Get Access to the Speaker Deep Dives through the Brand ManageCamp Virtual Conference App


If you were a PREMIUM pass holder for the recently held virtual Brand ManageCamp conference, you have access to the bonus speaker deep dive Q&A’s that each speaker is holding. These are your opportunities to go deeper with each of the speakers on anything that you may have questions on now that you’ve had time to digest the information and see how it might apply to your own business.


(If you are not a PREMIUM pass holder, but would like access to the speaker deep dives, you just need to upgrade your pass. You can do it yourself in your account on the website, or just contact us and we will help you.)


You will access the speaker deep dives just like you did the actual conference – through the Whova app. If for some reason you are still not registered for the app, just check out the video above for instructions.


Once you log in, just go to the appropriate day/time in the agenda and join the deep dive Q&A session. It is highly encouraged that you log in ahead of the sessions and pre-populate with any pressing questions you have – so the speakers can be best prepared for you!


To access the web app to attend the deep dives (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED YOU USE CHROME WEB BROWSER), click on this link:


To download the mobile app, you can go to the app store on your mobile phone or tablet. Or you can access it here:


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Here is the calendar of the speaker deep dive sessions (all times EASTERN):


November 5 @ 1pm EASTERN – Mitch Joel – Disrupting Disruption
November 5 @ 3pm EASTERN – Shep Hyken – Creating Amazing Customer Experiences
November 6 @ 1pm EASTERN – David Meerman Scott – Fanocracy
November 6 @ 2pm EASTERN – Brant Pinvidic – The 3-Minute Rule
November 9 @ 3pm EASTERN – Joe Pulizzi – Future-Proof Your Content Marketing
November 10 @4pm EASTERN – Jay Baer – Coveted Customer Experiences
November 11 @ 1pm EASTERN – Todd Henry – Herding Tigers
November 12 @ 1pm EASTERN – Michael Brenner – 2021 Marketing Trends
November 13 @ 2pm EASTERN – Jessica Best – Email Marketing Do’s and Dont’s
November 17 @ 1pm EASTERN – Marcus Sheridan – The Digital Consumer
November 18 @ 1pm EASTERN – Carla Johnson – RE:Think Innovation
November 19 @ 1pm EASTERN – Audrey Arbeeny – Sonic Branding