Welcome to episode #3 of the Brand ManageCamp Vlog – “15 Brand Minutes With…”!

In this edition, Andrew Davis (best-selling author of “Brandscaping” and “Town, Inc.,” and speaker at Brand ManageCamp 2016 this September in Las Vegas) gives marketers a great deal to think about, including:

  • The brands about which he is most evangelical (IBM and Converse)
  • The best marketing he has seen lately (Deloitte’s “History of Trust” book)
  • The books he thinks everyone should read (“The Wizard of Ads” by Roy Williams and “Mastermind” by Maria Konnikova)
  • The tools he uses (and several he really wanted to use but couldn’t figure out how…)
  • The one thing marketers should do less
  • The one thing marketers should do more
  • The one place you should visit to which you have probably never been
  • And more!

All this takes place in just 15 minutes, so it is perfect for the busy marketer (or just anybody with a short attention span :).

This episode’s:

I hope you enjoy this episode of “15 Brand Minutes With…Andrew Davis.” Our next episode will be with Eric Siegel

2 responses to “15 Brand Minutes With…Andrew Davis (Brand ManageCamp Vlog #3)”

  1. Kurt Parker says:

    Thank you for this video. Not only was it enjoyable, but it was a good reminder to me to continue to resist the “everything to everyone” approach. Time to go refine that niche! 🙂

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