Get Off The X (and other OODA Loop lessons from fighter pilots)

The concept of the O-O-D-A Loop (pronounced like Good-a, but without the G) was created by Colonel John Boyd of […]

Is Culture The New Mandate For Marketing?

[This is a guest blog post written by Brand ManageCamp 2018 speaker, Michael Brenner. It previously appeared on the Marketing […]

Complacency Kills. Find Out If Your Organization Is At Risk With These 8 Questions.

Complacency Kills. It finds vulnerability in the comfort of past success and plants itself in the crevices. It waits for […]

Win the War for Distracted Customers

  OK, this is NOT one of those ‘proud daddy’ moments… Last night I walked into our family room to […]

MRM Systems – Their Benefits and How To Choose The Right System

Organizations who have a need to distribute their marketing across multiple channels and teams often turn to marketing resource management […]

WOW Your Customers – Or Someone Else Will

  Let’s face it. We live in the ultimate “what have you done for me lately?” economy. Your customers want […]

Sameness Is Death (4 Keys To Being Distinct)

Marketers have been hearing and reading for years about the need for differentiation. And yet, when we look around, why […]

5 Ways To Expand Your Horizons And Get Different Results

From where are you getting your inspiration? Your new ideas? How are you keeping things fresh? If you are like […]

Our Attention Spans Are Now As Short As…Umm…Uhh…

The statistics are depressing. The average attention span of a human (8.25 seconds) is now LESS than a goldfish (9 […]

MarTech – The Brand Marketer’s Toothpaste Aisle

In the early years of Brand ManageCamp, one of our speakers was Barry Schwartz who wrote “The Paradox of Choice.” […]