Free Webinar: From Winning Presidential Campaigns to Dominant Brands – The Essential Role of Brand Narratives



Politics and the 2020 Presidential election are at the forefront of our minds. Every speech, stance and shift dominate the national conversation. Behind the scenes, war rooms built on research and strategy is where that conversation is shaped. It is where the greatest lessons for marketers and researchers reside but are seldom revealed.

In this free webinar that was recorded on October 10th, 2019, Joel Benenson, President Obama’s lead Pollster and Hillary Clinton’s Chief Strategist, took participants into the political war room where blueprints are built and a candidate’s “brand narrative” is created. Drawing from his days on the campaign trail and his time in Obama’s White House, Joel shared his experiences and discussed the crucial role a candidate’s narrative plays in determining their success.

Along with Mitch Markel, a corporate research leader at Benenson Strategy Group, attendees were taken from the War Room to the Boardroom to learn how to build their own strategic narrative.

Not to be confused with a brand story or messaging architecture, narratives are the building block that enables candidates and organizations to tell the world who they are and what they believe. A strong narrative grounds all communication, is embedded with shared values, and motivates and persuade audiences.

Joel and Mitch shared how a research-based narrative is constructed, and the impact they’ve made for candidates and companies alike.

Key takeaways:

• Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a candidate’s narrative.
• Hear how and why political campaigns build narratives, and the ways in which they utilize them.
• Learn why companies need to develop their own narratives, the same ways politicians develop theirs.
• Learn the crucial components of a values-based narrative.


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