Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 – Las Vegas

OK, so it has been a while since my last post – New Year’s resolution is to blog MUCH more frequently…

To start things off, I thought I would share some of the more interesting things I saw during my recent trip to Las Vegas for the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  One can barely fathom the amount of things that can be created to be accessories for the the iPhone or iPad until one has speant time at the iLounge Pavilion at CES.  You can’t help but walk away thinking “How many bling-encrusted cases does the market need?”

Luckily, there is that and so much more to see at the annual Super Bowl for consumer electronics.  While 3D TV got a lot of play at last year’s event, it was still the clear lead horse for most of the electronics manufacturers.  This year it was more about perfecting the technology and bringing much more size to the equation.  I think the 92″ Mitsubishi 3D was the most impressive.  Of course, with LED there was also an emphasis on small – with LG touting the world’s slimmest OLED tv at 2.9mm!

In the tv world, internet/connectivity/social was also forefront – with lots of apps, social networking, Skype, etc… being highlighted.  Bringing 3D to the consumer market in terms of image capture was also someting new – lots of 3D video cameras and such.

Beyond the ever-present hype about all the tablets/e-book-readers/etc… here were some other things I thought were pretty cool:

  • anything car-related.  There were some pretty amazing car setups – nothing I would ever do to my rides, but still cool to look at cool cars all tricked out with video and audio awesomeness!
  • home control – the technology available to control everything from your lights to your ac/heat to your blinds and door locks has really come a long way
  • Traveler’s Choice solar powered laptop case
  • Golla bags – style for the mobile generation from Finland
  • 3M MP180 pocket projector – a projector the size of a mobile phone – great for the sales pro on the go
  • In the “Hmmm…well that’s interesting” category was OhMiBod.  Their taglines are “Feel the Music” and “Where tech and pleasure come together” and one of their products is called ‘NaughtiBod.” Beyond that, you are going to have to check them out yourself at…
  • Gibson had some awesome guitars (The Firebird X)- in addition to being able to create thousands of different sounds, they also self tune themselves with the flick of a switch and a strum of the strings.
  • One of the cooler (and simpler) iPad accessories was the Hand-e-Holder – attach it to the back and slide your hand in for an easy and pain-free way to hold your device
  • The Woogie – past stuffed animal, part iPod case – cool way to let your kids play with your phone without subjecting it to sticky icky fingers!
  • Sphero – the robotic ball controlled by your smartphone or iPad – why? good question.
  • Gripdaddy – ever wish you could mount your iPad to the back of your headrest so that the kids could watch a movie on it while you drive?  Well, wish no more!
  • Mi Suny – mobile phone case and solar charger all in one
  • Recon Instruments goggles – very cool for the skier or snowboarder – these goggles have a gps chip and a heads up virtual display that can feed you real-time info on altitude, speed, air time, and more while you are racing down the mountain.  Perhaps they should also be fitted with OnStar to call for help when you run into that obstacle you missed while checking out the heads-up display…
  • ZEO Personal Sleep Coach
  • CASIO HDR Art – allows you to turn your photos into art

If you’re interesting is seeing all the cool stuff we captured on camera, check out the following Flckr slideshow.  We also conducted some quick interviews with the reps from some of the more interesting things we saw – look for those in follow-up posts…



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