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Tuesday, September 17th

7:00am - 8:15am


8:15am - 8:30am

Introduction and Opening Remarks

8:30am - 9:20am

Talk Triggers: A 6 Step Process to Turn Your Customers into Volunteer Marketers

Jay Baer
Best-selling Author of “Talk Triggers," "Hug Your Haters," and "Youtility"; Member of the Word of Mouth Marketing Hall of Fame

Word of mouth is responsible for as much as 50% of all purchases, yet almost nobody has an actual plan to generate it.

In this fast-paced, dynamic, modern presentation Jay Baer presents you with a simple, yet critical choice: do you want to be the same, or do you want to be different?

Same is lame. We ignore average, but we discuss different. When you offer a differentiated, talk-able customer experience, it compels conversation. And when customers talk, they recruit new customers…for free.

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With hilarious and poignant storytelling, Jay teaches:

  • The 4 things that must be true for a differentiator to be a Talk Trigger
  • The 5 types of word-of-mouth generating Talk Triggers
  • The 6-step process for creating Talk Triggers in any organization.

This powerful presentation will create real change, helping you to vastly improve your marketing and customer acquisition approach.

9:20am - 10:10am

Getting the Green Light: How to Build Messages to Which People Say YES!

Tamsen Webster
The "Idea Whisperer," Founder of the Red Thread Methodology of Idea Building & Execution, and Former TedX Producer

The best messages are those that get customers, clients, team members, etc… to say “YES” to something – whether you are selling a product, a service, a lifestyle, an idea, a change in thinking, or a new behavior.

Too often, though, we get a whole lot of “NO.” Why? Well, first, because “NO” is often the easiest answer. Not to mention the fact that we are often trying to get a “YES” to the hardest things in the world for people to actually say “YES” to!

20-year brand and message strategist, and former TEDx Executive Producer, Tamsen Webster will be joining us at the Brand ManageCamp marketing conference to explains how to build the messages that make it easy for your customers, your consumers, your clients, your team, and your boss to say “YES.”.

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By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Analyze your messages for the “red lights” that lead to “NO.”
  • Identify the five key concepts every message needs to get a “YES.”
  • Organize your content so it feels like a story, even if it isn’t one – and keep your message recipients hanging on your every word.

10:10am - 10:30am


10:30am - 11:20am

Marketing in the Age of Assistance: How Successful Brands Are Being Personal, Being Prompt, and Reducing Customer Friction

Gopi Kallayil
Chief Evangelist of Brand Marketing at Google

Today’s empowered consumer has developed heightened expectations of all digital and brand experiences. Brands that are succeeding in this new marketplace are doing so by best assisting this new consumer. They look at all consumer touchpoints and try to reduce as much friction as possible.

In his role at Google, Gopi Kallayil works with the largest companies in the global marketplace and helps them understand how to use digital to build their brands and connect with their consumers.

At the Brand ManageCamp marketing conference, Gopi will show us how, thanks to technology and thanks to digital, consumer expectations and behavior have changed. They have become more curious, more demanding, and more impatient.

Because information is readily available, consumers are researching more than ever for every product and service they consider purchasing. And their expectations for how brands should respond to them has increased dramatically. They expect the information they want to be available when and where they want to consume it – and for it to be easy to find.

In addition, their expectations for how quickly they should get that response has also changed (hint – it is faster).

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During this stimulating discussion, Gopi will:

  • Show us why, to succeed in this new dynamic marketplace, brands need to Show Up, Speed Up, and Wise Up.
  • Explain how we can “assist” our consumers to ensure friction is eliminated from the system.
  • Present several case studies from a variety of industries.

