Speaker Spotlight – Jay Baer

Brand ManageCamp 2019 speaker Jay Baer is the best-selling author of “Youtility,” “Hug Your Haters,” and the new “Talk Triggers.” He is also a member of the Word of Mouth Marketing Hall of Fame.

In this interview, Jay fills us in on why he is so excited to be back at what he describes as “one of the best events in the world,” and gives us a sneak preview of the amazing content he will be bringing with him.

By the end of the short video, you will know:

  • How much Jay sold the domain name “budweiser.com” for to Anheuser Busch.
  • Why Word of Mouth marketing transcends time and is still the most effective and efficient form of advertising.
  • Why everybody gets the importance of Word of Mouth and, yet, hardly anybody creates a Word of Mouth PLAN.
  • That “competency doesn’t create conversation.”
  • Why offline is just as important as online Word of Mouth.
  • That Word of Mouth is a science – not an art, and not something that happens organically by chance.

Stay tuned to the end to hear a special surprise Jay has for us at Brand ManageCamp as well as a cool birthday gift promise we have made to each other (we both turn the big 5-0 right after the event…).

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