Top 5 Reasons NOT to Attend the 18th Annual Brand ManageCamp Conference

Obviously, I want people to come to the 18th annual Brand ManageCamp conference. But I’ve been doing this, well, 18 years. And over time I have come to accept that Brand ManageCamp is not for everybody.

So, in this quick video, I will help you decide if Brand ManageCamp is the marketing conference for you…or not. Here’s a quick teaser: One of the reasons is a little thing I like to call FOMOOTFOMO. Check out the video to see what that is!

If it turns out Brand ManageCamp IS for you, then I hope you will check out our amazing list of speakers and topics. And definitely take a look at the hundreds of testimonials from past attendees about why they thought Brand ManageCamp was the best brand marketing conference they ever attended.

I truly hope we get to see you at the 18th annual Brand ManageCamp conference this September!

All the best,

Len Herstein
Founder & CEO
ManageCamp Inc.
len ‘at’ managecamp ‘dot’ com