11:20am - 12:10pm

You Are a Media Company, Whether You Like it Or Not: 7 Videos You Can Start Producing Today that Will Make a Massive Difference in Your Business

Marcus Sheridan
Best-selling Author of “They Ask, You Answer: A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, and Today's Digital Consumer"

The stats are in and they’re quite profound. Studies show that in the year 2019, over 80% of the content we consume online will be video-based content. With this undeniable trend, we have to be honest with ourselves and answer a few questions in order to avoid being left behind:

How much of our website content is video-based? What percentage of the buying experience have we “shown” and not just “told?” And is it truly possible for our prospects and buyers to “know” us before we know them?

In this powerful talk by the incredibly engaging Marcus Sheridan, we will be flooded with ideas as to what types of videos we need to start producing right now in order to make significantly more sales.

In doing so, he will give us the tools we need to understand how video can play a more integral role in our brand plan and how we can be more strategic and intentional about its use.

This take-away filled keynote will give us enough video production ideas for the next 18 months (no exaggeration)!

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Some of the types of videos we will discover include:

  • The 80% Video – Addressing 80% of a product’s or service’s questions at the front-end of the buying experience.
  • Landing Page Videos – A significant conversion lift will occur on all your website forms when you produce just the right type of video.
  • Pricing Videos – Almost no one addresses “value” as they should when selling products and services online, and there is no more effective way to do this during the digital buying experience than with video.
  • And several more!



12:10pm - 1:30pm


1:30pm - 2:20pm

Strategic Storytelling: The MODERN Approach to Capturing Attention and Energizing Your Brand

Esther Choy
President & Chief Story Facilitator at Leadership Story Lab and Author of "Let the Story Do the Work"

People forget facts, but they never forget a good story! While the concept of storytelling is simple, though, the execution of stories that work is often far from it.

Storytelling has been around since the beginning of mankind. And we are all at least aware of the traditional mythology-based structure for crafting stories. However, the world and the way information is consumed has changed a fair bit since mythological times – and Esther Choy believes the structure of brand storytelling must change too in order to achieve the desired results. For example, in today’s world of decreasing attention spans and increasing distractions, nobody will ever make it to Act II or Act III of your story if you don’t hook them deeply and hook them early with why they should be interested!

There is no shortage of material for stories. Yet, few people are truly skilled at mining modern brand stories – and even fewer know how to link them to strategic goals. So, what is your brand story? How will you tell it? Who will listen? And, will they take action?

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In this highly interactive session, you will learn:

  • The key structural elements for modern brand storytelling success.
  • How to apply those elements to the creation of modern brand communications that capture attention and energize your brand.
  • How much fun you can have in the process!

2:20pm - 3:10pm

The First 100 Days: How to KEEP the New Customers You Worked So Hard to Get!

Joey Coleman
Best-selling Author of "Never Lose a Customer Again" and Founder/Chief Experience Composer of Design Symphony

While new customers experience joy, euphoria, and excitement, these feelings can quickly shift to fear, doubt, and uncertainty as the dreaded buyer’s remorse sets in. Across all industries, somewhere between 20% and 70% of all newly acquired customers will stop doing business with a company in the first 100 days of the relationship because they feel neglected in those early states of customer on-boarding.

Thankfully, Joey Coleman, best-selling author of “Never Lose a Customer Again” will be at the Brand ManageCamp marketing conference to offer us a proven philosophy and methodology for dramatically increasing customer retention and, as a result, the bottom line.

During this session, Joey will identify the eight distinct emotional phases customers go through in the 100 days following a purchase.

By understanding, and anticipating, these emotions, brands can apply tools and techniques to address them and cement long term and valuable relationships.


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During this energetic and informative session, Joey will:

  • Identify the 8 distinct emotional phases customers go through in the first 100 days following a purchase.
  • Teach us myriad tools and techniques to address and mitigate the effects from those emotional phases.
  • Enable us to cement long term, valuable relationships that go well beyond the first 100 days.

