BMC Cartoon #8: Organized Chaos.

We all spend so much time and effort trying to be organized.  Structure, for many people (and organizations) is a coping mechanism that helps us deal with chaos and complexity in terms we understand.  In fact, we often avoid chaos and uncertainty like the plague.  Unfortunately, history has proven over and over that our biggest opportunities for creating, for innovating, for changing the paradigm, have all come from that which scares us the most – chaos.

Brand ManageCamp 2013 speaker Ori Brafman has spent the last couple of years working with the US Army – an organization one would most associate with the search for structure and efficiency.  What Ori and the Army learned, however, is that even the best and most efficient organizations can benefit immensely from controlled chance and disruption.  The learning became the basis for Ori’s latest book, “The Chaos Imperative” and it will be at the core of his session which will show us how allowing a little unstructured space and disruption into planning and decision-making can provide significant increases in innovation, effectiveness, and overall success.

The latest in our cartoon series from Hugh MacLeod of Gapingvoid, above, does a great job of capturing the essence of this paradigm shift.  Organized chaos is an oxymoron…until it isn’t.  If you like it, please pass it along!  Also, I hope you’ll consider liking it on Facebook.  You can also follow us on Twitter and join our group on LinkedIn.

If you want to see Ori in person (as well as 13 other amazing speakers) you can join us at Brand ManageCamp 2013 – Sept 16-17 in Las Vegas.  On the website, in addition to the agenda and speaker info, is a highlight video from 2012 as well as hundreds of testimonials singing BMC’s praises from folks just like you.  Plus, you can see videos of each of the speakers describing, in their own words, why they are so excited to be a part of Brand ManageCamp and what you can expect to get from their sessions.  And don’t forget, register before June 28th to save $300!

I hope we get to see you in Las Vegas!

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