The Curiosity Gap: Earning Attention In A Noisy Online World (Video at bottom of post)

[This is a guest post from Brand ManageCamp 2018 speaker Andrew Davis]


Today you’re going to learn how to capture your audience’s attention in a noisy online world.

It’s actually based on a very simple principle I used for a decade writing for television networks like NBC, CNN, MTV, and CBS. And it is the very same concept that’s helped build some of the world’s most successful online content platforms.

Now, I should warn you, this simple concept can be used to earn your audience’s attention and build trust – but the very same psychological phenomenon you’ll learn today can be used to betray your audience’s trust and, over time, even destroy your relationship with the audience. So, be careful how you wield it.

I’m going to show you how it works, the psychological phenomenon it’s based on, and even reveal the one online content platform that’s exploited it so heavily it’s built an entire generation of content skeptics.

Enjoy the video!

Andrew Davis is a speaker at Brand ManageCamp 2018 and the author of Brandscaping & Town INC.

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