Facebook Creative Shop Research Presents 6 Industry Leading Brand Behaviors

In this bonus Brand ManageCamp University Deep Dive Keynote, made available to the public, Audrey Burgess (Creative Researcher for Facebook Creative Shop), details 6 breakthrough behaviors Facebook has seen in brands that are succeeding with real business impact on their platforms.

In doing so, the team analyzed 67 of the strongest campaigns over the period of a year. These were campaigns that combined “the best of people-first insights, platform excellence, and craft to deliver real business impact.”

The result was 6 breakthrough behaviors they found in common across the highest performing brands:

  • Open a dialogue through ideas people can see, touch, try on, and identify with.
  • Cultivate culture through ideas and cultural artifacts that weave into the zeitgeist.
  • Serve others by using ideas that voice advocacy on behalf of others.
  • Astound communities through ideas that are built to connect deeply and resonate broadly.
  • Break the mold with ideas that smash category stereotypes and tropes.
  • Push the purpose by using ideas that throw the brand’s purpose into sharp relief.

In this short (less than 18 minutes) keynote, Audrey goes through the 6 behaviors in detail – providing inspiring brand examples for each.

Enjoy! And, when you’re done, check out the rest of our Brand ManageCamp University content library.

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