15 Brand Minutes With…Michael Brenner (Brand ManageCamp Vlog #1)


Welcome to the 1st edition of the new Brand ManageCamp Video Blog – “15 Brand Minutes With…”!

One of the great perks of running a brand marketing conference getting to work with so many brilliant people. This Vlog is a conduit for us to download cool new stuff to ponder that you can apply to your brands, your organizations, and your life.

Each episode will be a furious 15 minute tour through the mind of a different branding maverick that will leave you with tons to think about, including:

  • Brands you should keep your eye on.
  • Examples of marketing that works (and some that does not).
  • The brand and life productivity tools you should be using today.
  • A peak into the reading lists of today’s leading brand thinkers (beyond the one’s they’ve written themselves!).
  • And more…but not THAT much more, because we relentlessly try to stay true to our 15 minutes…

Our inaugural guest is Michael Brenner – a content marketing genius, author of “The Content Formula,” CEO of Marketing Insider Group, and a speaker at Brand ManageCamp 2016.

If content marketing is even on your radar, you are going to want to hear (and see) what he has to say!

This episode’s:

  • Brands discussed = Starbucks, Casper Mattresses, Charles Schwab
  • Books mentioned = “The Content Formula” (Michael Brenner), “Content Inc.” (Joe Pulizzi), “Everybody Writes” (Ann Handley), “Content Rules” (Ann Handley)
  • Tools discussed = BuzzSumo.com

My advice is to play this video as you get started on your day and just keep your eyes and ears open for some tasty tidbits you can use right away!


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