Trust. Either Build It or Lose It.

There was a day, not really THAT long ago, where trust was something that was yours to lose – it was the default. A day when you would walk into your local appliance store and actually WANT someone to come up to you to help you decide. When, unless you actually did something UN-trustworthy, the trust placed in you (or your brands) remained. Those days, unfortunately, are gone. Today, trust is not a status-quo entity. You are either actively and consciously building it, or it is eroding from underneath you.

While trust has become a precious, rare item that is more difficult each day to elicit from a cynical, skeptical society tired of being lied to and cheated, it has, at the same time, become one of the most fundamental, bottom line issues for brands. People pay more for, buy more from, and tell more people about the brands they trust.

But trust is a fickle emotion. It takes a long time to build, yet it can come crashing down in an instant (just ask Tiger Woods).  The instantaneous crash, however, is not the one we should fear the most.  It is the slow, trickling loss that poses the biggest concern. The trust you lose everyday. You see, trust increases or decreases in every single interaction a customer has with your brand. Since the default is a lack of trust, if you are not actively building it you are, by definition, losing it. So, what actions are you taking, specifically, every day, to connect with your customers in ways that build, manage, and deepen trust in your brand?

Through academic research and firsthand experience, Brand ManageCamp 2014 speaker David Horsager (author of “The Trust Edge” and CEO of Horsager Leadership, Inc.), has learned what it takes to gain – and keep – The Trust Edge. It turns out little things, done consistently, add up to huge results.

At Brand ManageCamp 2014 in September, David will give us some amazing insights that will go a long way towards helping us develop more trusting relationships with our customers. We will learn the 8 pillars of the most successful brands and organizations as well as the keys to developing brand trust and customer loyalty.

Don’t miss David Horsager and 12 other amazing speakers at Brand ManageCamp 2014, Sept 18-19 in Las Vegas. Register by June 27th to take advantage of our lowest pricing ($300 off full conference price).

I hope we get to see you in Las Vegas!


Len Herstein
ManageCamp Inc.


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