15 Brand Minutes With…Mark Sanborn (Brand ManageCamp Vlog #10)


Welcome to episode #10 of the Brand ManageCamp Vlog – “15 Brand Minutes With…”!

In this edition, Mark Sanborn (Leadership expert, best-selling author of many leadership books such as “You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader: How Anyone, Anywhere, Can Make A Positive Difference,” “The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary,” and “The Encore Effect: How to Achieve Remarkable Performance in Anything You Do,”and Brand ManageCamp 2016 speaker) gives marketers a great deal to think about, including:

  • Why the combination of getting to know their customers, delivering a great product every time, and adding personality to the mix (along with the help of a little Absinthe) makes the White Chocolate Grill one of Mark’s favorite restaurants.
  • The wisdom behind the fact that difference = memorable and sameness sucks.
  • How a little cookie can create a big difference – and why it makes Mark evangelical about Los Chingones restaurant in Denver.
  • The difference between “clever funny” and “stupid funny” in advertising and why Dollar Shave Club is on the right side of the line.
  • The danger of overextending good ideas.
  • 4 Apps you won’t want to be without:
    • Wunderlist for to-do lists and productivity.
    • Unroll Me for getting unsubscribed quickly from online subscriptions that no longer interest you.
    • Pocket to tuck away articles and things you want to read later
    • BombBomb for sending quick video emails.
  • Two books you should have on your reading list:
  • One thing marketers should do LESS.
  • Two bonus Leadership tips.
  • And more!

All this takes place in just 15 minutes, so it is perfect for the busy marketer (or just anybody with a short attention span :).

I hope you enjoy this episode of “15 Brand Minutes With…”  More coming your way soon!

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