional camp" with top notch talent offering real-world perspective.

~ Mario V. Angelone, Director of Sales, Westinghouse Lighting Latin America

Once again, this was great! Brand ManageCamp is refreshing. It fills the idea well!

~ David Greely, Director of Marketing, Halliburton : Landmark

Tremendously usable takeaways! Unmatched! Extremely useful information and immediate ROI!

~ Thyra Moore, President, White Tiger Inc.

I've been to many conferences over the years but never one as great as Brand ManageCamp. The quality of the speakers, practicality of topics and the meals were outstanding! I'll be back!

~ Christine Gorz, Department Manager - Marketing & Communications, Moody

Good use of time, relevant information and useful - actionable.

~ Melanie Tauring, Director of Marketing, Michael Foods

Caliber of speakers exceeded my expectations and the topics were relevant.

~ Tarran Turvey, Assistant Brand Manager, Phillip Morris USA

Fresh thinking! Lots of great ideas, really sparked my imagination

~ Catherine Smith, Director of Marketing, Linden Lab

Great diverse range of topics with meaningful insights/ideas that I can apply to my job.

~ Kim Schubeck, Assistant Marketing Manager, Quaker Oats

An excellent conference for a well-rounded review of topics relative to brand management.

~ Marisa Schaeffer, Brand Marketing Manager, Boost Mobile

Excellent mix of brand, advertising and media trends. Great networking, nice environment and great choice of locations and speakers.

~ Patricia Sylvia, Director of Marketing Communications, Cox Communications

The attendees at this conference are really here to learn. Everyone engages the speakers in discussion which really stimulates the learning process.

~ Melissa Chapman, Brand Manager, Esurance

Best marketing conference I have attended!

~ Barbara McCloskey, Marketing Manager, ProPath

Anyone who attends is bound to leave with a wealth of ideas and information that they didn't have before.

~ Steve Wilbur, VP Marketing, David Michael & Co.

Could not have been more relevant to what is going on with my business today!

~ Nancy Walker, President, Walker Brand Communications

Fresh thinking! Worthy of my time!

~ Cathy Tan, Regional Brand Manager for Asia, Tahitian Noni Intl

High quality of speakers, well run conference!

~ Alan Hoffman, President, Hoffman Communications

Nicely done - incredibly enjoyable!

~ Nikola Cline, Director of Marketing, Paul Mitchell

Very seamless, interesting, well run event.

~ Mark Rodgers, President, Blue Marlin

If you only get to pick one conference annually, this is a good one!

~ Brad Esser, Marketing Director, Spahn & Rose Lumber Co.

Great content, well run, well presented, great group of attendees.

~ Catherine Read, CEO, Creative Read Inc.

Lots of knowledge and ideas - more companies should bring their marketing departments to this event!

~ Jeca Salas, Advertising & PR Manager, Staubach Retail

I loved how the speakers listened to each other's presentations and reflected on comments and ideas presented by each other. It made the whole conference seem more unified and added relevance.

~ Beth Brodovsky, President, Iris Creative

Great content…good inspiration. Better than like conferences.

~ Tammie Lynn, Secondary Segment Manager, Lifetouch

Great! Strong content and practical ideas.

~ Dawn-Marie DeFour Gill, University and Campus Director, The University of the West Indies

One of the most useful conferences you can attend if you are in marketing

~ Sari Signorelli, Associate Director, Syracuse University Project Advance

Outstanding topics, top notch speakers, relevant topics. Very well organized event.

~ Colleen Thompson, Marketing Communications Manager, PacificSource Health Plans

Brand ManageCamp is a highly efficient yet inspirational two days away!

~ Britton Upham, Director of Account Service, McGarrah/Jessee

I enjoyed the experience and took at least one action item home from each speaker

~ Sandra Reid, Mgr., Corporate Communications and Marketing, The Davey Tree Expert Co.

It was a great experience! This is my 1st time coming to a Brand ManageCamp and I look forward to many more! Even though I come from a small institution, all the information is relevant.

~ Paula Siebeneck, Coordinator of PR, Rhodes State College

Great way to clear your mind, forget about the tactical and study strategy

~ Tom Bingham, Brand Manager, Gold Eagle Co.

Excellent speakers and a quality conference. Focus on brand management is key. It's difficult to find a quality brand conference.

~ Stacey Conway, Brand Marketing Manager, The New England Journal of Medicine

This was a great use of my day and a half out of the office - great use of time to fit in so many great speakers and topics.

~ Danielle Clymer, Brand Manager, DMB Associates

Relevant topics and very engaging speakers.

~ Lyssa Surface, Senior Manager, Market Directions

Very helpful. All the speakers were great.

~ Tony Bamber, Art Director, TCU

Great experience - very refreshing!

