Optimized for Virtual

Here are all the ways we are working to make Brand ManageCamp the best virtual conference you have ever attended.

Dynamic Speakers

Our speakers are the best and brightest in branding – including best-selling authors, industry gurus, and up-and-coming mavericks. They are also dynamic, engaging, and entertaining. So why would we chain them to a chair in front of a webcam to present slides? The answer…we wouldn’t. They will be up and moving around because that is what they do best. Their video will be professionally done and their slides will be brought in when they are actually needed. The goal: let their passion and energy come through as though you were right there with them.

The Right Agenda

Attending a virtual conference is nothing like attending a live conference. So why would we schedule it the same way? We have taken our 2 day live conference agenda and optimized for virtual by turning it into a 3 day event that only runs 3.5 hours per day. We have also built in a 10 minute break after every speaker. This way, whether you are attending from home, the office, or anywhere else, you don’t have to try to accomplish the impossible task of turning everything off for an entire day. Combine this with our engaging speakers and this may be the first virtual conference you actually sit through!

Single Track

Brand ManageCamp has always been a single track conference – allowing every attendee to have a shared conference experience and eliminating the need to make difficult choices as to what sessions to attend. This approach is even more important as we make the move to virtual. By having a single track event, we are simplifying your experience and making it as easy as possible for you to get the maximum value from your investment of both money and time. The only choice you have to make is to join us. Then just sit back and enjoy.

Watch Live or On-Demand

We are doing everything we can to make it as easy as possible to watch Brand ManageCamp conferences as they happens. However, we know that the stars will not align for everyone in every time zone and, even if they did, life gets in the way. So, every Brand ManageCamp registration comes with the ability to watch the live-stream as it happens but also the ability to watch each session on-demand at your convenience. Whether you just want to watch a session again or you missed it the first time, rest assured that the content will be there for you when you want it (timeframe varies by ticket type).

360° View of Brand

Brand ManageCamp always covers a wide range of topics and this year will be no different. We understand that Brand Marketing is more than just Advertising and Media (although we definitely cover those). So our agenda also covers Strategy, Content, Insights, Customer Behavior, Leadership, Creativity, Customer Experience, and more. These are the big topics that big thinkers (like you) need to better connect with customers/consumers, build and grow more profitable brands, and become better leaders.

30 Minute Sessions

While we may be able to sit for an hour to watch a live presentation, that timing just doesn’t work for online learning. There are too many distractions. So our speakers are working to condense their content into action-packed, insight-filled, 30 minute sessions. And then they will stick around for a 10 minute Q&A session directly afterwards. With 4 of these scheduled on each of our 3 days, you will finish each day inspired, educated, and energized to start putting the ideas you learned to use.


We’ve noticed there are a lot of free virtual events out there. We have also noticed that nothing is really free. Those events are making their money off of sponsorship – giving the speaking slots to sponsors that have something to sell and making attendees agree to have their information shared with the multitude of sponsors (resulting in a barrage of sales calls post event). Brand ManageCamp has always been an attendee-driven conference. We don’t sell speaking slots or attendee info. We don’t allow selling from the (virtual) stage. It was part of our core values for 17 years of live events and nothing is changing now.

Interact with Attendees, Speakers, and Sponsors

We are all going to miss the face-to-face interactions. Comparing notes with table-mates, having conversations over meals or drinks with fellow attendees, asking speakers questions after their sessions, or learning more about the capabilities of our partners. Nothing will be able to replace that. But, we will be doing our best to adapt and evolve. Our virtual event platform will give you the ability to chat with other attendees, ask questions directly to the speakers, and learn more about and interact directly with our partners in dedicated chat/video rooms.