5 Reasons to Come Back to Brand ManageCamp

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Top 5 Reasons to Come Back to Brand ManageCamp


Hi, I’m Len Herstein. I’m the CEO of ManageCamp, the producers of the annual Brand ManageCamp conference, and I’m here to share the top 5 reasons you should come back to Brand ManageCamp.

Now, this video is specific for you, someone who attended our 18th annual but our first ever virtual Brand ManageCamp back in October.

As a little context, our next virtual Brand ManageCamp conference is happening May 18th through 20th, again 100% virtually. We’ve got a brand new website with all the information at BrandManageCamp.com. Check it out.

All right, so let’s get going with the top 5 reasons you should come back to Brand ManageCamp.

#1 – More actionable insights, tools, and techniques you can use right away to better connect with consumers or customers, to build / manage / grow more profitable brands, and to become a better marketing leader.

#2 – We’ve got another lineup of all new speakers covering a 360 degree view of brand, including Shama Hyder, Diane Primo, Erich Joachimsthaler, Amisha Gandhi, Melina Palmer, and more.

#3 – The same flawless execution, optimized for virtual, that you experienced in October. We’re using the Whova app again. We’re making sure all of the speaker sessions are professionally produced. The agenda and the timing of the sessions are optimized for a virtual learning experience. It’s still a single track – so you don’t have to make any choices, and you can watch it live or on demand or both. Whatever you want.

#4 – Brand ManageCamp University. You can get unrestricted access to an ever expanding library of extra content, live streams, keynotes, interviews, and more.

#5 – Lots of pricing options. For $495, you can get access to all three days of the conference. For just $200 more, you can get 12 months of access to our ever expanding library of Brand ManageCamp University content, plus a free pass to any additional virtual Brand ManageCamp conferences we produce during your membership period. Or, if you’re looking for a budget option, you can always just register for one or two days of the conference.

So there you go – the top 5 reasons you should come back and join us for more virtual Brand ManageCamp fun.

I hope we virtually get to see you again May 18th through 20th.

Until then, be safe, be happy, be healthy, and be vigilant.