MRM Systems – Their Benefits and How To Choose The Right System

Organizations who have a need to distribute their marketing across multiple channels and teams often turn to marketing resource management (MRM) systems to help them increase efficiency. This is because it provides them the means to provide brand-right marketing collateral while giving their team the flexibility they need to customize that collateral to their specific audience to maximize sales potential.

Last year, Brand ManageCamp sponsor Suttle-Straus presented a webinar, “How to Empower Your Teams to Create Brand-Right Marketing on the Fly,” in which they discussed the many ways organizations can benefit from a MRM system, reasons they ultimately chose to implement, and best practices for choosing the right system. You can see the full webinar here.

There were some surprising stats that were revealed during the presentation. For example, did you know…

  • On average, employees conduct up to 8 searches to find the right document?
  • 83% of the time, employees fail to find what they need?
  • 71% of organizations have trouble providing access to their marketing assets?

What do these stats all have in common?  They can cost organizations valuable time and money. They also increase the risk of non-brand compliant collateral reaching the public due to searches being abandoned and team members going rogue, creating their own off-the-cuff marketing materials.

Marketing resource management systems change all this by centralizing materials and making them readily available to team members.  The webinar then revealed these as the top six reasons organizations chose to implement a MRM system:

  • Decrease marketing costs
  • Optimize marketing spend across channels
  • Manage brand consistency
  • Improve marketing cycle times
  • Standardize repetitive processes
  • Streamline workflow with internal stakeholders

If your organization has any challenges in the above areas, I encourage you to watch the full webinar to learn more and receive valuable tips for evaluating systems and vendors, increasing user adoption, and more! Also, feel free to reach out to Suttle-Straus directly if you want to chat through a scenario specific to your organization.

Of course, there is still time to sign up for Brand ManageCamp 2017 – then you could meet the folks from Suttle-Straus in person!

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