Account Exec/Sr. Marketing Manager, Empower Retirement

I’ve been to a number of marketing conferences and have to say, this is the first one I’ve come back to again because it was such a positive experience. The format is great (being able to see 2 days of keynote speakers), the speakers themselves are interesting and entertaining, and there are always good takeaways I can relate back to my organization.

Senior account manager, Kps3

It was super great to have everything as a keynote so that I didn’t have to pick and choose. I was blown away by how many people I met had come for multiple years. It makes me confident that future conferences would be just as great as this one.

Account Supervisor, Marcus Thomas LLC

The conference was FANTASTIC and I really feel that I have a lot of insight and action to take back to my company. THANK YOU! I found the sessions to be extremely relevant, informative and engaging. The speakers presented each topic with authority, and I am able to take away many actionable insights that will be of benefit to the brands that I help manage. Finally, the conference was executed flawlessly.

Executive Director, Creative and Brand, AdventHealth

The format of the conference is exceptional. Very thoughtful in how it’s put together. It’s efficient. It just works so well. And the FOOD! Stellar!! Excellent variety of topics and perspectives. Love that it is not industry-specific. Awesome! It helps me stay relevant and up-to-date on significant issues. It recharges my batteries and motivates me to explore new directions.

Sr Dir Marketing & Creative Services, Ubisoft

If you are a marketer it will be a good use of your time to attend. Overall is always a great experience. There are always some very good takeaways and things that can be applied immediately.

Marketing Manager, Trijicon

Thank you! overall a wonderful learning and engaging opportunity. Great speakers and so much relevant content!

Brand & Marketing Supervisor, Trijicon, Inc.

Overall it is fantastic. The speakers were great and educational. I like that everyone had the same experience (on the same learning track). I liked that everything was inclusive so I didn’t need to worry about anything other than learning and absorbing.

Corporate Marketing Manager, Wiley Education Services

It really is a must for any marketer interested in maintaining a cohesive understanding of every aspect of your business. I was a first time attendee and this conference was so well run, so well thought out, and more than anything the 360 view of marketing provided so much value and context to help make all the different puzzle pieces click of what we do click!

Multimedia and Marketing Project Manager, Association Management Center

Brand ManageCamp gave me immediate ideas that I’m bringing back to my clients today, as well as a long-term plan to improve my services and continue my professional development with resources from the speakers I heard and met. The programming was excellent and it tackled high-level topics and accompanied them with recommendations for the execution that can make your strategy real. It’s an incredibly unique perspective and it gave me a ton of ideas, not only on how to improve our strategic and marketing plans, but how to manage up and change the way our organization thinks and operates at our highest and lowest levels of staff.