3:10pm - 3:30pm


3:30pm - 4:20pm

Fear Factor: How to Change Your Brand's Trajectory From SURVIVAL to THRIVAL by Facing and Embracing Your Deepest, Darkest Fears

Joseph Jaffe
Best-selling Author of “Built to Suck," "Life After the 30-Second Spot," and "Flip the Funnel"

We all have fears – the fear of failure, the fear of changing, the fear of trying out new technologies, just to name a few. And if you don’t have the fears, certainly your boss or your boss’s boss does.

Those fears, when cowed to, inhibit growth. They inhibit action. They inhibit success. And, quite honestly according to Joseph Jaffe, they condemn our brands and our companies to, well, sucking.

Joseph believes that the Corporate Era is rapidly coming to an end. Just consider – the lifespan of the corporation has shrunk dramatically, from 75 to just 15 years – and this all happened in the last 50 years.

And, between 2016-2018, just over 1/2 of the Fortune 500 companies had declining revenues. So, is this the end of the corporation as we know it? Possibly. Probably.

At least, until companies can figure out how to embrace their fears and deliver on 4 key pillars that will drive brand success.

At Brand ManageCamp, Joseph will show us how to do both.

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During this wake-up call for brand marketers, Joseph will teach us:

  • Why (and how) we must embrace our fears to succeed.
  • The 4 key pillars for brand success (Digital Disruption, Talent Resurrection, Customer Obsession, and Corporate Citizenship).
  • Who is doing it right.
  • How to sell change (in your organization).

4:20pm - 5:10pm

Lessons in Creativity: What You Can Learn From a Songwriter's Journey From Ramen to the GRAMMY's

Steven Lee Olsen
Grammy-winning Country Music Songwriter and Artist

At the age of 19, Steven Lee Olsen moved from Newmarket (Ontario, Canada) to the country music mecca of the world – Nashville. And, if there is one thing he has learned about songwriting in all that time, it’s that it can be intimidating!

In the 15 years since making the fateful journey, Steven has gone from surviving on Ramen noodles to collaborating with some of the biggest names in the business (anybody ever heard of Garth Brooks? Keith Urban?) and, achieving the honor of winning his first GRAMMY.

To close Day 1 of Brand ManageCamp 2019, Steven is going to share with us some of the most valuable lessons he has learned about creating songs from thin air – and how we, as marketers, can apply those learnings to the areas in which we most need to be creative. He is creating songs – we are creating products and services and trying to change behaviors. At the end of the day, though, we face the same creative challenges and obstacles to overcome.

In this interactive session, Steven will share stories and lessons from his 15 years in Nashville. He will play and share the stories behind his biggest songs, which have been recorded by artists including Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, Kip Moore, and many others. And he will give us the tools we need to achieve inspiration and break through our own creativity barriers.

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In this inspirational, informational, and musical close Day 1, we will walk away with:

  • Songwriter-tested tips for getting over a creative wall.
  • Steven’s best advice for coping with writer’s block.
  • A new lens through which to consider our strengths and weaknesses, and (more importantly) how to tap into the strengths of those around us.
  • Steven’s tried-and-true method for finding inspiration when the creative pool is running low.

5:10pm - 7:00pm

Cocktail Reception

End Day One

Wednesday, September 18th

7:00am - 8:15am


8:15am - 8:30am

Welcome Back

8:30am - 9:20am

Superfans: 10 Things Every Marketer Needs to Know in Order to Get Them and Keep Them

Brittany Hodak
Co-founder of The Superfan Company; Brand Loyalty Expert

Influencer marketing gets a lot of ink (and dollars!) these days, but smart companies understand the value of treating EVERY customer like an influencer – because, in a lot of ways, every customer IS an influencer.

Every interaction your company has is an opportunity to convert those around you into “superfans” – loyal advocates who over-index in their affinity for your product or service. With word-of-mouth marketing being the most trusted form of advertising (per Nielsen), any company who doesn’t have a strategy to get customers talking is missing out.

In this action (and GIF!)-packed presentation, entrepreneur Brittany Hodak will talk about how working with superstars (including Katy Perry, KISS, Justin Bieber, and hundreds more) led her to uncover the psychographic markers that can be used to turn customers into raging superfans.

