Free Webinar – Dec 11th @ 1pm EST – Closing The Impact Gap


Just a quick reminder about our next free Brand ManageCamp webinar, taking place this Wednesday, December 11th at 1pm EST.

As the cartoon above alludes, Corporate Social Responsibility is now table stakes – the universal consumer expectation for companies to be responsible is immense and undeniable.  In a world where nearly every company supports a cause, it’s not just about associating with a social or environmental issue.  It’s now up to companies to show how these efforts drive real and tangible change, helping consumers understand how their dollars and time can make a difference.

The 2013 Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study reveals that around the world, varying degrees of perceived individual and corporate impact underscore the overwhelming need for companies to consistently communicate both corporate and consumer CSR return.

Join Cone Communications EVP Alison DaSila and Chief Reputation Officer Mike Lawrence in a free webinar discussion about how leading companies can design successful CSR strategies that not only make measurable business, brand, and societal impacts, but help take collective responsibility to a whole new level.

All the details follow and you can reserve your space right now at  Hope to (virtually) see you there!


Date/Time: December 11th @ 1pm Eastern

Topic: Closing The Impact Gap: Collective Returns from Social Responsibility

Presenters: Mike Lawrence, Chief Reputation Officer and Alison DaSilva, EVP, Cone Communications

Register for this webinar today at



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