Marketing Conference Agenda

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May 18, 2021

12:00noon - 12:10pm

Day 1 Kickoff

ManageCamp CEO Len Herstein kicks off Brand ManageCamp 2021!

12:10pm - 12:50pm

Close THEN Convince: How to Market in the Digital Age

The tide has turned: digital self-serve and remote representative interactions are likely to be the dominant elements of the go-to-market model going forward, when selling to customers of all sizes. 

Over 90% of B2B decision makers expect the remote and digital model to stick around for the long run, and 3 in 4 believe the new model is as effective or more so than before COVID-19 (for both existing customers and prospects). 

Close first, and convince later. This is how you lower cost per acquisition and cut your sales cycle in half. After seeing this dynamic open to Brand ManageCamp 2021, you will never sell the same way again!

Through this session, you will:

      Recognize how digital signals allow you to attract the right new customers.

      Understand the key mistakes businesses make in marketing in today’s world – and how to avoid them.

      Learn 5 specific strategies to help you grow your brand’s digital footprint.

      Uncover the secret for retaining clients in today’s noisy environment.

12:50pm - 1:00pm



1:00pm - 1:40pm

How a Remarkable Customer Experience Can Be Your Best Sales and Marketing Strategy

Let’s face it: Competition is tougher than ever these days. Competing on price is a loser’s game — just ask the two gas stations across the street from each other. And competing on product is getting harder and harder as almost everything is copyable — just ask your favorite ride-share company. So what’s left? How can we stand out in a crowded marketplace that is constantly evolving?

In this fun and engaging presentation, customer experience coach and former Fortune 500 executive Dan Gingiss will teach us how customer experience can be a company’s ultimate differentiator, creating a competitive advantage that cannot be copied. Your business CAN compete on customer experience. When you create a remarkable experience for your customers, they become your best marketers and salespeople. The result is more customers, who stay longer, spend more, and recommend your company to others.

During this session, you will:

  • Learn how to identify the types of experiences people share most often.
  • Understand how to apply an easy, 5-step framework for creating remarkable, shareable experiences.
  • See how customer engagement generates increased loyalty.
  • Leverage examples from many companies across industries that have been successful with these simple, practical, and inexpensive ideas.

1:40pm - 1:50pm



1:50pm - 2:30pm

What Your Customer Wants (And Can't Tell You)

What if you knew how the brain made decisions? What if you could tap into those hidden choices in the customer’s subconscious mind to know exactly what would encourage them to choose your company and its offerings? Humans are illogical beings who make irrational choices, but their behavior is very predictable when you understand the brain.

 The landscape is changing – behavioral economics is being implemented in companies around the world in great succession since Richard Thaler won the Nobel prize in 2017. That means companies of all sizes must change as well. And the best thing is, the change will result in a benefit for customers and employees. This fun and engaging presentation will explain what behavioral economics is, how brain science is being incorporated into everything from hospitals to household products, and how attendees can start applying their learnings in their work immediately.

Key Takeaways:

  • How the brain actually works (and why knowing that is necessary for good business)
  • An understanding of this change facing the business world
  • Why behavioral economics is important for them and their career
  • How to begin applying using Melina’s “Behavioral Baking” framework

2:30pm - 2:40pm



2:40pm - 3:20pm

Stephen Denny

Unfiltered Marketing: 5 Rules to Win Back Trust, Credibility, and Customers in a Digitally Distracted World

Technology has emerged as the single most profound cultural driver in the world today, impacting every facet of our waking lives. When we study the impact of technology on culture, many limit their attention to marketing technology stacks. But it’s not the technology that matters the most here. It’s the human side of the equation – how technologically-immersed individuals and their behaviors have shifted, changing how we define credibility, authenticity, and brand value alignment.

Drawing upon four years of global research from the Culture & Technology Intersection Study – as well as his newly published book, Unfiltered Marketing, Stephen Denny will show us how modern leaders need to look at the brand-consumer relationship, leadership, and culture.

Key takeaways:

  • How customer – and employee – expectations have irrevocably shifted in this age of technological immersion.
  • What the shift to “raw” means for brands seeking to build (or re-build) trust.
  • How brand values alignment can succeed – or fail – in a social media-driven world.
  • Why “seeking control” has become such an important hot button for customers – and what brands need to do about it.

3:20pm - 3:30pm

Day 1 Close


May 19, 2021

12noon - 12:10pm

Day 2 Kickoff

ManageCamp CEO Len Herstein kicks off Day 2 of Brand ManageCamp 2021.

12:10pm - 12:50pm

Branding and New Digital Business Models: The Revolutionary New Way to Create Shared Value for Businesses, Customers, and Society

Most businesses today focus on competition and disruption instead of collaboration, participation, and engagement. They focus on transactions instead of interactions. They seek to optimize or extract value rather than share it. They build assets and thrive on enormous scale, huge distribution networks, and brand recognition. But then along comes a rival that doesn't care much about your brand and your other assets, and it either rushes past you or mows you down.

