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Chad Dick (Partner at eatbigfish.) will be coming back to Brand ManageCamp this year – speaking about how the concept of Challenger Brand Thinking has changed and why it is important for EVERY brand and organization. It is going to be a session filled with actionable insights you will be able to use right away. I am super-excited to have him back!
In this episode of 15 Brand Minutes With…, I got the chance to video-interview Chad as he highlighted some of the new thinking from the foremost experts on Challenger Branding, gave us examples of brands that are doing it well, showed why it is relevant to every company, recommended a book, and told us about his favorite recent travel destination.
Some of the highlights from the video interview include:
  • Why the Challenger Mindset is important to ALL brands – regardless of size or position in the marketplace.
  • How the context for Challenger Branding has moved far past the traditional concept of David vs. Goliath and into a much more robust landscape of culture, mindsets, and emotions.
  • Why being big is no longer necessarily an advantage (think of how the word ‘big’ has been used to equate with ‘bad’ recently – ‘big pharma,’ big tobacco,’ etc…).
  • Why Challenger Branding is less about WHO you are challenging and more about WHAT you are challenging.
  • How getting bigger leads to slowness, complacency, and risk aversion – and why the Challenger Mindset can help combat all of that.
  • How IBM challenged themselves as they moved from products to services/solutions.
  • How the Challenger Mindset can help brands compete in this noisy, complex world by getting very clear on strategic narrative and developing the focus and direction to decide what is right for the brand and what can be let go.
  • Why Impossible Foods is the one brand about which he is currently most evangelical.
  • Why you should get past the cursing and read “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson.

After the interview, Chad contacted me to express regret he didn’t mention a second book he highly recommends – “Do Pause: You are not a To-Do List” by Robert Poynton.

If you are thinking that this seems like a whole lot to cover in 15 minutes…you are right. We actually went a few minutes over on this one – but it is well worth the time! 

I think you will really like this episode, and I know you will really enjoy seeing Chad at Brand ManageCamp 2019 (Sept 17-18, Las Vegas). Make  sure you register early to save money!

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