Top 5 Reasons People Return To The Brand ManageCamp Marketing Conference

This September marks the 16th annual Brand ManageCamp conference. This type of longevity is NOT the norm in the marketing conference industry!

We owe this 16 year run to the number of repeat attendees we get as well as to the number of people who attend on the recommendations of past attendees.

Here are the top 5 reasons past attendees of Brand ManageCamp choose to come back and bring others with them:

1. All keynote-quality speakers – no fluff, no sponsors-as-speakers, no self-serving panel discussions.

2. 1 track. No choices to make – every attendee shares the same conference experience.

3. 360° view of branding – every speaker delivers ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS of unique relevance.

4. Attendee-driven – NOT sponsor-driven. The focus is on learning NOT selling.

5. Attention to the details. Delicious food. Flawless A/V. Sessions that actually start AND end on time!

If you have been looking for the marketing conference you will actually LOVE, look no further. Brand ManageCamp is where you should be.

If you have never been, why don’t you give us a try? Chances are, you will want to make it a yearly thing!

All the best,

Len Herstein
Founder, Brand ManageCamp Conference


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