BMC Cartoon – New Worlds Require New Tools

Brand marketing has been absolutely transformed in just the last 5 years by the ever-changing portfolio of powerful new digital tools and practices. Modern communications technology has forever changed human behavior and, in turn, driven enormous shifts in marketing philosophy, practices, and careers.

Those too stubborn or blinded to see different may think they can continue to operate effectively with the tools they developed through their years of experience. They might assert that while the tech has changed, the fundamentals still remain the same. While at some level this is true, on so many levels it is not. The dynamics of the relationships have changed. How customers make decisions have changed. How information flows has changed. The sheer amount of data available to us now is staggering.

The truth is that you are no more likely to succeed in this new world with your old tools than one could hope to maintain a space shuttle with a club. While the goals of marketing have remained the same, the how-to’s have forever changed. We have to be precise. We have to be timely. We have to be relevant. Always.

New worlds require new tools.

Brand ManageCamp 2014 speaker Larry Weber gets this. His new book, “The Digital Marketer” focuses on the very tools we need to develop to survive in this new landscape. At Brand ManageCamp, he will teach us the ins and outs of successfully navigating this brave new world.

Don’t miss Larry Weber and 12 other amazing speakers at Brand ManageCamp 2014, Sept 18-19 in Las Vegas. We are once again running our “Stay for Free at BMC” promotion. If you are among the first 100 people to registerbefore May 10th, you will take advantage of our lowest pricing ($500 off full conference price) AND we will pay for up to two nights of your stay at the MGM Grand! (see website for details).

I hope we get to see you in Las Vegas!



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