BMC Cartoon #6 – The Decline of Trust

How easy were things for brand marketers in the 1950’s?  Of course, I wasn’t in the game back then, but as far as I can tell it went something like this:  You said something.  Customers believed you.

Not anymore!  It seems the starting point these days is dis-belief.  Customers assume you are going to lie to them, and the burden is on you to prove differently.  Combine this with an ever-decreasing attention span and an ever-increasing set of choices and, sometimes, our jobs feel downright impossible (cue tiny violin…).

This is why most forward-thinking people and organizations are moving beyond just getting attention – they are focusing on giving people something unique: a reason to believe.  Here’s the thing, though – it’s not what you think (e.g. evidence, facts, proof, et al).

Fortunately for us, our friend and best-selling author Tom Asacker will be at Brand ManageCamp 2013 to give us the insightful and actionable answers we need to help navigate today’s new realities and create unwavering belief in our brands. It will be a deep-dive immersive experience that will engage your brain and light a fire in you and your team, and it will all be based on the work he did for his new book “The Business of Belief.”

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Of course, if you want to see Tom in person (as well as 13 other amazing speakers) you can join us at Brand ManageCamp 2013 – Sept 16-17 in Las Vegas.  On the website, in addition to the agenda and speaker info, is a highlight video from 2012 as well as hundreds of testimonials singing BMC’s praises from folks just like you.  Don’t delay – our biggest offer – which includes free hotel at the MGM Grand – will expire very soon.

I hope we get to see you in Las Vegas!

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