Best-selling author and CEO of Vivaldi Erich Joachimsthaler believes that the only way to thrive in this environment is through embracing a new digital business model, particularly platform-based ecosystem models. Companies who embrace this model generate, facilitate, and benefit from data exchanges among multiple people and groups - from customers and stakeholders, but also from those you wouldn't expect to be in the mix, like suppliers, software developers, regulators, and even competitors.  These new business models drive new innovation, build brands and also solve big, industry-wide, or complex and unpredictable societal problems.

In this enlightening session, Erich will:

  • Show us what these new digital business models are, how they are different from traditional business models, and how some wildly successful companies are using it.
  • Explain how the approach to branding changes for these new models.
  • Demostrate how branding creates value and drives network effect, generate virality, and foster a learning effect that leads to explosive growth of the business.

The future is going to be about creating value for everyone, solving immediate challenges of people today and also the major societal and economic challenges of the future. Marketers need to understand the role of branding in making these new platform-based digital business model successful. Erich Joachimsthaler will show us how.

12:50pm - 1:00pm



1:00pm - 1:40pm 

Unexpected Agility: Why the Key to High Performance Lies with People Not Projects

All marketers understand the need to be faster and more adaptive. Going Agile seems like an obvious solution, so why isn’t every marketing team an Agile marketing team?

What if the very things we’re trying to fix -- our projects -- are the things that are holding us back?

Join Agile marketing pioneer and 15-year digital marketer Andrea Fryrear as she reveals the team-first approach that frees marketers from project purgatory and puts them on the path to lasting marketing agility.

By the end of this dynamic session, you’ll be able to:

  • Avoid the common but deadly approach to pilots that can doom your Agile efforts before they start.
  • Build persistent Agile teams who deliver the four key benefits of Agile.
  • Map your journey from zero to Agile, starting with your first dedicated Agile team and scaling as far as you need to go.

1:40pm - 1:50pm



1:50pm - 2:30pm

Diane Primo

Purpose Branding: A Framework for a Successful Purpose Strategy (And How To Avoid The Most Common Pitfalls)

In today’s increasingly political environment, employees, customers and the community identify more deeply with a company’s purpose. Your reputation and your ability to increase sales depend on this insight, and can no longer be left to chance or to arbitrary decisions.

Diane Primo and Purpose Brand have developed an analytical strategic framework for execution. This framework has been researched across generations, ethnicity, gender and political affiliation.

This timely session will leave you understanding both the opportunities and landmines in pursuing this “must execute” purpose strategy. You will learn:

  • Why defining your corporate and brand purpose is so important - and how to do it.
  • How to make purpose central to your brand.
  • Which brands have succeeded and which have failed in the area of purpose - and what we can learn from each.
  • A framework for purpose positioning.

2:30pm - 2:40pm



2:40pm - 3:20pm

Winning Digital Customers: A 5-Step Process To Cure Irrelevance

Customers today expect the brands they deal with to deliver outstanding and seamless digital experiences. COVID is accelerating digital transformations faster than ever, and if your brand isn’t delivering an excellent digital experience, then you’re not meeting your customer’s needs. You might be surviving, but definitely struggling to stay relevant in the digital age.

Companies that have been successful for years face a world that is being changed rapidly by digital and are struggling to keep up, and many once-loved brands are becoming increasingly irrelevant and ultimately disappearing.  So, what can they do? Transform!

If your brand is failing to thrive, you need to take what is core to your value proposition and adapt it, perhaps significantly, for a world filled with customers who have digital at the center of their lifestyle.

You can achieve the transformational change needed to win the love of today’s customers by following the five-step method outlined in Howard’s bestselling book Winning Digital Customers: The Antidote to Irrelevance.

In this timely and relevant session, Howard will:

  • Lay out a simple but detailed 5-step methodology that any company can follow to align teams around a vision for digital transformation.
  • Help us visualize a comprehensive framework that you can use to help your company pivot its way to digital success.
  • Share why customers love the experiences that transformed digital brands provide them.

3:20pm - 3:30pm

Day 2 Close

ManageCamp CEO Len Herstein closes Day 2 and sets the stage for Day 3 of Brand ManageCamp 2021


May 20, 2021

12noon - 12:10pm

Day 3 Kickoff

ManageCamp CEO Len Herstein kicks off Day 3 of Brand ManageCamp 2021.

12:10pm - 12:50pm

Navigating the Uncharted Waters of Woke-Washed Marketing

We live in an age of "woke" marketing, where brands signal support for social issues. From feminism, to LGBTQ equality, racial justice to the environment, organizations are under pressure to win the trust of skeptical buyers, break through the noise and engage them through shared values.

