Be Un-Followable

When playing hide and seek as a kid, the worst thing you could be was average. You see, really small kids could hide in places others could not fit. Really big and strong kids could climb and hide in places others could not reach. Average kids, though, could really only hide in places everyone else could also access. So, we…um…I mean…they, ended up being ‘it’ a lot. The same was true if you were a big brother or sister and got tired of your little sibling following around, right? It didn’t take too long before you figured out the best way to ditch him/her was to speed up, hop a fence, jump a stream – go places where they couldn’t or wouldn’t follow. So why do you want your brand to hang out where all its pesky competitors can go?

You don’t, right? And, yet, many of us do. We mine the same insights, identify the same trends, and just get into a race to see who can get there first. What if, though, we focused on the opportunities others were ignoring? What if we challenged what others accepted as truth? What if we were able to harness and optimize resources others could not influence? What if we could become un-followable?

This question is why we are so excited to have Kaihan Krippendorff speaking at Brand ManageCamp this September 18-19 in Las Vegas. Kaihan has studied the brand marketers, corporate leaders, and entrepreneurs who are following a new playbook. He calls them ‘Outthinkers’ and defines them as those who are making the disruptive choices – what he designates as ‘Fourth Options.’

Fourth Options are the choices your competitors CANNOT or WILL NOT make, and by finding them and leveraging them the Outthinkers are growing faster and generating higher profit margins than their peers.

At Brand ManageCamp, Kaihan will teach us the tools we need to find our “fourth options” and increase our competitive advantage. Don’t miss him or all the other amazing speakers we have in store for you! Join us Sept 18-19 in Las Vegas.

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