Vote For Your Favorite Brand ManageCamp Marketing Conference Illustration – And You Could Win A Print!

We have so much fun working with Hugh MacLeod, Jason Korman, and Laura Viberti from Gapingvoid. Not only are they experts on making work more meaningful, but Hugh is a master of capturing complex concepts in funny, colorful, and engaging illustrations.

Which leads us to this year’s Brand ManageCamp Marketing Conference illustrations – one for each of our speakers.

Check them all out and tell us which one is your favorite. We will choose a random winner from all the responses, and that person will win a print of their chosen one.

Take a look through the 14 choices below and leave a comment with your choice for the best. We will notify the winner before the Brand ManageCamp conference starts on September 24th!

#1. Brand ManageCamp Conference Illustration.

Brand ManageCamp Marketing Conference Fresh Thinking Starts Here

#2. The Answer Here Is Not Obvious.

Marketing Conference Non-Obvious

#3. You Don’t Need Shorter Content. You Need Better Content.

Marketing Conference Better Content

#4. It’s Not Marketing Content Until Somebody Reads It.

Marketing Conference Marketing Content People Read

#5. The Distracted Customer.

Marketing Conference Distracted Customer

#6. People Trust People.

Marketing Conference Trust People Not Messages

#7. Brand + Culture = Results.

Marketing Conference Brand + Culture = Results

#8. Your Advertising Worked…Now What?

Brand ManageCamp marketing conference - Advertising Worked! Now What?

#9. Disrupt Or Be Disrupted.

Disruptive Innovation Brand Marketing Conference

#10. Storytelling Connects. Always Has. Always Will.

Brand ManageCamp Marketing Conference Storytelling

#11. Advertising Is Dead! Long Live Advertising!

Brand Marketing Conference Advertising Is Dead

#12. Young People Care About Everything!

Marketing Conference Young People Care

#13. More Is More.

Marketing Conference More Is More

#14. A Pebble Can Move Mountains. But It Has To Be The RIGHT Pebble.

Brand Marketing Conference Pebble Move Mountains

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  1. Tyler

    Love the simplicity (and truth) behind #1.

    • Marcia

      You have to passionate about what you do. I love it!

  2. Cathy Planchart

    These are really great. I align with most of them. But I agree with Tyler, #1 is my vote.

  3. Rebecca

    #6 – This could be a poster in my office.

  4. Courtney Berkery

    #7!! The most inspiring part of writing a brief is thinking about the intersection between brand and culture.

    • Randy

      I agree, #7 gets to the heart of what every brand needs to drive to be sucessful.

  5. Jenny

    Love #10, as stories are what we remember.

  6. Sara Barker

    #10 all the way!

  7. Jennifer Rosenberg

    These are all great, but my favorite is #7.

  8. Kim Tam

    #1. Brand ManageCamp Conference Illustration.

  9. Stacia Dahl

    I like #3 – “You Don’t Need Shorter Content. You Need Better Content.” This is absolutely true! It seems the new buzzword where I work is Tweetify — as in: “We need to tweetify this paragraph so it’s shorter” — meaning to cut the length of something. Well sometimes, the content is as long as it needs to be in order to convey the message. Sometimes the message just gets garbled if it’s cut too much. Maybe the content actually needs to better instead of shorter. I think I will frame this phrase and hang it on my wall!

  10. Ryan


  11. Gigi Aponte


  12. Meghan

    #2. Nothing is ever simple or obvious.

  13. Sarah Keller

    #1 for sure! The best ideas involve heart, emotion, passion.

  14. Meghan

    2 all the way. Everything is overcomplicated.

  15. SMB

    #10 telling a story connects the consumer to their daily life and will remember the brand.

  16. Larry

    #4 – There’s always 100% non-retention on skipped pages.

  17. Julia Carcamo

    #7. A brand is more than a logo and it has to form the basis of a culture. Otherwise, nothing exists…oooo….kind of existential!

  18. Dana Kowalski

    #4 is the bridge ALL content needs to be successful. The best content in the world is a total waste of time and money if it doesn’t get to an audience, and sometimes it has to be the right audience. Mediocre content with a large audience will generate greater revenue than great content with little audience. #4 is my vote : )

  19. Dani Bullard

    #6 – People trust people’s recommendations. That’s why referrals and reviews are so important!

  20. Jeff

    #5 is so how most customer’s are these days

  21. Allison M.

    #6 – Trust is invaluable. It is the foundation upon which relationships are built and the difference maker in decision making.

  22. Yves

    #6 and #9 it is!

  23. Sara

    #1 I believe in! <3

  24. Stacy Reeder

    #1. Brand ManageCamp Conference Illustration. This one attracted my attention the most, but
    #5. The Distracted Customer is so funny and true.

  25. Zachary McKamie

    #14. A Pebble Can Move Mountains. But It Has To Be The RIGHT Pebble.

  26. A Hilton

    #14 – We don’t have to go out and make big moves. One small move can change the course of so many things.

  27. Lyda Akin

    #7 resonates with me. My second favorite is #10. But they’re all thought provoking and fun!

  28. Nancy Daniel

    #3. You Don’t Need Shorter Content. You Need Better Content gets my vote. I get so tired of people saying content needs to be edited back in order to be better. Short can be good, long can be great… it’s the content of the content that matters!

  29. Jillian

    #9 speaks volumes to my current marketing/brand strategy…love it!

  30. Alisa

    I think there are so many great ones, but the one I resonate most with and I think should be shared more broadly would be the message #1 sends. We need to ensure our efforts are done with good intentions and are rooted in our character and heart. Great job everyone!

  31. Lance Duyao

    1 ,2 , 6, 8 & 12. Aaaaargh! BUT the one that resonates the most with me is #1.

  32. Dana


  33. Emma

    I’m loving #13! The design is so appealing to me and the message is one that I’m grappling with in my professional life. 🙂

  34. Chad Gabriel

    #1 – Lead with the heart for sure!

  35. Kim Trigilio

    #1 is my favorite

  36. Sandy Engle

    #6 People Trust People gets my vote – simple, but so true. By the way – love your illustrations!

  37. Matthew Simmerman

    Love the ingenuity and artistic ability!

  38. Matthew Simmerman

    Great ingenuity and artistic ability

  39. Becky

    My favorite is #2. Not only is the art wonderful, it is so true in our complex world.

  40. Stephanie

    #6 is my vote. Truly tested lately.

  41. Sarah Anderson

    I love #1 and #7. #7 gets my vote!

  42. Lesley Breeze

    #10 for sure!!!!

  43. T Torbert

    # 6

    Pithy messages grab attention but often the brand is forgotten. People trust people they trust and that’s longer lasting


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