In fact, a majority (64%) of buyers believe brands can be a powerful force for change (Edelman.)  

But, if efforts are just virtue-signaling, empowered consumers will expose brands for pandering and co-opting social movements. When authentic, leading brands are taking advantage of an opportunity to build loyal customers while driving social impact. 

What are the risks of woke-washed marketing? Where is the opportunity? This is a new era as marketing and social movements are colliding in real-time. And, we need new rules of engagement.

Join this session by “unapologetic marketing truth-teller” Katie Martell based on her forthcoming documentary and book. You’ll learn:

  • The difference between meaningful brand support and pandering (with examples).
  • The seven risks of performative brand allyship.
  • How to navigate an age of accountability amid cancel culture / hashtag activism

12:50pm - 1:00pm



1:00pm - 1:40pm 

Len Herstein

Be Vigilant! Strategies to Stop Complacency, Improved Performance, and Safeguard Success

In the police academy, Len Herstein and his classmates would dissect videos of calls that had started out routine but turned very deadly, very quickly. They discussed what went wrong. The lessons were clear and painfully obvious (with the benefit of hindsight and the safety of a classroom). And every student sat there and thought, “Not me. Never.”

You may have thought the same if you’ve read the case studies of Kmart, Blockbuster, Kodak, Borders, Sears, Circuit City, and other once-successful brands that ultimately failed. In hindsight, the failures were so avoidable that you might get angry. How could they have been so blind? How could those companies have fallen so far, so fast?

Complacency kills.

It’s true in law enforcement. And it’s no less true in business, in branding, and in life.

Overconfidence and success breed complacency. The irony is, the more success you’ve enjoyed, the more likely you are to become complacent.

In this session, marketer turned cop Len Herstein will teach us strategies, battle tested in arguable the most dangerous breeding ground of complacency, that will help us combat it and keep it at bay – allowing us to improve the performance of our brands, our teams, and our organizations.

We will learn:

  • From where complacency comes.
  • Why the opposite of complacency is vigilance, not paranoia.
  • Why our past success can be a big problem.
  • 3 specific strategies you can use right away on your brands, on your business, and in your life to win the fight against complacency for better results.

1:40pm - 1:50pm



1:50pm - 2:30pm

Amisha Gandhi

The Keys to a Successful Influencer Marketing Program

As the Vice President of Influencer Marketing at SAP, Amisha Gandhi led the charge at SAP for their global influencer marketing program that helped drive demand and create global marketing campaigns.

While only a small fraction of companies are currently implementing influencer marketing programs, over 50% of marketers say they plan on spending more money on influencer marketing in the near future.

But even with these growing budget commitments, most brands are still unsure of how to execute influencer marketing programs successfully.

Based on her experience at the forefront of an incredibly successful influencer marketing program, Amisha will share strategies and best practices that can unlock influencer success for any brand.

During this important session, Amisha will:

  • Define influencer marketing, making the distinction between a brand ambassador and an influencer, and explaining why popularity and influence are not the same thing.
  • Outline the opportunities that exist to scale quality content with influencers.
  • Convey why influencer marketing can be impactful for both B2B and B2C brands.
  • Show how SAP was able to scale influence and impact results.
  • Communicate what you need to avoid in planning and scaling influencer content.

2:30pm - 2:40pm



2:40pm - 3:20pm

Primal Branding - The Root Code for Building Authentic Brands

Why do many brands with great product innovation, perfect locations, terrific customer experiences, and breakthrough advertising fail to get the same traction in the marketplace as others?

The truth is that to win in today's competitive landscape you must foster powerful emotional attachments with your customers. This isn't a B2B thing or a B2C thing. It's a human thing.

But how? That's where Patrick Hanlon and Primal Branding come in. And we're lucky to be able to close Brand ManageCamp virtual 2021 with this important topic.

Hanlon's book Primal Branding is required reading at YouTube. In it, he defines a systematic new approach dedicated to building communities around authentic brands.

Hanlon looks at brands as belief systems. Once you create a belief system, you attract others who share your beliefs - this is the backbone of your brand community and your P/L. They not only buy you, they "buy into you."

His systematic construct revolves around seven components - known as the primal code - that translate into a razor-sharp brand platform that differentiates you from your competition while creating the right environment for your audiences to opt-in to your culture and conversation - perfect for today's social, digital, and traditional media mix.

In this dynamic close to Brand ManageCamp 2021, Hanlon will:

  • Introduce the components of the primal code.
  • Show us how to use and combine them to create a community of believers who are emotionally attached to the brand.
  • Teach us how to move our brands from being just another product or service to being a desired and necessary part of culture.

3:20pm - 3:30pm

Brand ManageCamp 2021 Close

ManageCamp CEO Len Herstein recaps and closes Brand ManageCamp 2021.