Every brand (including yours!) can use the same tools employed by world-class entertainers to immediately amplify their B2B and B2C marketing results.

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During this fun session, we will:

  • Be asked to consider why we love our favorite brands and products.
  • Learn the “4 A’s of Superfandom,” and how to put them to work for our brands.
  • Discover why superfans are critical for a company’s long-term success, and why traditional influencer and advocacy marketing tactics aren’t enough.

Get ready for a SUPERFANtastic time! (Don’t worry; the bad puns are included at no extra cost!)

9:20am - 10:10am

Writing For Success: 7 Ways to Write Content that Gets Opened, Read, and Shared

Andy Crestodina
Author of "Content Chemistry" and Co-founder & CMO of Orbit Media Studios

To steal from a famous psychological thought experiment about a tree falling in the forest, if you create marketing content that nobody finds, reads, clicks, or shares…did you actually create marketing content?

Writing is actually pretty easy. Turns out, though, that writing great content (that people want to read and share) is actually hard. And rare.

Fortunately, Andy Crestodina will be joining us at Brand ManageCamp. Andy is the author of “Content Chemistry” and the Founder of Orbit Media. And he is an absolute expert on content.

The good thing is that, according to Andy, the keys to creating great content are fairly universal, unbelievably deterministic in terms of outcomes, and anyone can do it. The rules, based in research, are very prescriptive and easy to follow.

During his session, Andy will share with us 7 areas that can vastly improve our content. He will address issues such as researching and choosing the best content topics, creating headlines that engage, formatting copy to generate the greatest engagement, the types of words to use to increase success rate, how to best use images, how to successfully enlist others to help share your content, and more.

At the end, you will have the tools you need to become exponentially better at creating content that really, truly exists and thrives.

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During this fact-filled exploration into writing better content, Andy will:

  • Show us how the gap between good and bad content is actually much wider than we would have expected.
  • How very prescriptive measures can be utilized to vastly improve our customers’ engagement with our content.
  • 7 powerful areas that can be addressed to generate exponential returns in our marketing content.

10:10am - 11:00am

The Next Wave of Challenger Brands: Evolving From David vs. Goliath into a Brand New World of Challenger Narratives

Chad Dick
Partner at eatbigfish; Expert in Challenger Brand and Business Strategy

When most people hear “Challenger Brand,” they only think of a feisty little “David” who picks a fight with a “Goliath.” Or those who irreverently break the rules established by the incumbents. At Brand ManageCamp, though, you will learn that there is much more to being a successful Challenger than some guts, luck and a slingshot.

The folks at eatbigfish wrote the original book on challenger brands (“Eating the Big Fish”) and have talked to, studied and worked with Challengers of all types for more than 20 years. At the Brand ManageCamp marketing conference, Chad Dick will show us that, as the worlds of brand and marketing have changed, so, too, have successful challenger narratives.

Most importantly, “Challenger” is no longer just about “Who am I challenging?” Instead, a new wave of Challenger Brands has emerged – driven by a simply different question… “WHAT am I challenging?”

This represents a fundamental change, focusing on a mission to challenge something inherently wrong with the status quo of the category, culture, or broader world. In doing so, it represents a bold ambition to bring about intentional, constructive, and purposeful change for their followers and fans.

Drawing upon the exhaustive research in their new publication “Overthrow: 10 Different Ways to Tell a Challenger Story,” Chad’s presentation will question the conventional and outdated views of what it means to be a “Challenger.” He will share several new Challenger narratives that you can consider for your brand – regardless of your brand or company’s shape, size, age, or market share. Through case studies and filmed interviews, he will showcase the marketing and media tactics today’s Challengers are using to break through and achieve remarkable growth, results and fame by changing our world for the better.

