BMC Cartoon #14: Purpose.


There is a lot of pressure these days for brands to stand for something more than just profit.  What started as Cause Marketing a long time ago has since blossomed into something significantly bigger.  We have all heard the stories of Tom’s Shoes and Warby Parker (the buy one/donate one model applied to eyeglasses).  But for most of us, the core question of what is our brand’s/organization’s broader ‘Purpose’ is not an easy one to pin down.

The process of determining our Purpose requires us to uncover what really makes us distinctive – what is the fundamental force behind the organization/brand that no competitor can replicate or replace?  As Brand ManageCamp 2013 speaker Joey Reiman describes it, we need to move from the ‘Who’ and ‘What’ to the much more important ‘Why.’  We have to move from points of difference to points of view, from being a brand to taking a stand, from creating contracts with customers to creating covenants, and from focusing on the next quarter to thinking about our impact for the next quarter century.

Fortunately for us, Joey Reiman has a great deal of experience in this subject.  He is the best-selling author of “The Story of Purpose: The Path To Creating A Brighter Brand, A Greater Company, And A Lasting Legacy.”  He is also the CEO of Brighthouse, an organization that has helped companies such as Procter & Gamble, McDonald’s, and Newell Rubbermaid find and communicate their Purpose.  And he will be speaking at Brand ManageCamp 2013 in September in Las Vegas!

Don’t miss Joey Reiman and 13 other amazing speakers at Brand ManageCamp 2013, Sept 16-17 in Las Vegas.  Register by August 30th to save $100.

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