15 Brand Minutes With…Denise Lee Yohn (Brand ManageCamp Vlog #11)


Welcome to episode #11 of the Brand ManageCamp Vlog – “15 Brand Minutes With…”!

In this edition, Denise Lee Yohn (Former marketing exec for Sony, best-selling author of “What Great Brands Do” and “Extraordinary Experiences,” and former Brand ManageCamp speaker) gives marketers a great deal to think about, including:

  • What we can learn about commitment and standing up for what you believe in from CVS and their $2 billion dollar decision to eliminate all tobacco products from their stores.
  • Why she admires Popeyes for their bold foray into Facebook Live on National Fried Chicken Day.
  • The amazing custom experience she received from the Live Aqua hotel in Mexico City that has her telling everyone she knows.
  • How the Waze app has changed the way she gets around.
  • The other apps she is beginning to love (Tripit and Evernote)
  • The one book she things you MUST read – “Onward” by Howard Schultz
  • And more!

All this takes place in just 15 minutes, so it is perfect for the busy marketer (or just anybody with a short attention span :).

I hope you enjoy this episode of “15 Brand Minutes With…”  More coming your way soon!

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