Brand ManageCamp Speaker Spotlight – Tamsen Webster


In this Brand ManageCamp Speaker Spotlight, BMC2019 Speaker Tamsen Webster (“The Idea Whisperer,” Founder of the Red Thread Methodology of Idea Building and Execution, and Former TedX Producer) whets our appetite for all the amazing knowledge she is going to drop on us in September in Las Vegas.
Tamsen’s topic at Brand ManageCamp will be “Getting the Green Light: How to Build Messages to which People Say Yes.” In the video above, Tamsen:
  • Describes how focusing on a Temporary Yes vs. a Long Term Yes is one of the most damaging mistakes brand communicators make.
  • Dispels the myth that the way to get people to change is to dial up the delta between the desired state and the actual state (ie, make the pain of the status quo exceed the pain of change). Instead, Tamsen explains why pain is the enemy and we need to see ourselves as the ones whose job it is to remove the pain – not amplify it.
  • Discusses how she will provide a prescriptive framework filled with the tactical tools, ideas, and methodologies required to put persuasive messages together.
  • Illuminates us as to how we are not RATIONAL decision makers but, instead, RATIONALIZING decision makers – and why that distinction is important to understand as we try to get to ‘yes.’
  • Highlights how she will teach us to spot the potential red flags that are places where we, as marketers, are introducing pain that is likely to get in the way of a long-term yes.
  • Previews the 3 main things that we need to be sure to create connections to for our audiences so that we can escape their rationalization trap.
  • Gives a sneak peak into her personal life including her ballroom dancing ambitions and what she learned from years of being a Weight Watchers leader.

Tamsen is fantastic and we are so lucky to have her joining us for the 17th annual Brand ManageCamp conference (Sept 17-18, Las Vegas). I know you will enjoy this sneak preview to her session and you will already walk away with some great ideas. And, I know you will really love seeing her full session at the conference in September. Make sure you register early to get the lowest price!

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