Brand ManageCamp 2010 Speaker Don Schultz Honored With Distinguished Faculty Award

I was very pleased to see that the ‘father’ of integrated marketing communications, and Brand ManageCamp 2010 speaker, Don Schultz was recently honored as the first recipient of Northwestern University’s Medill School’s Distinguished Faculty Achievement Awards.  This article describes the event and outlines many of Don’s outstanding achievements, including:


  • 33 years in academic service
  • 20 years in industry
  • 26 courses taught
  • 25 books
  • 46 academic articles
  • 8 advisory boards
  • 11 trade groups
  • and more!

The most interesting thing about Don Schultz, though, is that, even with this long and illustrious career, he doesn’t stop pushing forward.  At the Brand ManageCamp marketing conference in Las Vegas, Don will be covering new ground in the area of IMC – focusing on the financial side of how to decide where to spend your dollars across all the media options available.  Fascinating stuff!

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