BMC Cartoon #7 – Practice. Creativity.

Creativity is something you either have or you don’t, right?  WRONG!  Here’s the dirty secret the ‘creatives’ don’t want us to know – with very purposeful practice, anyone can set themselves up for creative brilliance.

That’s why we are so excited that best-selling author (“The Accidental Creative“) and creativity guru Todd Henry will be joining us at Brand ManageCamp 2013.  Todd is going to make us aware of (and show us how to avoid) what he calls the ‘deadly assassins of creativity.’  In doing so, he is going to teach us effective practices that can support our creative processes.

I just love the cartoon above.  It is one of the first of several we have commissioned from the very funny and talented Hugh MacLeod of Gapingvoid.  I think he did the perfect job of capturing the essence of Todd’s message.  If you like it, please pass it along!  Also, I hope you’ll consider liking it on Facebook.  You can also follow us on Twitter and join our group on LinkedIn.

If you want to see Todd in person (as well as 13 other amazing speakers) you can join us at Brand ManageCamp 2013 – Sept 16-17 in Las Vegas.  On the website, in addition to the agenda and speaker info, is a highlight video from 2012 as well as hundreds of testimonials singing BMC’s praises from folks just like you.  Plus, you can see videos of each of the speakers describing, in their own words, why they are so excited to be a part of Brand ManageCamp and what you can expect to get from their sessions.

I hope we get to see you in Las Vegas!

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