7 Reasons You SHOULD NOT Attend Brand ManageCamp

We traditionally spend a great deal of time trying to convince folks why they SHOULD attend the Brand ManageCamp marketing conference. So, for you contrarians out there who have just been searching for reasons WHY NOT to attend, this list is for you! Of course, if all these reasons seem bogus to you, then perhaps you are just our perfect attendee, and we do hope you will join us :). Enjoy…

1 – You Already Have It All Figured Out.

If you already know all there is to know about connecting with your customers, driving more brand profitability, launching more successful innovation initiatives, leading more creative and productive teams, leveraging social media, creating meaningful content marketing, and more – and there is nothing you could learn from Brand ManageCamp’s amazing list of speakers and topics – then this is definitely not the conference for you. Or maybe it is – because you could really feel superior here, and such opportunities for ego-boosting are priceless.

2 – You Like The Status Quo

At Brand ManageCamp, our motto is “Fresh Thinking Starts Here.” If you are a big fan of the status quo, though, this is probably not going to be your cup of tea. If your favorite sayings include “Let’s not rock the boat” or “Because that’s they way we have always done it,” then this conference will drive you bonkers.

3 – You Go To Marketing Conferences To Be Sold To, Not To Learn.

If you like conferences that amount to big vendor fairs, where every session is a veiled sales pitch, then Brand ManageCamp would certainly disappoint. We don’t allow sales pitches from the stage – all of our speakers are thought leaders with a passion for sharing/teaching.

We also don’t have a ton of sponsors. We keep the number very low – partnering only with a select few companies with something unique to offer.

So, if you are the type of person who longs to chat with the folks who approach you with free samples as you walk the mall, BMC will definitely not fit the bill.

4 – You Don’t Like Being Around Smart, Engaged Brand Marketers.

If the thought of being around hundreds of other really smart brand marketers who are eager to meet you and share ideas kind of freaks you out, you should stay away from Brand ManageCamp. Because, well, we tend to attract the smart, engaged, change agents from a wide range of geographies, industries, categories, and companies. And they will probably want to talk to you over a nice cup of coffee, or meal, or drink. And that would be awkward.

5 – You Are A 3%’er.

Less than 3% of past Brand ManageCamp attendees would not recommend the conference to colleagues. If you typically find that you hate what most others love, you will probably hate Brand ManageCamp.

Also, if you are the cynical type who loves to scoff at other peoples positive words, you will probably have a blast making fun of the over 600 heartfelt testimonials from past BMC attendees on our Testimonials page.

6 – You Think FUN Is A 4 Letter Word.

Business is serious, right? If you believe there is no room for laughing or music or amazing food or mind-blowing shows while attending a brand conference, then Brand ManageCamp would just be plain annoying. I mean, it’s in Las Vegas for cripes sake!

While we are obsessive about our content, we also put a ton of effort into making sure the entire experience is an enjoyable one – from the amazing food, to the live jazz band at the open-bar cocktail reception, to all the other fantastic entertainment options in Las Vegas. We want to make sure you not only gain the actionable insights you need to build and grow more profitable brands, but you have fun while doing it. If the thought of that makes you snarl, you should probably stay away.

7 – You Hate Sarcasm.

If you believe that sarcasm is just the lowest form of humor, then this list has probably made your skin crawl, and you probably have no intention of coming to the best brand marketing conference of the year. But, maybe that was our plan all along – to turn away all sarcasm-haters. Maybe you should attend just to spite us (and, you know, get access to all the great speakers, actionable insights, tools & techniques the conference has to offer). That would show us.

So, there you have it. The top 7 reasons you should not attend Brand ManageCamp. If you have found them unconvincing, then we hope you DO choose to join us in October in Las Vegas! And, remember, you can save $200 by registering before the end of the month… Hope to see you then!

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