Vice President of Brand, David Weekley Homes

Brand Manage Camp is my favorite conference. It’s my third time to attend and I always go away with fresh new ideas. My very favorite thing about BMC is that it’s single-track. I wouldn’t want to miss any of the speakers and I don’t have to. LOVED the speakers, the venue, the food and AV. Everything was first class. Len and Katie know how to do it right!

President, J Carcamo & Associates

There are seldom opportunities to see so many great marketing thought leaders all in a day and a half. Typically you attend conferences with lots of good to great speakers, but only one huge one. Plus, I always feel like everything surrounding the event (from the registration to the breaks) is always thoughtful. My only regret is skipping a couple of years.

Sr. Mgr. Global Market Development, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Just a great experience…start to finish. The content is so good. Food – impeccable. Set up and flow – flawless. It’s a class act! Obviously content is the most important thing and it was excellent. So much useful information that I believe I can actually implement.

Product Marketing Manager, HPE

It’s the best two days of professional development I’ve had in quite some time, from the speakers and topics to my fellow attendees, it was totally worthwhile despite the challenges of getting out of the office. One track, so you see all the speakers is the best! 13 sessions in two days covering multiple angles of marketing is spot on.

Corporate Marketing Director, Versiti

I love that there is such a diverse spectrum of brand topics – unlike other brand conferences that narrow the focus to all digital, competitive edge, or analytics. It keeps me engaged throughout.

Sr. Brand Manager, CenturyLink

I loved that this was a one track conference with a 360 brand view! There are so many conferences that have multiple sessions going on at the same time, and I feel like the session times are “feast or famine” – I either want to attend multiple sessions that are scheduled at the same time, or there is nothing that I’m interested in. So I love that we all have the same experience at the conference and everything was relevant for me in some way. I also love that I wasn’t hassled with tons of vendors pitching their products. The vendors that were available to us were very relevant so they made sense.

Associate Brand Manager, Maximum Games

I haven’t been to TOO many conferences, however, out of all of the ones I have been to, this one was by far the best! The 1.5 days were PACKED with great speakers covering a wide variety of topics. Everything was brand-focused, but it truly was a 360 view of marketing.

Marketing and Design Manager, ExerPlay, Inc.

I think when you have a whole group of people just standing around and talking about how great your conference is, instead of, when can we get out of here – you have done quite a job!

Marketing Manager, DXP

Best conference! All details were thought through and it ran flawlessly. I will be back!

Manager, Marketing, BECU

The speakers, food, location, AV, flow – it’s all done so flawlessly. My favorite conference BY FAR.