~ Candace McKay, Marketing Manager, Applied Geo Technologies

Great mix of ideas - anyone could find multiple springboards for new ideas.

~ Sarah Bassett, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Halliburton-Landmark

Transformed my thinking about branding in a brave new world.

~ Jennifer MacMillan, Manager Customer & Market Strategy, Deloitte Consulting

Very insightful, great speakers with great track records.

~ Christian Gibbs, Assistant Brand Manager, Cable + Wireless (Barbados) LTD

Great ideas to take back to the workplace.

~ Lori Becker, Marketing Coordinator, Precor

Excellent experience - worth the time to "miss" work!

~ Amy Valek, Marketing Assistant, No Name Brand / J&B Group

Come prepared to learn, be challenged, and get actionable insights you must apply to your business.

~ Josh Henderson, Brand Manager, No Name Brand / J&B Group

Very thought-provoking content.

~ Rick Wells, Sr. Manager Marketing Development, GuideStone

Quality conference, great location, money well spent, numerous takeaways.

~ Doug Miller, Marketing Development Supervisor, GuideStone

Sparks ideas for change.

~ Amber DeBlieck, Marketing Manager, Valpak

Extremely informative. Mind-opening!

~ Jonnvee Caragan, Marketing Communications Product Specialist, Varian Medical Systems

Last year was my first Brand ManageCamp and I thoroughly enjoyed the insights I garnered from the speakers as well as the other attendees. It was two days of sharing practical brand knowledge and experience that reinvigorated the way I look at my own brand. I can't wait for the 2007 Brand ManageCamp!

~ Todd Coerver, Vice President, Brand Development, Whataburger

Brand ManageCamp is a roll-up-your-sleeves, fill-up-your-mind, network-til-you-drop opportunity that is not to be missed!

~ Scott Williams, Chief Creative Officer, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

I participate in a LOT of conferences and rarely do I find one that delivers on all fronts like Brand ManageCamp. From the compelling content and engaged participants, to the cutting-edge speakers and the fun and inviting atmosphere, Brand ManageCamp is one of, if not THE, premier conferences available on branding today!

~ Tom Asacker, Best-selling author of A Clear Eye For Branding and Sandbox Wisdom

The agenda at Brand ManageCamp was great, very stimulating presentations around a range of marketing approaches. Marketing and customer engagement is changing rapidly and meetings like this provide stimulating examples and new approaches to solving compelling marketing questions.

~ Donna Sturgess, VP Marketing, GlaxoSmithKline

In my opinion, Brand ManageCamp is a must for anyone who's involved in the world of branding. Len and Katie do a superb job of bringing in just the right speakers who deliver on their promise to inspire, educate and energize. The sessions, which are always interesting, relevant and often entertaining, never fail to provide me with pages and pages of notes and ideas. This will be my fifth year attending Brand ManageCamp...I wouldn't miss it for anything!

~ Steve Wilbur, Vice President of Marketing, David Michael & Co

Brand ManageCamp 2006 was possibly the best conference I have ever attended. Speakers were stimulating, the audience sizes were just right and the air was electric with new ideas! I came away with lots of new concepts to take back to the office and feeling very energized. I think it is possibly some of the best conference money my employer has ever invested in me!

~ Theresa Boyle, Executive Director, Health Plan Strategy and Planning, Group Health Cooperative

When I first attended Brand ManageCamp four years ago, I became its most ardent fan. Imagine a brand manager, with little time on his hands, being able to understand and explore the theories of a dozen brand experts in just two days. Brand ManageCamp has become my most valuable learning experience each year since. When I was SVP of Marketing at A&E, it was so important that I took my VP of Advertising in the second year and three top managers with me in the third year. Last year, when I left the company to start my own marketing and branding firm, the tradition continued at A&E with four of their employees in attendance. Brand ManageCamp became even more important for me in my new business because now I was consulting several brands. Having those top experts in your head while delivering a pitch or making a recommendation has made for good business and, even more importantly, good branding decisions.

~ Artie Scheff, President, Scheff's Special, former SVP Marketing, A&E Television

I had a blast at Brand ManageCamp! The depth and variety of speakers was great, and the quality level of the various speakers was fantastic as well. Definitely an invaluable learning experience for both seasoned and new brand professionals

~ Hallie Johnston, Sr. Brand Manager, Brand Strategy, Sprint-Nextel

I attended my first Brand ManageCamp in 2006, and can't wait to attend again in 2007. The speakers were top-notch, with relevant and interesting messages. The conference logistics - venue, F&B, schedule - were well thought out and made for a pleasant conference-going experience. Thanks to Len and Katy for putting together a brand event worth attending!