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By the end of this provocative session, you will learn:

  • An updated definition of what it really means to be a “Challenger.”
  • Several ways to tell a Challenger Story beyond “David vs. Goliath.”
  • How to use conflict, monsters, and enemies to sharpen your Challenger Narrative.
  • Different marketing and media strategies and tactics to use with each narrative.
  • That any brand or company can be a Challenger – regardless of its size, shape, age, or market share (even a market leader!).

11:00am - 11:30am


11:30am - 12:20pm

Marketing 2025: How the Next Wave of Technology Change Will Redefine What it Means to Build a Brand, Be a Marketer, & Win Through Marketing Transformation

Greg Verdino
Business Futurist, Digital Transformation Expert, and Author of "microMARKETING: Get Big Results by Thinking and Acting Small"

If you are like most marketers, you’ve already gone all-in on digital. Your brand is more mobile, social, authentic and engaged. Your campaigns are search optimized, content-driven, informed by data and ultimately accountable. The transformation may have been challenging, is probably ongoing, and has certainly been rewarding as you’ve reimagined and rearchitected your marketing programs for the digital age – challenging age-old assumptions and forging a new path for your company and your career.

Now, it’s all about to change. Again.

How will you respond to — or better yet anticipate — the emerging challenges and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence, the ‘blurry’ world of augmented reality, a revolution in human-machine interfaces, practical applications for blockchain, a crisis of trust and the coming shift in control over who owns your customers’ data? What will your business and your brand look like just five years into the future?

Greg Verdino has made a career out of forecasting the future of marketing. He built one of the industry’s earliest digital advertising agencies, pioneered online video before YouTube was founded and co-led the world’s first social media marketing firm. In 2007, he championed what would come to be called ‘content marketing’ and his 2010 book “microMARKETING introduced the idea of micro-influencers. He was once booed off stage at a major agency’s leadership offsite for suggesting that Twitter would eventually matter for marketers.

In this provocative yet practical session, Greg will explore how and why exponential technological change is ushering in the next wave of marketing disruption and he will share insights, ideas and examples to help you anticipate where the world is heading and how your brand can head there too.

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During this eye-opening look into the future of marketing, we will:

  • Explore the most important disruptive technologies and understand what they will mean for marketers over the coming five years.
  • Learn a powerful, actionable approach for ensuring your brand’s resiliency, relevance and success in the face of constant exponential change.
  • Gain practical ideas for future-proofing our own careers as marketers as the role evolves (for the better) and we champion change for our organizations and industries.
Video Coming Soon!

12:20pm - 1:10pm

Do More With Less, Faster: How to Impact Speed of Marketing Through a Focus on Time

John Hall
Best-selling Author of "Top of Mind" and Co-founder & President of Calendar

It is the age old problem of being a marketer. Every year, it seems, we are asked to DO MORE WITH LESS. The metrics we are asked to hit continue to grow, but the resources we are given with which to hit them seem to go in completely the other direction.

Obviously, one of the most precious resources we have is time. Combine the fact that we are being asked to deliver everything faster with the fact that marketers, as a group, are not generally known for being master time managers… and the results are predictable.

In a recent survey, a whopping 76% of marketers say they wish they used and managed their time more effectively and more efficiently.

After two jam-packed days at Brand ManageCamp, you will be leaving with a treasure trove of insights, tools, and techniques you will want to start using immediately. But, will you have the time to do so??

In this liberating close to Brand ManageCamp 2019, John Hall, Co-founder & President of will teach us tools for using our time more efficiently, show us how to focus on what really matters, communicate the habits we can start using right away to get the most out of our precious time, and help us to inspire our teams to be wise time managers.

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During this time-saving session, we will learn:

  • How to prepare for the increase of speed required in today’s world of marketing.
  • The major ways we are currently mishandling our time.
  • The correct habits we can start forming immediately to help us use our time more efficiently and more effectively.
  • How to focus in on what really matters to get the most out of our time.

1:10pm - 1:20pm


End Day Two

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