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Date Speaker Format Topic
January 15 @ 2pm EASTERN Aimee Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer, Zillow LIVE-STREAM DEEP DIVE Driving Business Value Through a Customer-First Lens
January 22 @ 2pm EASTERN Simon Mainwaring, Best-selling Author of “We First” and the upcoming “Lead with We” LIVE-STREAM DEEP DIVE Lead with We: How Brands Survive in a Crisis, Thrive in a Fast Changing Market, and Accelerate Growth in a Challenging Future
January 27 @ 1pm EASTERN Scott Monty, Author of the “Timeless & Timely” Newsletter; Former Global Head of Social Media & Digital Communications, Ford Motor Company LIVE-STREAM DEEP DIVE Timeless & Timely: Leveraging Inspiration From the Past For Success Today
February 5 @ 12pm EASTERN Jonathan Symonds, Chief Marketing Officer at Minio LIVE-STREAM DEEP DIVE The Pillars of Differentiation, Defensibility andTtranslatability
February 10 @ 12pm EASTERN Brittany Hodak, Expert on Super-Fandom LIVE-STREAM DEEP DIVE Creating Superfans
February 17 @ 12pm EASTERN Jeff Fromm, President at Futurecast, Best-Selling Author LIVE-STREAM KEYNOTE The Purpose Advantage
February 26 @ 12pm EASTERN David Avrin, Best-Selling Author on Customer Experience LIVE-STREAM DEEP DIVE Your Customers Are Changing. Are You?
March 3 @ 12pm EASTERN Jeff Fromm, President at Futurecast, Best-Selling Author LIVE-STREAM DEEP DIVE Sales & Marketing Strategies for COVID-19 and Beyond
March 10 @ 1pm EASTERN Howard Tiersky, Author of Winning Digital Customers: The Antidote to Irrelevance LIVE-STREAM DEEP DIVE Winning Digital Customers
March 17 @ 3pm EASTERN Antoine Dupont, CEO of Katapult Marketing LIVE-STREAM DEEP DIVE YouTube Marketing Success – What You Can Learn From Small Businesses That Are CRUSHING It
March 26 @ 12pm EASTERN Seth Odell, Founder & CEO of Kanahoma LIVE-STREAM DEEP DIVE The Art & Science of Conversion
March 31 @ 2pm EASTERN Ashley Faus, Content Strategy Lead, Software Teams, Atlassian LIVE-STREAM DEEP DIVE The Content Playground: New Rules of Content Strategy for 2021

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