As a brand marketer, you have a lot of responsibilities. They don’t call you the “hub of the wheel” for nothing!

And, you’re always on the lookout for ways to better connect with your customers, build more profitable brands, and become a more effective leader.

You’ve been looking for the perfect conference to attend – but finding one has been hard! Most look good on paper – lots of speakers with impressive sounding titles, big attendance numbers, pithy session titles…

But, too often, they fall short…

  • Too many tracks and sessions make it hard to focus.
  • Speakers with big titles don’t always deliver the content you need.
  • The lines between sponsors and content can sometimes blur.
  • With hundreds of speakers and sponsors, big attendance numbers can turn out to be misleading.
  • And, sometimes, the details suffer – making the experience less than optimal.

But not at Brand ManageCamp.

Designed by experienced Brand Marketers to be the conference THEY really wanted to go to, it features:

  • A single track format that gives every attendee a simple, shared conference experience from beginning to end.
  • An agenda curated to deliver a full 360 degree view of brand marketing.
  • 13 speakers meticulously vetted to ensure actionable insights are delivered in an engaging, dynamic, and entertaining way.
  • Hand-picked sponsors that add value to the conference experience – but never from the stage.
  • An insane amount of focus on the details – flawless a/v, delicious food, free flowing coffee, and more.

So, if you have been looking for the brand marketing conference that you will actually love, come check out Brand ManageCamp. Our 15th annual conference will be September 26-27, 2017 in Las Vegas. All the information is at – including hundreds of glowing testimonials from past attendees just like you. Also, check out some of the companies who attended last year here.

Brand ManageCamp – Fresh Thinking Starts Here.