~ Rachel Kumar, Manager, Advertising / Brand, Kyocera Wireless Corp.

I found Brand ManageCamp to present an excellent opportunity to get off-site, clear out the cobwebs, and think freely for a couple of days. Brand ManageCamp's topical backdrop gets you out of the weeds and cranks the wheels. Further, they run a lean operation. The sessions start and end on time and they deliver the speakers they say they will, without last-minute cancellations or subs.

~ Britton Upham, Director of Account Service, McGarrah/Jessee

My experience at Brand ManageCamp provided me with useful tools and insights into the battlefields of today's marketing arena. It is a great learning experience for anyone who is out to market and brand their product.

~ Kaneda Matthayasack, Brand Manager, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

I've attended the Brand ManageCamp conferences for each of the past three years. Every year, I've returned to the office energized with new ways of doing business, running my life, and irritating my associates with a flurry of great ideas. I wouldn't consider missing it. It's my annual jump-start!

~ Wells Culver, President, Culver Advertising and Design

A genuinely great experience that provided tools to help me improve my company's performance, become a better manager and, most importantly, become a better person.

~ Norman Bessac, Vice President Marketing, Cargill Meat Solutions

Brand ManageCamp was exciting, interesting, entertaining and educational! The Improv evening was the most fun I have had in a long time. I look forward to coming back again next year. Lastly, I enjoyed meeting folks from different industries. Thank you!

~ Shelia Daugherty Mims, Assistant Director of Advertising, Thirteen/WNET New York

Brand Manage Camp is not your ordinary conference factory with big promises and familiar content with case studies by your peers. Instead it delivers a truly outstanding line up of speakers that I found to be highly engaging and inspirational. The content is new and refreshing, leaving me with different ideas and perspectives that are applicable to my job.

~ Maarten Lobker, Vice President Brand Asset Management, Countrywide Financial

I keep coming back to Brand ManageCamp because it delivers! I especially enjoy the world-class speakers and the gathering of marketers and change agents - all united by a desire to be challenged and to learn. Each year I've received value that I've been able to apply immediately to the business and my professional life. It is, by far, the best conference out there!

~ Michael Brenner, Vice President of Marketing, ICR

Brand ManageCamp was the best two days I've ever spent at a conference. I was able to learn, from best-selling authors and world-renowned thought-leaders, how to improve the performance of my brands and my career. Thanks for a great conference and I am looking forward to next year!

~ Brian Powell, Senior Brand Manager, The Coca Cola Company

My only regret is that I couldn't bring my fellow managers with me. But I will be back next year - and hope to bring others with me!

~ Kevin Brockenbrough, Director of Strategic Planning, Uniworld

Unbelievable! Best conference I have ever been to.

~ Jeff Vidinghoff, Global Marketing Coordinator, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Another excellent conference! Thank you!

~ Steve Wilbur, Vice President Marketing, David Michael & Co.

Great conference! So glad I could attend!

~ Jim Depolo, Chief Operating Office, Overpromise

Quite frankly, these two days a year make me hit the "refresh" button on one of the most unappreciated and underestimated aspects of our business model....brand image. The presenter team challenges thought and allows each attendee to really focus unique theories and ideas back into their own business practices.

~ Jason Barrott, Corporate Secretary/Director of Marketing Development, Aurora Casket Company

This was a wonderful conference. I left inspired. Thanks!

~ Kelly Hartung, Senior Marketing Communications Planning Manager, Halliburton Digital Consulting

Great job again this year! Worth every minute and dollar! I enjoy this experience every year - it focuses me and pumps me up. I always look forward to coming to Brand ManageCamp.

~ Dawn Kindilien, Product Marketing Manager, Tyson Foods

Yet another great conference. It was great seeing you!

~ Kerry Bierly, Product Manager, Tyco Healthcare

I've been to other seminars on marketing, retail, etc... Brand ManageCamp is by far the best! Loved the international aspect as well.

~ Colleen D'Souza, Category Analyst, Johnsonville Sausage

I truly enjoyed the diversity of the speakers and the topics. I found the 2-day session to be very helpful and inspirational for my professional and personal life. Thanks!

~ Jei McKinney, Brand Manager, Kimberly-Clark

Excellent overall! A great way to get out of the old habits and take time to think!

~ Kathy Dow, Brand Communications, Hewlett-Packard

Brand ManageCamp does an excellent job of bringing brand managers together to learn from each other and from world-class speakers.

~ David Vinjamuri, President, Thirdway Brand Trainers

My mind, spirit and tummy are all full!

~ Katie Scolari Borden, Strategic Marketing Initiatives, UNICEF

This was a great seminar - lots of brain exercise and points of view! The people I met were terrific and I will definitely keep connected.

~ Anonymous