15 Brand Minutes With…Joseph Jaffe


In this episode of “15 Brand Minutes With…,” Brand ManageCamp 2019 Speaker Joseph Jaffe (Best-selling author of “Life After the 30 Second Spot,” “Flip the Funnel,” and the new book “Built to Suck”) gives us a hefty preview of what he will cover at the Brand ManageCamp conference in September in Las Vegas, including:
  • What it means for a brand to Thrive rather than Survive.
  • Why FEAR is the number 1 obstacle for brands to make that transition.
  • How to embrace your brand’s HERESY – its deepest, darkest, fear – to make the crucial pivot.
  • The importance of understanding who it is that is most likely to put you out of business – even if they don’t exist yet. 
At the end, Joseph also tells us the brand about which he loves telling people (and why), the book he thinks everyone should read, and the food he thinks is going to change the world.
Get a head start on what you can think about RIGHT NOW to move your brands from treading water to winning the race.

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