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Live-Stream Deep Dive: Jeff Fromm, President of FutureCast, “Sales and Marketing Strategies for a Pandemic and Beyond”

Jeff Fromm is the President of FutureCast and the best-selling author of "The Purpose Advantage: How to Unlock New Ways of Doing Business." While others may talk about trends, Jeff and his partners merge such insights to create marketing and innovation best practices. With years of brand marketing consulting experience, his humorous stories and provocative […]

Live-Stream Deep Dive: Curt Steinhorst – “Global Leader on Attention and Focus”

How do you tackle the rising number of obligations, blurring of boundaries between work and home, and dizzying volume of news and information without being defeated by it? Humans are navigating a staggering about of change and an unrelenting flow of noise and information, leaving many leaders and teams feeling overwhelmed, inundated, and disengaged.  We […]

Live-Stream Deep Dive: Andrea Belk Olson – “Finding the REAL Insights: Uncovering Hidden Customer Needs By Flipping Your Perspective”

You capture feedback from your customers, and you know all the traditional ways to do it. Surveys. Interviews. Focus Groups. But there's a problem. None of these methods deliver the real insights you seek - those new innovations, revolutionary ideas and game changing disruptors. So instead of continuing to look for answers to our questions, it is […]